A Couple of Full Parts

Hate to lump these guys together, mostly cause they’re nothing alike, but it just seemed easier to do one post for your afternoon viewing pleasure than two.

So first, Dick Jerks. The Airblaster version.

And then Jesmond Dubeau does a little bit of everything.

Chris Grenier Darkside Full Part Re-edit
is back to popping off. The latest heat to drop is this reedit of Grendys part from VG’s the Darkside. If you want MORE, go download the full version on iTunes.

The Alternate Darkside Teaser

Here’s another teaser for the Darkside, just in case you weren’t sure you wanted it, or whatever.

Get it now on itunes.

Featuring: Ben Bilocq, Chris Grenier, Danimals, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Harrison Gordon, Jake O.E., Joe Sexton, Johnny Miller, Jon Kooley, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Mendenhall, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Nick Dirks

Under Review: VG’s The Darkside

Finally Justin Meyer and crew have embraced The Darkside. From black rats and swinging dicks to broken shit and shit eating grins The Darkside delivers on all expectations, except one. Do not expect to see a lot of snow in any video this year. Blame it on the Republicans.

Anyway, a Meyer project is always a must buy in my book. Expect plenty of weirdness, backside 270s onto scary shit, sketchy choices and another year of dudes trying to kill themselves in the streets.

The Rundown:

Jake OE tried this winter and it shows. His shitty haircut will make you laugh.

Kooley and Mendenhal share a part. I know shocker right? There’s even some mountain riding.

Harrison Gordon finally falls on his face, but then goes back to being the technical wizard that makes his mom lose sleep at night. (Watch for the funniest 180 ever.)

Ben Bilocq is quickly becoming one of the most well rounded snowboarders of the era. If you need a reason to buy a video, this might be it. You’ll learn a lot.

There’s a huge friends section. The good news is these friends happen to be real good.

Gus Engle is the closest thing to skateboarding we’ve got. Like him or love him, you have to respect how little of a fuck he gives for being so damn good.

Danimals. Do I have to say anything or can you just get excited already? His banger is sure to confuse all of you.

Laurent Nicolas Paquin is still a dirty, hairy, French Candian who guzzels beer, has pirate tattoos, a beard and a whole lot of raw talent.

Darrel Mathes is becoming the old pro who doesn’t have to try and still comes out on top. This is one of his best parts in years.

Holy shit Nick Dirks filmed a part and guess what, it’s gnarly, fast and more like an 80s punk video than a snowboard part. Can’t wait to see kids bite this editing style.

Chris Grenier can do anything on a snowboard and does. Plus, he’s not a d-bag and has weird, Full R behavior throughout his part. What’s not to love?

Finally, Joe Sexton is back from the dead, and guess what, this part makes up for the last few years of bullshit behavior. An ender truly deserved. Bravo Joe.

By the way, if you are the watch-on-repeat-for-days kind of guy, the banger section in the back will be all you need this winter.

SHOULD YOU BUY IT? Yes, 4/5 stars.

The 2012 Videograss World Premiere Two-Day Extravaganza

The annual tradition of the Videograss premiere in Portland is one that signals a few things. The end of summer. The start of the relentless premiere season. And a cue to get way too sketchy. In past years people have gotten arrested, beaten up, woken up without shoes, wallets and more. But this year, things were different. With the thermometer tipping 90 and a lot of attendees bringing their kids, the crowd seemed subdued, and not quite ready for such an event. Now maybe the party got kicking at Sassy’s around 11. Maybe the cops were called, people were kicked out, and some are waking up in a drunken haze right about now wondering where their shoes are, but from the crowd milling about outside the Bagdad Theater after the show asking “where to?” without anyone cool enough to step up and make anything happen, I opted to just go home after the movies played. And maybe it’s better that way.

Now, about the movies. First off, Holy Smokes was so not done they didn’t even show it. Enlighten wasn’t done either, so they only showed half of it. Congrats to Frank April for getting the “last part.” The only full flick we got to see was The Dark Side, which the hipper and edgier crew managed to get edited in time. If you’re reading this site, you’ll like it. In fact, you’ll like both movies. They had heavy tricks performed by cool dudes, and even Nick Dirks managed his best part ever. For a season with shitty snow, they pulled it off.

There were definite highlights. Will Jackways’ last two tricks in his Enlighten part were fucked. Frank April’s last-part-by-default was definitely worthy of real last part, and they didn’t even show Bode’s full section. As for The Dark Side, the intro was loose as hell and I loved it. Jake OE’s song was hilarious and his part quite possibly his best to date. Danimals finally delivered the full part you’ve been waiting for. And Sexton came though for his first year on VG and nabbed the ender.

But somewhere around the middle of both of the movies, I felt like maybe I’d seen this all before. Maybe it was the bad snow year, or three years later the VG guys are just going through the motions. Basically, if these movies were bands, Enlighten would be Pink Floyd and The Dark Side 2 Live Crew — bands that you like because you know you’re supposed to. Should you watch them? Absolutely. Will they be the videos that these riders are remembered for? Aside from Dirks, probably not. Like the premiere itself, things just seemed, subdued.

VG held an art show. Bet you didn’t see that coming… There was free beer and a picture of a mangina.

The art show was at Commonwealth Skatepark, and was a bit warm. A session went down later, don’t worry.

Jack Stevenson is kid is going to grow up to be the ultimate hipster, or a hedge fund genius.

Pro-Bros Joe Sexton and Darrell Mathes bummed that we interrupted their conversation, but smiled nicely anyway.

Fast forward 24 hours. Nial and Christine showed up fresh from the coast, and Nial was still a bit upset about being called a hipster. Oh and that stylish tank he’s wearing? It’s on mega blow out so if you want one, don’t wait.

What do Kevin Stevenson and Pete Mullenbach have in common? They both work for ski companies. They tried to argue with me about it for a minute, but then Pete claimed USA and I got distracted.

Our Intern drove the premiere in a rented Sienna minivan and bought his own personal pitcher, but he still looked like a chicken on crack.

You know what goes great with popcorn? Water. I bet that’s what Austin Smith would say anyway.

The Nike dudes were in full force. Scotty K. is the coolest and everyone should go watch Bobby in his new “Look how much I can do” commercial.

Aaron Blatt rules.

Brandon “Vote for 32” Hobush and Joe “Sextin” Sexton throwing gang signs.

C Breeze and the Cats of Anarchy.

Chicks waiting around to touch pro dicks.

Brandon Cocard is always the star of the show.

Snowboarder film guru Gary McCleod trying out the triple chin shooting technique.

Photographer/bad boy Alex Metz pledged his VG love while Austin Will drank invisible beer.

Jesse Paul, Jamison Anton and Cody Lee escaped from Welches. Jesse was not wearing “the pants” in case you were wondering.

And these little kids think I am the coolest mother fucker ever. Shout out to whoever you are.

VG’s Minor Leakage: Oslo and Quebec

The Darkside crew isn’t afraid to tease. Enjoy some throw away shots from trips to Quebec and Oslo with Chris Grenier, Darrell Mathes, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Joe Sexton and Danny Larsen.

A Quickie with Videograss

Videograss, or the “new guys” as they were known just a few years ago, have quickly become a video and cultural powerhouse in the snowboard world. With multiple videos coming out, some shiny awards under their arms and what seems like a hand in absolutely every corner of this industry it seems like they’ve peaked quickly, so we sat down to find out how it’s going, how they’re dealing with this snowless winter and if and when they’ll jump the shark. Darth Lord and all around editing magician Justin Meyer sat down to give us the scoop. 

Last year was a big year for Videograss, what’s in store for this year?

This year we are keeping the momentum going. We got the two main flicks this year, and then doing “The Circuit” which is contest coverage stuff. Also we are helping out the Keep the Change crew and their AM movie.

Are there any major changes this year? I hear Nike is making their own project. Is that effecting your roster or production at all?

Yaʼ, a lot of companies are doing their own things this year that took a few good guys from our roster. Jed (Anderson) and (Justin) Bennee are working on the Nike project. Itʼs now going to be a two year deal judging from the rumormill, and then Salomon is doing the Team Vacation, which is a sweet shop/resort/city tour with the team, Iʼm sure you’ve seen the edits. Louif is on that tour and he did the Xgames stuff. I think Louif and Jed will have a Salomon online part coming soon, keep your eyes for that, itʼs gonna be the bees knees. And (Zack) Marben is doing the Volcom online edits too.

This has been a terrible snow year, how are you guys coping?

Snow has been absolute shit this year. We have just been racking up the travel budget going broke and having to film in Europe. I guess they had a shitty snow year last year, so we did a little U.S./Euro snow swap.

The Darkside Early Teaser from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

Your flick is called “The Darkside”, pretty heavy considering what your crew has brought to the table in the last few years. Is there anything we should be especially excited for?

Yaʼ we got a few new guys in the crew. We snagged Ben Bilocq and Harrison Gordon back from the lightside. They are both doing really well so far. We got Larry(LNP) back this year, and heʼs kickinʼ ass. We added Joe Sexton to the crew, and he fits like a glove. We also got Danimals on full time. Anyone who pays attention, knows he wonʼt disappoint.

Was there any bad blood or weird reactions towards Joe Sexton when he came back to Ashbury and began filming for the VG crew?

Yaʼ there was a little, nothing serious, but it was there. Everyone just let him have it with a proper hazing first few trips and he took it like a champ. Joe has always been an awesome kid, he just had been distant from the guys he originally came up with for while, and now heʼs back. Everyone is down. Family life in VG is all good.

Since your other production is more jump and powder focused, do you know how this horrible snow year has affected them?

Yeah, Hayden Rensch and Gary Milton are heading that up with Keegan Salmon. Those guys have been kicking ass. Whistler has been really good for them, and Quebec City has been buried since January, so they are stacking clips like crazy. The lightside is bringing major heat this year.

Enlighten Early Teaser from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

Is the future of snowboard video online?

I donʼt think so. I think online snowboarding has its place, but itʼs more along a sister to print ads. Itʼs one and done. There is no heart or soul there. Online videos are just a key element to the bigger picture. You gotta do it all, and at the end of the year there will always be the release everyone has waited for that holds the true heart of snowboarding.

Snowboard videos seem to show the trends in talent location. A while back the talent was coming from Finland, then Quebec and now Minnesota. Why do you think the Hyland kids are so good, and is there any hint at where the next generation will come from?

Hyland kids donʼt mess around. They have that rope tow, and learn so fast. I think the next generation will need to be more than park/street kids. We are due for some ripping young pow kids. Northwest has an awesome scene. Iʼm gonna go ahead and guess the next generation will be a mix of northwest kids and east/midwest kids. Salt Lake City has a lot of well rounded kids as well. Either way itʼs gonna be awesome.

KTC: Holy Smokes Early Teaser from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

How are the older guys coping with this new explosion of young talent? We’re seeing younger and younger kids learning the tricks that were invented by today’s best riders.

Itʼs a cycle. Kids pick up where the older guys have left off. They go to learn tricks and where they start is just at that next level. I think snowboarding is finally starting to hold dear to the older guys. Snowboarding needs that, and itʼs not always about the next fetus that can 360 onto a rail, or triple cork a park jump. Style is the only surviving factor over the years.

Is trying to take over the media world?

(Laughing) No way, we just want to put out the best stuff we can and hype up what we believe will keep snowboarding legit.

Last Question, will Nick Dirks have a full part this year?

Of course he will. Iʼm going to go ahead and claim best Nick Dirks part ever this year. He’s on fire.

Videograss Teaser Extravganza!

Do you really need our thoughts on these? Just hit play (twice) cause you know they’re good!

Keep The Change’s Holy Smokes

Videograss’s The Darkside Early Teaser

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