The n00bs Airs His Festivus Grievances

If you don’t know, today is Festivus.  Yes, the fabled “Festivus for the rest of us” made famous by Seinfeld. We here at the n00b don’t find tinsel distracting, and we think bamboo would be a much better choice for a Festivus…

The n00b's Get Ready for Snow Regimen

The sun has gone, the skies are gray, girls and guys alike are figuring out the best way to dress like the kids from “Twilight.” We here at the n00b have had to start wearing our flannels AND a jacket to work. You know what this means……

The Noob Reaches Nirvana

Hello loyal readers! Sorry we’ve been away for a while, but we here at the n00b recently achieved Nirvana. No, not the band that defined grunge and post-hair-metal rock’n’roll, but the kind that Buddhists hope to achieve through good…

The NooB's Guide to Summer

Snowboarding during the summer? That's weird.

The n00b in the Trailer Park

It's time to get those trailers out! The noob has some tips.

History Lessons with the n00b: The U.S. Open

The NooB heads down memory lane and finds not a whole lot of use.

The NooB's History Lesson: Part 1

The NooB goes through the archives and discovers the magic that was the Blue Lodge

The Noob's New Slang: Part II

The NooB is pissed you didn't take his last bit of advice. Maybe these crossbow mountain bike terms will be more appealing!

The NooB's Guide to Snowboard Photography

The NooB has a new career plan -- photography!

The NooB Covers Winter X Games 13

Exclusive coverage of all the action, direct from DC.

The n00b Gets His Wish

The NooB is really getting greedy now. His attitude does not represent the rest of the YoBeat staff.

The n00b’s Christmas List

The NooB sure is asking for a lot in THIS economy.

The n00b bites the hand...

The n00b says, "Banana board? I don't get it."