Brighton Boya

The boy at Club Boya might not film with HD cameras, but they always film some High Def snowboarding. filmed by SD- MO edit by stevens riding by bundy, chip, rav, stevens, roobs.

Rail Garden Doubles with the Lunch Ramp Gang

Club Boya... Lunch Ramp Gang... if you can't keep up, you slippin'. Grenier screams, Keniston gleams (bling). Bogart and Borland get bossy. Where else but RG in SLC? Edited by Mike Mo and Bundy.

Mt Snow Pro Bros

They say there's no place like home for the Holidays, right? Club Boya bros Scott Stevens, Brett Colson, Ted Borland and Ross Phillips enjoy a little homey Mt. Snow action.

Rail Gardens "THE MOVIE" Teaser

Mad tricks, mad lips, mad homies, no homo. Club Boya sets out to log as many tricks at the Rail Gardens as possible. I hear Ted Borland has compiled a list of some never-been-done-next-level-shit. Clubboya das wuhsuhh! Featuring: Justin…

Ted Borland Full Part

Ted's a beast. If you want more, it's available at​go/​sip?id=1319908

A Murderous Hump Day with Ted "Bundy" Borland

Soak it in people, Ted "Bundy" Borland is on the rise. You've all heard of Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford and Chris Grenier, but now it's time you got to know Ted Borland real well. He's tall as hell, has self proclaimed retard strength…

Fireworks Forever

, It'll be dark soon and the bombs will start to blow, but for now enjoy these fireworks from Ian Thorley, Ted Borland, Ben Bogart, Matty Mo, Scotty Lago and others.

Milly Tube Sesh

, Brighton may be closed, but the Milly Tubes are still going. Scott Stevens, Ben Bogart, Sean Black, Ted Borland, and Dan Brisse with nothing but fire. Edit: Sean Lucey

Animal Farm Showemus Teaser #2

, If you are deeply offended by animal poaching, or Mike Jones, don't watch this teaser. Otherwise, enjoy snowboarding by Chris Brewster, Ted Borland, Torrey Lyons, Cody Voit, Noah Hausknecht, Ben Farrell, Parker Duke,…

Promo Shot: Ted Borland

look out for that bird

Ted Borland's Headcam

,   Brighton, pow and a camera on Ted Borland's head. Need we say more?

Ted Borland's Purple Stuff

, Anti-energy drink Purple Stuff is helps give you the focus you need to get super sweet on your snowboard. The crew at Brighton makes good use of it.