Trollhaugen to host invitational “LORD OF THE ROPES” contest Feb 23rd

On Friday night Feburary 23rd , a significant portion of Midwestern snowboarding’s royalty- encompassing past, present, and future generations- will face off in an event like no other.

OPC: The 2017/18 Park Edits Have Begun!

The latest from Trollhaugen, Sun Peaks, Big Boulder, Carinthia, and a bonus Powsurf Edit with NO PARK AT ALL.

Intern-On-the-Scene: Trollhaugen Open Haugen Rail Jam 2017

Rail jam season is upon us and Troll kicks it off right.

Triphaugen 3: Crutchboyz

Crutchboyz trippin' at Trollhaugen.

Stinky Socks: Trollhaugen Week Recap

The Stinky crew gathered at Troll for the third year in a row... Featuring Jeffy Gabrick, Mark Goodall, Jake Schaible, Mike Skiba, Boody, Marcus Rand, Walker Murphy, Kyle Kennedy, Sam Schiltgen, Logan Herber, Austin Young, Garrett McKenzie, Krister Ralles, Hannah Peterson and Dawson McLachlan

Etymology: Episode 2

Few Crew at Trollhaugen: Nick Neeson, Nick Irwin, Adam Kaye, Keegan Tank, Austin Julike Hiene, Emit Solakar, Robbie Weides, Luke Zajac, Logan Herber, Kyle Kennedy, Tony Daniel Wagner, Charlie Folkert, Dennis Ledin, Jake Antisdal.


Few Crew at Troll. Logan Herber, Adam Kaye, Keegan Tank, Grady Tank, Nick Neeson, Mike Skiba, Robbie Weides, Calvin Green, Jake Antisdal, Jake Aldridge.


Vaping, rail dancing, and a token skier at the troll. Keegan Tank, Grady Tank, Nick Neeson, Adam Kaye,Garret Mckenzie,Emit Salokar, Logan Herber, Skiba, Jeffy (vape Lord), Tony Daniel Wagner, Ben Neeson.

Sam Schiltgen 2015-16

Those Trollhaugen kids have the rail skills. The midwest streets are not safe.

Logan Herber at Trollhaugen

The Trolls will be back at it soon enough... it's August after all. But until then, here's some bits from this past season.

Trollhaugen Human on Board Ep. 7 Vol 2

The Trolls trip to Mammoth SuperPark

Troll Files: Adam Kaye

The last Troll Files installment from the past season.

Troll Files: Robbie Weides

The File continues to grow