Freedawgers Patch Paradiso

Seek and ye shall find. Late July on a snow patch in Tahoe. Skyler Gallardo, Liam Nelligan, D Holcomb.

AKAMP 2016

East Coasters squeeze in some summer camp fun in Canada.

Woodward: Boreal Opening Day

"And Things Are Going Great!"

Killington Opens Friday!

East coast rejoice!

Are You Snowboarding This Weekend?

Cause you could be! It's been cold enough across North America that a few resorts have turned on the guns and made it happen. Here's the list of newly-open resorts, plus their glorious white-ribbon-of-death offerings. Nakiska, Calgary Some…

An Unofficial Guide to Boreal Opening Weekend

The white ribbon of death, alive and well. Photo: Jim Ferrigno Story by Josh Parker Opening weekends are great. That is, if you can deal with riding 350 feet of manmade snow with 1,000 of your closest friends and enemies just to hit…

What About Wyoming?

If you like snow, Jackson has always been a safe bet. And in October, right on cue, a huge snowstorm dropped over a foot of powder on the upper regions of the Teton range. People were already skinning up nearby Targhee in September. The…

Boreal And the White Ribbon of Death

By Jim Ferrigno Few things can put life into perspective like air travel. It’s one of the few instances in which we, as customers, will subject ourselves to headaches, heartaches, backaches and assaches, and still shell out top dollar…