Danger Beach’s Squeeze Dollar

Buzzards boarding.

Tyler L’Heureux – Morris Gifford – Merrick Joyce – Nick Doucette – Brendan Hart – Parker Szumowski – Cole St. Martin

Dennis Filteau 13/14

Even though Dennis Filteau’s season got cut short when he broke his humerus, the New Hampshire native was still able to put together some solid clips.

PreJib: Waterville and Boreal

Rome PreJib is happening across these old United States. First, the youths of Waterville Valley are wasting no time this season. Heavy things thrown down in an early season rail jam.

And since we posted this one, the youths of Boreal decided to get in on the action too!

The Life of Lemi

This is actually the fourth installment in the Life of Lemi, but I think we get the idea. He boards, he drinks, he has a grand old time. Snowboarding on the East Coast has never looked so fun so for so long.

Video: Strap’d Up

PSC In-Crowd

For a lack of anything better to write about, I will now attempt to list every cool-guy snowboarder that goes to Plymouth State College in an attempt to look cool, as I too attend. Here goes: Preston Strout, Mike Parziale, Brain Barb, Luke Mathison, Nugget, Jaime Macleod, Paul Miller, Liam Barrett, Andy Benhardt, Pete Jacobs, Mickey, Larry, and Dawn Dwyer, everyone else is lame. People who don’t go to Plymouth but should as they are part of the tight nit NH scene: Scotty Arnold and Tom Flocco. Now the reason that all the previous attend PSC would be the cheerleaders, no wait, it’s proximity to Loon. What sucks is that now that everyone is here, Steve Ash has resigned from his position and Loon’s park will probably no longer be the best in the east. Everyone should go to Waterville Saturday 9/18 for their bar-b-que/skate jam. Then, everyone should ride there, cause Mike Bettera is gonna be on it (we hope).