Halldor Helgason – Dayumm Full Part

Full part from Iceland’s party animal and Dayumm co-conspirator. Straight hammers.

Island Born // Eiki Helgason Full Part

Holy Fuck. Eiki, filmed entirely in Iceland. Just watch. Serious heaters including a ten kink (spoiler) rail he spent a total of ten days over the last ten years trying.

Lobster’s Super Limited Special Addition Graphics are OUT NOW!


It’s that time again; the Lobster Special Addition boards are being released today for the 2015-16 season. Halldor and Eiki kept them secret for several months, and today, for the first time, the graphics are made public. The boards will be available on and at select retailers worldwide. These boards are a late release and numbers are super limited. You’ll instantly achieve mad street cred if you score one now. Hell yeah!

“NoToBo” Teaser

Picking the song for your teaser is a really hard decision, so The Helgasons decided to go with three different ones for the teaser for their new flick NoToBo.

Featuring: Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Sage Kotsenburg, Ethan Morgan, Gulli Gudmunsddon, Kareem El Rafie, Jonte Lindhe, Leo Crawford, Felix Engstrom and the open part.

Neff and Lobster’s Trip to Windells

Disappointed in the lack of Helgasons footage in the Windells Session edit? Well that’s cause they’re so big time, they have their own filmer, duh. Featuring: Tim Humphreys, Dylan Thompson, Eiki & Halldor Helgason, E-Man Anderson, and Brady Larson.

Snowboarders Will Buy Anything

Well, actually, whether or not anyone pays for these remains to be seen, but the Helgasons are actually launching a brand that sells shoelace belts. You know, like the ones you get for free with every pair of shoes you buy, but with buckles. TWBiz got this amazing scoop and here’s what Eiki had to say about the reasoning behind the brand:

“We wanted to start a new brand where we could get creative and just have fun. Belts are normally standard and very boring so we thought it was perfect for us! We only wear shoelace belts but wanted to find a way to make them work better and design some sick graphics” says Eiki.

So if you’ve always wanted to pay a premium for your ghetto belt, your wait is finally over! via TWBIZ