The Feeders DTTD Qualifier at Bachelor

This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

The Feeders California Adventure

Sacramento. Saturday, October 22. 1:00pm - 3:00pm. Arden Fair Mall. Get judged by Geno. Be there:

The Feeders is Coming to Spokane

Jess Kimura apparently eats hamburgers like she snowboards -- aggressively. Here's the latest ad for Snowboy Production's Feeders event, coming to Spo-compton this weekend. After spending a full five minutes at the Clackamas Feeders event,…

THE FEEDERS is Coming to a Mall Near You!

Gnu Snowboards is once again bringing you The Feeders! — a series of amateur qualifiers to the Downtown Throwdown. Snowboy Productions will be building an amazing rail set-up and bringing in 40K lbs. of snow for 40 lucky snowboarders…

The Feeders Kick off at Clackamas Town Center

From the mind of Jesse Burtner comes the first commercial for the Feeders Downtown Throwdown qualification event. Not the worst way you could spent 30 seconds, we suppose.

The Feeders Attack the Mall!

Where do all great snowboard careers start? Well, the mall, OBVIOUSLY! Maybe that hasn't been true in the past, but now, you never know. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Downtown Throwdown, you kids have to qualify, so don't miss the…