Stacked Footy: 20 Years of Jesse Burtner

Think Thank takes a look back on 20 years of snowboarding and video parts from its co-founder, Jesse Burtner. From classic footy to insight into the 2002 head injury that changed his life. "I didn't set out to film 20 video parts, I set out to film one good video part, and it took me 20 tries."

That Was Chris Beresford

Think Thank just uploaded Chris Beresford's part from the 2013 film "Think Thank is Braindead and Having a Heart Attack."

Think Thank Returns to Microwave Planet

In this sequel to last year's Microwave Planet video, the Think Thank crew heads back to the planet of Mt. Hood for some summer skate and snow. Max Warbington, Jamie Lynn, and more.

Think Thank at Loon Project

Ted Borland, Max Warbington, Freddy Perry, Gus Warbington, Scott Stevens, Jesse Paul and Parker Szumowski.

Think Thank We Went to Russia LOL

Ted Borland and Max Warbington head overseas for an epic Russian adventure.

Mervin at Holy Bowly

The crew from Washington hits the road to Mammoth.

Think Thank’s “The Weather Outside is Weather” Teaser

There's as many reasons to get up as there are to stay down." someone probably said in a sports movie.

Ted Borland Methods of Prediction FULL PART

Plus bonus interview with Ted's mom Sue!

Think Thank's Long Distance Runner

Shots from between then and now.

Max Warbington with Sam Hulbert in “Methods of Prediction”

Young idealistic share-parter Max Warbington knows that trick rotation is crucial to part integrity and long term hammer farming longevity. Rather than force tricks on landscapes Max let's the land dictate the landing and the wind dictate the…

Jesse Burtner's 4000th Video Part!

From Think Thank's Methods of Prediction

Think Thank at the Bone Zone

Shovels are the new cones.

Tre Squad's Big Time Rail Jumps

The shocking behind the scenes footage you have to see to believe!