People's Court: Alex Atno vs Casey Savage

Who will win this week's boarding battle?

People's Court: Dusty Miller vs Jeff Harvey

Smooth jams and combos are the name of the game in this weeks battle. Some people say combos are making a comeback and thanks to this week's Terrible Tuesday with Scotty Steeves, it looks like they might be right. Both of this weeks rider's…

The Arnette Crew Clash Video Tournament

8 Crews. 6 Weeks. 1 Winner. Snowboarding might not be a team sport, but it sure is nice to have a crew. After all you need one guy to film, one guy to edit, one guy to blog and a couple guys to do the tricks. But seriously, you’ve already…

The People's Court: Barry Hartman vs Nate Falconer

Apparently kids didn't want to enter a "Sponsor Me" contest because they were already getting flowed some socks here and some chapstick there. In response to this dilemma we are going to change the name of these weekly battles to The People's…