Valley Boys Ep. 2

Wisconsin web series featuring Kyle Moldenhauer, Jake Zeihen, Matt Pearson, Hunter Courtney, Paul Buck, Tyler Eisenhauer. Grant Peterson, Dustin Hogan, Justin Whatley, Tim Allen, Kyle Keehn, John Hilliard, and Josh Erickson

Frumaseed - Christmas Eve at Granite Peak

Wisconsin Christmas Eve park shred.

Framaseed Parks Department

Madison, Wisconsin early season from David Matonich, Calub Murry, Nate Lavik, Seth Pueschner.

Dunn Proper 8

Figurative snowskating.

The 3rd Annual Tow-Up Throwdown Official 2015/16 Schedule

The Tow-up Throwdown is taking over Minnesota and western Wisconsin for the 3rd year in a row. A rail jam series hosted on all of the best tow ropes in the region, be sure to check it out! FULL SCHEDULE Trollhaugen November 21th…

Let the Trolling Begin

Opening Day at Trollhaugen

American Dirt Teaser

Southeastern Wisconsin's finest.

A Couple Drinks with Frumaseed

(Fire emoji) in the Streets of Wisconsin

Tyrol Tuesday- Back in Action

It's winter in Wisconsin!

Tyrol Basin Spring Jam

Milking it in the midwest

Dunn Proper 5

The season ender!