High Fives with Todd Richards—Would You Rather?


It’s mid winter and Todd Richards happens to be a busy man. With two kids, a wife, a company or two and plenty of hosting gigs, Todd’s finding it harder and harder to relax, and more importantly, play Xbox. YoBeat is a caring company; we’re all about feelings here. With that in mind I thought I’d shoot Todd a few Would You Rather type questions, his favorite.

Yobeat: Would you rather have a 300 foot tall Todd Richards statue erected in San Diego, or have the power to change the size and shape of your penis?

Todd: Man, without a doubt change the shape and size of the naughty stick. I could be like Zan or is it Jana from the wonder twins, “Shape of a skin hammer!”

Would you rather adopt 100 Haitian orphans or share a prison cell with Mike Tyson for six months?

Seeing as how my house is blown out with two children, I will go with Mike Tyson. I’m sure he has some great stories about beating the living shit out of women, I mean, opponents.

Would you rather lose both legs or one best friend?

Good god, that right there is a savage one. Like if I say legs I am saying the right thing, but probably lying. I’ll go with best friend because this week it’s an Xbox 360 controller.

Would you rather shoot a stranger in the face or punch a loved one in the face?

Loved one for sure. I’ll just preface it with, “I’m sorry.”

Would you rather be Conan O’brien or Jay Leno?

Jay Leno without a doubt. He has a chin that rivals JP Walker’s, but he has one of the sickest car collections known to man.