Viewed and Reviewed – “Second Floor: The Movie”

Words: Joey Leppien
Alright, do me a favor real quick, and picture this; it’s a holiday at your local ski resort, and the crowds are rushing in by the busload, literally. There’s children careening into every group of people like tiny, out of control kamikazes on a suicide bombing mission. Lift lines are long and painful, the terrain park turns into more of an obstacle course of avoiding said kamikazes, and the highway is backed up 3 miles from the resort. Then, you look up. Through the crowds of Jerry’s and Joey’s, you see a group of guys all reconvening at the base of the hill. These are the same guys that you see sending sketchy cliff drops, surfing the pipe, and catching virtually every little piece of tranny the resort can offer, all without ever letting their smiles leave their faces. If you’re riding at Boreal, Northstar, Mount Rose, or anywhere else in the Lake Tahoe area, odds are that this group you saw are the Second Floor guys.

A group of twenty-something college students, some graduates, all focusing on a common interest; to make a full winter video, all while having the best possible time doing so. Some hail from the area, and some hail from the east coast. The east-coast in them is very palpable, given their keen abilities to slam straight to their faces in ice cold temps, all just to pop up and laugh while hiking back up for another go. Heavy slams and even heavier makes, all combine for a comical, yet jaw-dropping movie. With deep powder turns and cliff-drops, late night street spots, indoor mini-ramps, and hilarious B-roll, these boys are well-versed at the art of keeping the audience entertained.

I truly only have two negative things to say about this video. Although, I suppose they could be taken as positives. First, I wish it were a bit longer, and I only say that because I wish I could see more of these dudes. However, I understand, first hand, how difficult it is to film a full movie while being a full time student and/or having a full time job. Even having the final project be 11 minutes is absolutely worth praise in this case. Second, and lastly, I just got so sick of how good looking they are. I’d watch 11 minutes of just their B-roll. Honestly, if they just flashed those pearly whites and winked at the camera the whole time, I’d buy ten copies and a video projector for my bedroom ceiling. Uh, anyways.

This is the perfect video to watch while drinking your morning coffee, doing yoga, eating breakfast, etc. Vibes are high and the times are clearly good for these guys. It’s very evident that they never leave a spot or mountain unsatisfied. They make the best of the times that they are given and I find that absolutely admirable. This is the group that you want to see at your local resort, and the type of group that snowboarding needs to keep around.

Watch it, enjoy it, learn from it.

• Fast paced
• Very entertaining
• Heavy slams
• Heavier makes
• Good vibes
• Great friends
• Comical B-roll
• They’re all so good-looking

• Could be longer
• They’re all so goddamn good-looking

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Video featuring:
Bryant Davis, Jake Brayton, Austin Smith, Tim Bloom, Peter Rispoli, Marco Gooding, Cory Rudolph, and Ian Weiczorek.

Watch it now!

BSquad: Mt. Rose Preseason

“Tahoe’s early pre-season snow storms shaped up some good days to go hike at Mt Rose and get some early turns from the summit and by afternoon make our way down to the “DIY” jib park down near the parking lot. After getting my share of turns on the further peaks past the summit I decided it was time to do filming! So I hit up local shredder Matt Shaffer to get after it! I eventually ended up meeting the rest of the B Squad boys through out the rest of the week. They’re all great guys and talented riders. I could tell they were more than eager to strap in and get those tricks dialed in for the upcoming opening days here at our local resorts! Eventually sheriffs and forrest service arrived on site to hand out tickets and immediate action of swiping everything out of the park. Evan (another member of the B Squad) had a 15-20ft rail at his house so we decided to meet up the next day hike to a different spot with the rail. That day was incredibly epic. All the boys showed up, bout 5 dogs rolling around, tunes, beers, bails, and stinky ass dumps.” – Filmer: Kurt Brending

Featuring: Dustin Dresser, Jeff Brewer, Christian Mares, Sawyer Mahoney, Evan Stagnaro, Rob Dawson, Nate Prust, Brian Neri, Matt Shaffer