Snowboard Realms' Best Snowboard Edit Ever

Mt Seymour with TJ Schneider and friends

Defenders of Awesome: TJ Schneider

Three tricks with yet another Canadian chap.

Buy a Snowboard Realms Shirt; Help Japan

Because texting REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 is so impersonal, the Snowboard Realms is donating $10 for every shirt sold to Mercy Corp to aid disaster relief. So if you wanna help, but are kinda selfish, this might just be the ticket:…

Hump Day with TJ Schneider, Ay!

TJ being deep.    p. Joel Fraser TJ Schneider is one of the oldest CAPiTA Pro riders, one of the newest Bond Outerwear riders and one lucky guy for not blowing out both knees last year. With his personal video blog, The Snowboard…

The Snowboard Realms Season 3 Starts at Mt. Baker

TJ Schneider is one badass dude. He essentially pioneered the concept of pro snowboarder webisodes with his often imitated, never duplicated, Snowboard Realms series. Check out the latest as the crew heads to opening day at Baker. And if…