C & W B

I feel sad that I don’t get what this title is referring to. Connely Wake Boards? Contrast and White Balance? Whatever, the video is actually about some dudes riding rails at Brighton.

Riders: Dan Wells, Alex Cato, Dave Faircloth, Dylan Trewin, Sean Whitaker and Seamus Foster

film/edit: seamus foster

A Foggy Morning

Something weird is going on at the Rail Gardens.

Featuring: Ryan Lanham, Jon Overson, Daniel Wells, Jake Flood, Jake Haivala, Matt Bernard, Griffin Lancaster and Jamie Orkin.

Edit: Seamus Foster

Utah in October

Jeff the Athlete and friends got it done at Powder Mountain and Guardsman Pass before it decided to be 50 degrees every day again.

Riders: Jeff Holce, Ryan Lanham, Dylan Trewin, Seamus Foster, Griffin Lancaster, Jon Overson, Mark Pairitz, Jamie Orkin, Nicky Mcmillen, Mitchell Mciver, and Erik Overson.