Kevin Pearce Update

We’re happy to hear Kevin Pearce is making strides towards recovery, and more so that people still care. His Facebook page is regularly updated and the most recent update is Kevin’s been transferred to Craig Hospital — a world renowned center for specialty rehabilitation and research for people with traumatic brain injury. Keep on keepin’ on Kevin, everyone is rooting for ya! Check the full update and a video. Read more

Dave Doman is All Better!

Kevin Pearce is getting better and showing constant progress according to the latest update on the facebook group set up for him, but we just learned of some even more encouraging news. According to TWbiz and Celtek, designer and former HCSC digger Dave Doman, who suffered a serious head injury this past summer, is back at it!

We are thrilled to report that Dave Doman, Celtek designer and well-known Salt Lake City artist, has experienced a full recovery just months after his devastating skateboarding accident in August that left him in a medically induced coma. Now painting again, Dave believes the positive energy given by everyone surrounding and supporting him absolutely helped him heal. Immediately following the accident, Celtek co-founder Erik Leines and wife Ashley created the “Dollars for Doman” foundation. Selling one-of-a-kind posters and t-shirts featuring an original piece of Doman’s art through the Celtek website, they were determined to help ease the cost of an extended stay in the ICU. There was also an art show organized by family, including Dave’s sister, and friends at Higher Ground Learning in downtown SLC that included various works of art donated by painters, photographers and sculptors — some of whom had never even met Dave. In the end, Celtek and friends raised over $10,000 for Doman — what a feat!

So keep those positive thoughts coming for KP and don’t forget about El Schwarez, who still has a long recovery following his TBI at the 2009 World Quarters. Check out an update on him here.