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SIA 2012 Poll-a-thon

Sit down, relax and wish you were here.

Randoms with Justin Meyer

Who's from Las Vegas, films snowboarding, and stalks around in only black? Justin Meyer that's who. Sounds interesting enough to us, so we thought we'd bug him a little bit.  Yobeat: How do kids in Vegas get into trouble? Justin:…

Hump Day with Justin Meyer

Advice, history, and more from Videograss's lead filmer Justin Meyer.

Best Week Ever: April 17, 2009

“I don’t mean Geometry. I mean in terms of actual sadness.” -Olivia is discussing either UPS or the USPS and is unclear which she is referring to until I ask her. I then sort of simply yet brilliantly suggest, “UPS and the…

SIA Part 2: Sin City Hookers

Rolling snake eyes every step of the way.

What Happened in Vegas- Part 1

Featuring helpful tips for making it big in the Industry