Hot Box: The Fucking Wage Gap, Bitches!

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This isn’t some grand “chicken or the egg” debate.

J-Rob and Ozzy Henning in Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish local Jason Robinson teams up with Ozzy Henning. The duo hits the mountain, some rail lines, and then a family-owned lumber mill for some unique tow-in hits. Also, in a touching snowboard moment, J-Rob's mom packs them lunches.

Arbor Snowboards: Video Log 01

Party waves in Whitefish.

The Nate Chute Hawaiian Classic Video

Two videos of the event for the price of one!

2012 Nate Chute Hawaiian Classic Banked Slalom Results

Far away from the hubbub of the US Open in quaint Whitefish, MT, day one of the Nate Chute Hawaiian Classic is in the books. We'll have full coverage tomorrow when the event is over, but for now, here's some iPhone photos of the results.…

12th Annual Nate Chute Classic this Weekend

This is a snowboard competition held in memory of Nate Chute, and has turned into one of the most prolific snowboard events in the NW. Nate was a well known snowboarder from Whitefish, who tragically took his own life at a young age. Now,…