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Hump Day Does an 80 MPH Toe Edge Catch with Matt "Shaffe-daddy" Shaffer

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Fom New England to Tahoe, Matt is definitely on one. Watch his street part three-years in the making and read all about it here!

@sendfreebeerentertainment - Tahoe

Two days in April in the midst of the best season Tahoe has had in well over a decade. Featuring: Dan Danzberger, Mickey Gardner, Trevor Kekke, Kevin Hair, Woody Wilcox, Chip Snyder and Matt Shaffer

Soup Kitchen 36 - GBP 2017

All things Gremlinz from powder to picnic tables, and dudes falling in fire. From Tahoe to Vermont, a 2017 mashup GBP style.

Eric Royce's Rainbow Road Invitational

After a couple weeks of building out a spot at Eric Royce's place in Tahoe, a storm was on the way, so they rounded up a crew of friends to shred the day after they finished building. Beers consumed, yard shredded. Featuring: Eric Royce, Josh Naasz, Alex Wetherhold, Dustin Dresser, Bricen Mason

Foren - Intro to Tahoe

A video series from Vernoiqi Hansen, traveling and highlighting some of the badass women of snowboarding. In this episode she introduces you to the ladies of Tahoe.

Freedawgersonly - Sierra Sum Days

Freedawgers Skyler Gallardo, Liam Nelligan, and D Holcomb at Sierra at Tahoe


Doing it in the park with Josh Gibbs, Dan Danzberger, Kyle Greene, Mason Hulen, and Bryce Salazar

Matt Shaffer - Park Edit 2015/16

Tahoe area ripper's season edit from 15/16 shot at Boreal, Northstar, Squaw Valley, and Mammoth.

Second Floor: The Movie

Full-length out of the Tahoe area from the Second Floor crew. Featuring: Bryant Davis, Jake Brayton, Austin Smith, Tim Bloom, Peter Rispoli, Marco Gooding, Cory Rudolph, and Ian Weiczorek

Boreal Opening Day 2016

Boreal opened for business this week, and to prove it, here's the video! Riders: Tim Humphreys, Matty Britton, Matt Shaffer, Ian Daly, Ricky Koukal, Brady Lem, Nial Romanek, Brett Wilkinson and Skyler Gallardo.

Matt Busedu 15/16 Part

Tahoe area street fire from Matt Busedu's season.

Freedawgers Patch Paradiso

Seek and ye shall find. Late July on a snow patch in Tahoe. Skyler Gallardo, Liam Nelligan, D Holcomb.

California Daze - Squallywood - EP. 4

Spring at Squaw Valley with some Heckler's.