Rejected Edits: Fun in the Sun

It’s spring time, everyone is out there having a blast. Unfortunately everyone also feels the need to show the rest of the snowboard world how much fun they’re having. This has resulted in a large batch of pathetic “fun in the sun” edits. Go snowboarding, I don’t care, but stop filming and sharing it, it’s just not that interesting.

Hood Round 2: F

I understand that this is a joke, what with the falls and the ridiculous “music.” But jokes are supposed to be funny. There is nothing humorous about this. It’s really just pathetic. Everything from the tricks you do, to the clothes you wear, to how you edited this is awful. Please never do something like this ever again.

Six trick fix with Matt n’ Gary: D

Oh hey look my buddy and I made a little edit of some tricks we did, it’s cool right? Wrong. Your edit is like a tranny with a botched surgery, sloppy and ugly.

Granite Gorge Video Park 2012: D

I don’t blame the riders one bit for this edit. This one is all in the hands of the filmer/editor. Yeah the people did some wack moves but I highly doubt any of them requested to be in this edit. Why would you put things like 1:46 in an edit? It looks dumb. If anyone can explain the ending to me and why anyone cares about you I applaud them.

Bear Mtn Spring Break Edit: D

If you’re putting together an edit to show to the snowboard world wouldn’t you want it to be impressive? You started off with a sloppy 270 onto a flat box… The amount of times you are try to act like other people is disturbing. This kind of shit might get you some chairlift make outs back at big boulder but you gotta bring up the level if you want to play with the big boys out west.

OG pop tha trunk — Winter Green Swag: F

For the love of god I hope this is a joke. Even if it is this is so bad. This is worse than that thug wake boarding edit.

Aspen Sucks: B

Compared to the other edits this one is actually tolerable. Clean up the tricks, film better, and drop the shitty tunes and you might just get yourself a feature.

Shredding the sunny Gnar: C-

You guys just aren’t that good at doing moves. Case in point: 1:40. You’re trying to pass that off as a 180 nosepress? Even girls would be ashamed to call that a make.

Sausage Saturdays: D

Is there some elaborate plot to see who can waste more of my time? Did you watch this edit before submitting it? Keep looking back at the camera please, you definitely want to make sure your buddy got those sick shots.

Sugarbush Slush: D+

Just because you had fun snowboarding and put an upbeat island jam with your edit does not mean it’s good or that people want to watch it. I actually feel kind of bad for you because you have two edits getting rejected in this installment. I think you need to re-evaluate who and what you’re filming.

Banger for 686

You’re a professional filmer? I find that very hard to believe. Just because you can adjust the focus and time of a couple of clips does not make you professional. You took some sub par (maybe average on a good day) riding shots and threw them into a blender and submitted this pile of trash. I feel bad for 686 having their named tied to this.

The Boys Are Coming Out: C-

This edit gets a big ole yawn. A bunch of average snowboarders being filmed by someone standing next to/on a feature with an annoying song. With the amount of video content coming out of Utah this season you cant possibly expect something like this to get posted?

Chester Bowl with Daniel Spooner

Hey guys check out my sick tricks. I do all the ones just like you, blunts, 270s out, pole jam ons, and I even put a corrugated tube at the end so I could do 360s out. Isn’t my edit sick!?

Yeah! Norfstar: D+

I would rather watch Shaun White train for Olympic slopestyle than watch this edit. Congrats, you snowboard like a couple jr high girls but thought you would get away with it by putting an ironic/funny song in the edit and telling yourself you were just having fun. For the love of god I hope this is a joke. Even if it is this is so bad. This is worse than that thug wakeboarding edit. No actually, that thug skiing video!