NIls Arvidsson

YoBETA: Japan with Nils Arvidsson

Nils Arvissson’s short story goes something like this. Swedish boy genius snowboarder works his way through the competitive ranks and scores top honors with his triple-chucking ability. Hooks up with the right people, gets on Vans, Rip Curl and Nitro. Breaks his arm (twice) and is told he can’t keep crashing on hard-ass landings. Tells his sponsors, “Yo, Imma go to Japan and ride powder.” And that’s where we caught up with him to find out what he learned from his SOFT IMPACT trip to the great, white East.


Nils digging out in Japan. Photo Lozza

Favorite thing to drink?
Sapporo beer and water

Best food you ate? Grossest thing on the menu you definitely didn’t order?
Had some amazing sushi and the diffrent ramen noodle soups where sick! Saw lots of really sketchy food at the supermarket, including some nasty looking eggs and the classic chicken feet.

Best technique for hooking up with a sexy member of the same or opposite sex?

Most useful second language?
If English doesnt work, just smile and wave.

Best place to stay?
Always Niseko or Miasan’s place

NIls Arvidsson photo Lozza

Photo: Lozza 



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NIls Arvidsson


Nils in Sweden Mihaj





Gingervitus: Travel Tips

Last Saturday morning I arrived at the Portland Airport to begin my journey to La Parva, Chile with the K2 team. 37 hours later I finally boarded my flight, the one that made it there, that is. There were canceled flights, missed connections and rerouted planes. When I finally made it to Atlanta (where my flight to Chile was departing from) I thought I was all set. Two and a half hours after taking off, somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico, we turned around and returned to Atlanta due to electrical problems. When we landed in Georgia, Delta provided vouchers and I hopped in a cab to the airport hotel. The cab driver got lost in the city and when we pulled over at another hotel I ran in to get directions. While I was inside he bailed. I finally got dropped off at the right hotel only to find out at 4 am that they were sold out of rooms and no longer accepting the vouchers. The Sheridan couch never looked so good.

Here are some important travel tips I’ve learned:

Just because your flight is delayed by a couple days doesn’t mean you need to miss any days in the gym.

Baby wipes are a must. Instant shower, enough said.

Bring Preparation H… To soothe and cleanse after the airlines bend you over.

These are the most uncomfortable and stupid looking shoes I have ever seen.

Beware of surging outlets in foreign countries. I almost burned our house down by lighting my boots on fire with my boot heaters.

Youtube and general internet entertainment can help to pass the time. Check out this dancing dog or fake news on the recent earthquake on the East Coast.