X Games Practice with Danny Davis

Have you seen this switch method?

High Fives with Todd Richards: 2013 & Beyond

Todd is back with advice, wisdom and insight for ya suckers.

Poor Shaun White hasn't won everything yet

Contests, Awards and accolades aside, Shaun White still has plenty to win.

SIA 2012 Poll-a-thon

Sit down, relax and wish you were here.

Commenting Back in 2011

It's a new year. It's cold outside. The sky is gray and the sun sets early. There's no sunshine in my life. The only snow I see is cold, gray and laying flat on the sidewalk. I'm tried, overworked and I drink too much. Bitter anger is the…

When Did Snowboarding Become Cool?

Back in the late 80s when snowboarding was still all about neon pants, duct-tape and boards shaped like ironing boards the media (and by media I mean everything from Time magazine to your local news channel) saw it as their next cash cow.…

First of the Year

Yep, it's officially been awhile. Seems a lack of snow has left me with a lack of desire to think, talk, or write about snowboarding. Luckily, that means that some stuff has actually happened since last time I pretended to know what was going…

2000 X Games Host Announcement

(So much for constant updates, it's been what, a month? Oh well.) Mt. Snow has announced they will be the host of the 2000 Winter X Games. This is part of a contract for American Skiing Company resorts to host the games for the next four years.…