Stan Gets a Promotion!

Portland OR, November 14, 2012 — is excited to announce the promotion of Justin Thomas Moulthrop Leveille from humble intern to Managing Editor. Also known as Stan, Young Mountain Baby, J Money the Mountain Man, Weekend Warrior, Terry Dactyl, Mr. Anonymous, Hansu Weith and Tech, Justin brings a solid six months of editorial experience to the team, as well as impeccable rap skills.

“He’s down with reggae, has a mean rap flow, and occasionally gets to work on time. What’s not to love?” Brand Partnership Manager Justin Parkhurst said.

Leveille will assist in content curation and creation, as well as providing entertainment and herbal refreshment at the office. He will continue to exploit his brainchild the Toeside Terrors, as well as starring in “Thursdays at the Office.” His varied skills and complete willingness to make a fool of himself on a snowboard and on camera were the perfect addition to the crew.

“Basically I knew Justin was a keeper when my sister, who was on the UVM Snowboard Team with him, said he was ‘Not an idiot.’ That’s the kind of skill set we look for at Yobeat,” YoBeat publisher and Editor-in-Chief Brooke Geery said.

“People are making questionable decisions that are steering the snowboard scene a certain way. I’m trying to make original content that is funny, but still true to the core message of shredding, ” Leveille said. “Also we have a mini ramp in the office so that is a huge plus.”

You can send your auditions to be in his rap crew at [email protected]

Toeside Terrors Test: The 2013 Rome Shank

Tech drops some knowledge on The 2013 Rome Shank 153. Word.

The Official Info:

NEW: NoHang-Ups Rocker camber — 3D camber profiling in the nose and tail with a flat camber NoHang-Ups diamond in the middle.

NEW: Skatecore profiling — softer flex between the bindings, stiffer in the nose and tail.

NEW: ButterOut Transition Zones — Longer transition zones makes for a smoother, more pressable, less catchy ride.

Carbon single barrel HotRods in the nose and tail means more pop without added stiffness.

QuickRip Sidecut – More responsive at slower speeds and powerful at higher speeds.

Rides a little longer so you can size down a few cm.