Soup Kitchen 22

Despite what the screen grab may lead you to believe, the latest Soup Kitchen involves more snowboarding than partying! If it’s not Gremliny enough for you, just go watch the O.G. Gremlinz movie from 2011, which is now online for free.

Under Review: FODT’s Familia 2

Familia 2 delivers everything you would expect from a Technine production. Beautifully shot, but sort of cheesy intro. Lots of swag. Some serious hammer time action and of course, lots of hip hop.

Overall Grade: G

Notes: Jonah Owen’s opener is a damn fine piece of work. Somehow Johnnie Paxson managed to film two banger parts this year, and his Technine segment only leaves you wanting more. Then there’s MFM, who in all honesty, makes this entire video worth buying. The rest of the crew shows a strong effort, the shots are beautiful and the overall vibe of the flick is one of FODT’s best to date.

Buy or Burn: Technine kids should rob a bank to get their grubby little paws on this. Everyone else, it’s a matter if you want one of MFM’s most inspiring parts or not. If you are looking for something to get you ready for winter, it’s going to be MFM’s part in Familia 2.

The Rundown:

Jonah Owen: This kid did a lot of traveling and a lot of shooting this year, and it paid off. He got opener, which is rad, but he should have gotten ender. Huge, tech and super innovative. Someone should give this kid a raise.

Andrew Brewer: This kid can handplant with the best of ‘em, but you’ll watch this part for the huge drops, super sketchy pole jams and some deathly gaps.

Austin Hironaka: I don’t think it’s weird at all to say Austin has some of the best style in snowboarding. The way he jumps just looks real good.

Zander Blackmon: Who? I don’t know, but he’s got some really sketchy wall ride stuff in this part.

Lucas Magoon: He’s still good, although most of this part is sort of whatever after Jonah. But, don’t worry, Gooner still has plenty of shots that could have killed him. His layback wallrides are going to inspire a lot of injuries this year.

Chris Bradshaw: Three or four shots, a million tricks in each. Bradshaw sure loves to swivel and shake.

Jake Devine: Gets fucking rocked. What a fall, you’ve got to see this flick just for that. Otherwise, this is one of his best parts ever. And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, no one can back 180 like Jake Devine.

Derek Dennison: I didn’t take any notes, it just wasn’t that dope, but he battled injuries and has done some hammers in the past. Sorry pal, better luck next year.

Nick Pooch: He can jump way better than he does in this video, but between one hell of sketchy shed slide and the best ollie I’ve ever seen, his part is worth a watch.

Johnnie Paxson: Can he already be “classic?” He has one weird ass approach to snowboarding, but it’s really fun to watch, really scary to try and this part is one of the best in the video. No one combines jumps and concrete the way this kid does.

MFM: Wow, hero part. Opens with the sketchiest shit ever, then his second shot backs it up in a big way. Oh, and he attacks the powder fields too, making you regret every day you’ve ever spent in the park. Best slashes, best floating grabs, it’s parts like these that makes kids drop out and move to mountain towns.

Dylan Thompson: A whole lot of switch. Two songs. Sketchiest shit ever when he rides over a frozen river. One hell of a roof to roof gap. A lot of shots I don’t care about. And one wild building tall banger of slides, gaps, spins and drops. It’s not my favorite part in Familia 2, but it sure does stand out.

Get Familia 2 Right here, right now.

Skrill Clinton Teaser

Nothing says thug life like snowskating. The Ambition dudes are hard.

Featuring Alan Gerlach, Josh Seguin, Phil Smage, Taras Ryabokon, Charlo Simard, David Engerer, Mitch Serbu, Austin Welter and Friends.

Terrible Tuesday: A Big Mike Exclusive

Big Mike, Scott stevens, Big Mike, Austen Granger, Big Mike, Justin Keniston, Big Mike, Bode Merrill, Big Mike. Ted Borland, Big Mike, Parker Worthen, and Big Mike.

Gremlinz Teaser Promo FULL MOVIE?

Dirt, drugs, guns, babes, playing in avalanches, skateboarding and snowboarding. Sounds like a pretty filthy teaser to us. But the Gremlinz took this teaser to another level. It’s 26 minutes long, contains multiple full parts, enough incriminating evidence to justify a search warrant and some really good riding. They are calling a Fall drop date, and if this teaser teases anything, it’s that this video is going to be one long, awesome and grime-covered look into the the world of the Gremlinz.