Summit Zoo – The Movie

The crew out of Colorado venture out of Summit County to the far off land of Minnesota. Featuring: Kyle Klassen, Seth Karlsrud, Randy Schmidt. Filmed/Edited: Chace Langham-Minor

Woodward Zoo #3

Kyle Klassen, Seth Karlsrud, and Randy Schmidt finish up their summer on the Copper white ribbon.

The Paper Tapes vol. II

Vol. II Featuring
Tony Vescuso
Chris McAvey
Tyler Rickenbacher
Everette Simmons
Joey Brenner
Kody Becker
Will Farrell

Torey Lanez – B.L.O.W.

The Paper Tapes vol. I

Keystone Area51

John Guy Colodonato
Tyler Rickenbacher
Kody Becker
Ruby Peyton
Seth Karlsrud
Kyle Chudoba
Tony Vescuso

Paper Tapes

Dion DiMucci – Runaround Sue (1961)

Bull of the Woods 2016 Video

If you missed the recap and photos, check em here!

Edit by Ryan Sheetz

Music – High School Roaches by Bass Drum of Death

Bull of the Woods 2016 Recap and Photos


Words Matt Renn, photos Gill Montgomery

Hammers dropped over Breckenridge on Friday as the Bull of the Woods snowboarding contest brought together the heaviest hitters in the region to display their talents on the home-built log features erected in the woods above Carter Park. Ronnie Barr, Josh Moses, Joe Suta, and the Nightmare Crew spent the weeks preceding the event building the woods above the sledding hill into three zones of jibs, walls, and rails to challenge riders and amuse spectators. The action surpassed the insanity of the massive log features as the first heat started through the course, and soon all over the hill riders threw down. Oohs and Ahhs reverberated through the trees as the crowds reacted to the hammers and slams. Sean Murphy destroyed, rebuilt, and destroyed. Brendan Sullivan back lipped the whole way down. And some kid in sweat pants ate shit tacos on a down rail. The hill vibrated with stoke.

The final brought out the two craziest features: a down-up log and a double battleship log. The down-up log posed a real challenge to the riders. Many ate shit, but most spectacularly was Austin Julik-Heine’s eyebrow splitting face slam into the upward section of the log. His squad ran in to release his bindings and he came up covered in blood, but after a quick butterfly closure from the onsite medics, he climbed the hill again to throw down on the double battleship. This is the spirit of Bull of the Woods.

Brendan Sullivan won the honor of having his name on the trophy, but we all win, all snowboarders, because events like this exists. Put on not for money, but for the love of snowboarding with friends and strangers. Special thanks to Ronnie Barr, Josh Moses and Joe Suta for putting the thing together.

Ben Elliot amuses spectators.

Brenan Sullivan to the left.

Brenan Sullivan having a time.

Craig Gouweloos and his powder puff.

Kyle Kennedy, Gopro’d.

Mike Skiba grabs some rail.

Sean Murphy’s jeans are so flattering.

Sean Murphy disaster, and not the good kind.

Through the trees

If you’re gonna plant, better do it fast.

A Roast Beefy Tail Press

Maxamilli x Summit County

Max Eberhardt out here working like a straight animal for that check showing Summit County what that Canadian muscle is all about.

Song: Naomi Joy – Troy Ave (Maxamilli Remix)
Filmed/Edited by Seb Judge – @jeb_sudge

The Official Summit County Survival Guide


Photo courtesy Copper Mountain, Words by Brother Nathaniel 14:13

Snowboarding in Colorado is really expensive, and resort life will break your bank. The average cost of a one day lift ticket from 9am-4pm is $99. If you want to eat while at the resort I suggest you pack a lunch, unless another $14 for a burger and $6 for a beer is in your budget. If you want a snack, that Clif bar is $4. To some people and families, a snowboard trip to Summit County is no different then their last Disney World extravaganza. Be prepared to pay before you slay. Pay for all of your gear, pay to park, pay to ride, pay to eat, pay for pictures, and pay to be enforced by ski patrol. At some places you actually pay for air to breathe. The irony is, because snowboarding is so damn fun, you do this multiple times a day while being herded through cattle gates onto the next attraction without a second thought. Resorts in Summit and all over the world have thrived on this system for years, but in that time enough kids have figured some shit out. The higher the prices go the more motivated they are to get over on the system.

This guide is not for everyone. If you have money, there are plenty of places in Summit County to go spend it at, but it seems that the majority of snowboarders living in Summit County have below average incomes, affording them to live ten-deep in a two-bedroom apartment while maintaining unstable, seasonal jobs. These are not lazy people, they are not criminal miscreants, they are just motivated to to continue snowboarding by any means necessary. One can easily tell a Summit County snowboarder that there are better paying jobs in other places and it is likely they are qualified to do whatever work that is, but then you would be crushing the daunting dreams of fresh powder and snowboarding every day with their buds in snow filled resorts located right in their backyard…

The over priced epidemic has spread beyond the resorts. The SubWay $5 footlong is actually $6 in Summit County. Gas can be up to a dollar more than anywhere else in the state when you are stuck in Summit County. Take warning, but do not let this get in the way of your mountain living dreams. Where there is a will, there is a way – after all, aside from snowboarding, there are only a few other things that really matter to Survival in Summit County, and below those questions will be answered!

12.21.14 1

Yobeat does not condone clipping tickets. Shit like this is worth the scratch. Photo courtesy Copper Mountain. 

Free/Cheap Lift tickets:

Volunteer. Of all the resorts, Copper Mountain is the most relaxed with their volunteer program. It requires only 12 volunteer days (which you choose) during the entire season for their events. Copper Mountain immediately hands you a season pass the day you sign up. Some unscrupulous people fly under the radar the whole season with a free pass, without having to actually volunteer, but if you want to keep your conscience clear, volunteering 4-6 hours per scheduled day while pointing olympic hopefuls to the half pipe or monitoring boardercross gates will earn you a free pass for the entire season (without blackout dates.) Volunteering opens another “door to a deal;” once you are a volunteer you are treated like an employee of the resort. As an employee* of the resort you are granted the privilege to eat at the employee cafeteria – which is filled with all the same wonderful food as the resort cafeteria for a fraction of resort cost.

*note if you work for the resort and earn a season pass as part of your employee package, expect to be told of black out dates when you will not be welcome to attend the resort due to a high volume of tourists.

Keystone and Breckenridge have volunteer programs, but I have not fucked with them, they’re a little more strict, there’s actual cops at those resorts, and volunteering at one place is enough…

Clip tickets. This is a good way to get in a lot of trouble, but where there is risk there is reward. Head to the resort of your choice a few hours after enough people have woken up at 9 am to “hit the slopes and get first chair.” Do not forget to bring your scissors, or be prepared to awkwardly borrow a pair from the ticket office (AWKWARD!) Once the afternoon breaks there are bound to be bummed moms, cranky kids, sore dads, and tired elderly folks that “just cannot keep up with the altitude.” These people will seek refuge in the comfort of the nearest chalet/lodge. That dangling lift ticket from their Columbia jacket is no longer important to them. With a smile and some confidence, all you need to do is ask and their ticket now becomes yours. Fuck, I knew a dude that would just wait outside the ski-patrol medical center to get previously used tickets off the unfortunately injured.

“Green Pass.” This is nothing new, but collect whatever weed remnants/blunt guts you have off the coffee table and contain it. Observe the lift line for an employee that seems “down” for the cause and offer them the deal they cannot refuse. After all, observing lines of tourists having fun kinda sucks. Wouldn’t that job be better on weed? Offering a pinch of weed for a seat on the chairlift will only benefit both parties, and get both of you through that bluebird day.


Pizza and beer

Luigi’s in Breckenridge offers the finest pizza slices/pies in all of Colorado. Providing folks with a place to belly up to the bar for the rest of the night in their soggy snowboard gear. No need to waste your time anywhere else, no other slice is comparable. Pizza and drinks are available from 11am – 2:30 am every day. While the ingredients are piled high, the prices still remain low. Luigi’s hosts movie nights, video premieres, parties, and functions as a normal sit down restaurant during the day. A “local discount” goes without saying, however for one month out of the season, Luigi’s has been known to offer FREE BEER to townies for the entire month or until they can no longer function as a human.


Proper pies abound. 



Blue Dreamin’

Marijuana is legal to enjoy in Colorado. Barter with your friends for your favorite flavor or go to a dispensary to sample a variety of names and strains you’ve never heard of. If you go the dispensary route, the staff at High Country Healing will help get you lifted affordably. Keep your cool while smelling the buds. Asking “is this legal?” or “can I mail this to a friend?” will guarantee to not get you that locals discount on an eighth. If you are vacationing and purchase too much pot and need to catch a plane, use the “free” section on Craigslist to easily liquidate your supply.

Food and groceries


La Perla is your one stop shop with fresh ethnic food made to order in a casual dining environment/carniceria. Located just on the outskirts of Summit County, this hidden gem will solve a lot of dilemmas and keep you coming back. This Mexican restaurant, tax center, toy store, currency exchange, butcher shop, grocery store is as real of a deal as it can get for the economically conscience mountain man/woman. In the same location you can eat authentic Mexican food at normal prices, call anywhere in Mexico, smash a piñata, get all of your groceries, store your belongings at the neighboring facility, and even have your income taxes done legally.


All your needs in one place!

Everything on their menu is heavy with flavor, incredible and affordable. 4 tacos for $7 , all the food rules.


Mmm, Mexican wrestler statues!

The only other place to find “street tacos” just as unique/delicious is 90 miles away in Steamboat Springs at a taco stand named Tacos Del Barco, which is located in a little shack next to the Space Station gas station. Jerk chicken tacos are a delight.


People’s Court: Connor Paulson vs Adam Lechner

People’s Court is back and in honor of it being Colorado Week, we have a head-to-head battle of two kid who exemplify Colorado! Who is more Summit County? Who has the more expensive pass? Find out on this episode of the People’s Court.

The winner of this battle will receive a pair of Nightmare Hubble Mitts!

ed: Adam is from Cali but he lived in Summit County for two years, k.

Hump Day Makes it Happen with Josh Carreola


Photos courtesy Nightmare Snowboards. Portrait: Stu Wozniak

Summit County has been a revolving door to aspiring “professional” snowboarders for decades. Jay Nelson, Tarquin Robbins and the early Summit crews laid the groundwork implementing crowded living, shitty jobs, and no regard for tomorrow. Their reckless wonder pioneered the idea of “style” in snowboarding and infected an industry lost in neon. Every season, new prospects flock to Summit County to stake their claim in the snowboard game, creating an over abundance of “rad dudes” that have convinced their parents that they will eventually go to college and find responsibility. While the party never ends, actually committing your life to Summit County is a testament to how important snowboarding truly is. Josh Careolla is a normal human chasing his dream of snowboarding as career “for the rest of his life.” Nothing distracts Josh, his riding has that certain something, and he is always fully committed.  As an amateur in a world of professionals, Josh knows he will be  okay, it will all get done his own way.

questions from: Trent Bush, Joe Suta, Darren Schaeffer

Somehow you are being asked interview questions for the world’s most popular snowboard website. Why do you deserve this golden opportunity? Let’s be realistic, not many people know who you are…

To be real, I’m pretty sure the Nightmare guys paid for advertising on YoBeat. – That might be the foot in…Maybe it is fuel for the hate game, but money opened that door & now they are putting their money where my mouth is. I happen to snowboard, and this website is about snowboarding.

You paid a snowboard camp to get you to Colorado, but you were not a camper…explain that.

At Hood I met some guy that happened to be from my same home town in Utah. He was running a “snowboard camp” & offered me a sweet deal to come to Colorado, so I paid up jumped in the van and I’ve been stuck in Summit ever since.

You moved to Colorado wide eyed and ready to make a career as a snowboarder, how is cleaning carpets going?

I live pay check to pay check. I moved here to snowboard, and part of that reality is having to work shitty jobs. It’s the same old tired story, however there’s cool things to do in Summit that make this choice worth it – and you can ride your snowboard almost all year round. Only 5 to 7 roommates at a time. And 1 to 2 jobs. Paradise I tell ya.


Photo: Jeff Brockmeyer

Now that you live in Colorado, would you ever get a bumper sticker that says “local” or “native” on it?

No, Utah loc for life…but I live in Colorado.

Is snowboarding the same to you as it was when you were younger? Are you still chasing the word “Sponsorship”?

No, I was having fun then, but I have a lot more fun now. Snowboarding means way more to me now. From a career perspective, instead of going to school to be a professional in a boring job – I have spent all my time trying to be good at snowboarding so “I can go pro” and support the dream of doing it “for the rest of my life,” which is still a funny notion, but I’m down to do whatever it takes. With the Nightmare team, we accomplish a lot of shit together, and that effort gives me the support to know that I am doing things the right way. Helping with company progression and other nonsense has become my everyday life. I blindly chased the word sponsorship for a while and now I have it, but I earned it with my crew. Before, I wanted to be sure my snowboard was stickered up to look cool – but now I only want my snowboarding to progress and to only be part of only the few things that are rad/important to me.

You smoke weed, weed is legal in Colorado…and now you get hooked by a weed shop for riding a snowboard…explain how that works:

Fuck if I know, some people get energy drink sponsors – and I get the opposite. I used to buy weed there and now they give me handfuls. Free weed rules. High Country Healing in Silverthorne… Go buy your weed there.



Photo: Andrew Knight

Tarquin Robbins and the early Summit crews introduced a whole new idea of style in snowboarding long before your time. Does “style” influence your riding to be smooth & effortless?Is it true you used to duct tape your arms to your sides while learning new tricks?

A lot of “pioneers of style” were bred in Summit, and that continues today. Otterstrom is still in the county destroying. Style over everything. Haha no duct tape, I just hate when my arms flail around, it just feels sketch. I think it’s pretty cool when people do tricks with their hands in their pockets.

Does snowboarding still teach you any valuable lessons?

Yes, there’s something new to learn everyday. Having a slam section isn’t as cool as watching a slam section…and a back country jump does not just build itself.

Snowboarding is a pretty selfish activity that you have taken a lot from, to most of the people reading this article you still ain’t shit, do you think your snowboarding will contribute to its constant progression?

At one point in time the people who inspire me today weren’t shit to anyone on the Internet or in the magazines, but they continued to chase a dream. Now they have become inspirations. I don’t know, maybe one day I’ll inspire someone else, I just want to keep snowboarding with my friends with good intentions & not let the industry bullshit get in the way.


Photo: Chad Otterstrom

What was it like to spend a few weeks going to midwest rope tow resorts with the Nightmare team? How did that differ from the average 9-4 riding schedule in Colorado?

It was my first time to the Midwest. Going to street spots and random resorts ruled. Trollhaugen and Tyrol was the shit. You can snowboard uphill and downhill all day and night, without ever unstrapping. It was the time of my life, I’ll never forget it. Everyone getting broke off, sleeping on floors, dudes snoring too loud, eating mediocre food, losing memory cards, losing our minds, wet boots, wine, snacks, shitty motels, blunts, cheese and crackers for snacks, some free rope tickets, having our movie premiere at random bars, resorts, and theaters… At that point in time I realized I was living my dream alongside all of my closest friends living it with me.

Are you a contest kid?

I’ve done a handful. Most of them are all fucked with the judging so I got bored of them. Maybe I’ll do another one in the future though.

With two days notice, you were invited to compete in the Van Doren Pro rail competition in Denver. You won “best trick” – how did that feel?

It was so crazy. I was snowboarding with all of the people that I watched in all the shred movies growing up. I was trying not to fan out on all of them. Those are the dudes who made me want to do what I am doing today. I had a good day, It was nice boarding with all of my friends in the am jam beforehand. That eased my nerves for the pro jam for sure. The crowd was hyping me up as well, so of course I tried to do my best and wound up getting some recognition from the judges.


Photo: Brent LaFleur

Without any “spiritual snobbery” explain lucid dreaming, and how it has effected your snowboarding.

Lucid dreaming is when you are very aware that you are dreaming. Most of the time, this awareness allows you to change settings and people how you would please. There’s a bunch of different techniques, at one point in time I was really good at it – every night I would snap into a lucid dream in a snow setting with my snowboard. Though sometimes the gravity would be slightly off, I would complete every trick I actually wanted to achieve. I’d wake up, go snowboarding in real life, and be able to take what I learned in my dream and actually land the trick I was thinking of.

All of your water containers have “friendly messages” written on the actual bottle…by you and your sharpie. Wtf? Explain how this is not strange that you require your water to contain positive messages.

It is strange to some, but there was a study that some scientists did on water molecules. In the study, water was somehow “blessed” with emotions of love, happiness, sadness, hate. All the negative emotions made the molecule turn into a disfigured blob. And the positive made it come out in different snow flake shapes. So all my water gets good vibes, and it helps to keep my body’s water molecules in good shape. I think.

..but sometimes you curse at your snowboard and at other objects that do not really deserve to be cursed at, and cant really defend themselves…

Yeah, I still get mad, I’ll work on it.

Breckohaulics 2

Kyle Hay, Colin Walters, Max Bigley, Henry Tellini, and Chris Sypert chillin’ out on Peak 8.

7 Rules to Survival in Summit County

Words by Darin Evangelista

Summit Survivalartimg

So you and your closest buddies are road tripping to Colorado for a week of gnar hunting. Maybe you’re from the Midwest and Colorado was as far west as you could make it. Maybe you want to buy your weed from the store, the legit way. Maybe your friends don’t spend enough time on Yobeat to know Summit County is too chyll to be cool. Maybe you’ve never been surrounded by Saga or CandyGrind and want to know what it’s like. No matter the reason, you’re going to need help if you want to make it out alive. Here are 7 tips on how to survive in Summit County, Colorado.

1. Stay in Denver


Before you head up to the high country in search of parks and powder, spend a night in Colorado’s capitol city. Everything in Summit County is going to be more expensive than in Denver, so stock up on groceries and ganja (still illegal to buy in some mountain towns). At the end of your trip, it is important to spend a night in the city on your way out of the Rockies; this will help ease you back into the reality and remind you what it’s like to be around real people as opposed to resort folk.

2. Avoid Weekends and Holidays


Everyone in Colorado knows the weekend traffic on I-70 and Highway 6 can really suck. Try to plan your trip so you’re in Summit during the weekday. Be especially wary around Christmas and Spring Break, the last place you want to find yourself is stuck in a crowd of CU-Boulder kids on break. On that note, avoid anyone with Buffalo affiliations like the plague, their trust-funded stoner attitude can be a major buzz kill to your vacation.

3.Visit Late in the season


An even better way to avoid the crowds is to visit after your local resort has closed for the season. Many Colorado resorts stay open well into April and May; Arapahoe Basin is usually open until June or even July. None of the weekend warriors from the front range will be driving up to the slopes when it’s 76 degrees and sunny in the city. You may not be able to hit the pow you’ve been dreaming about (you might if you’re lucky), but there is something special about riding a slushy park in a hooded sweatshirt. The parking lot parties are also much more fun in the springtime.

4.Try Different Resorts

They get a lot of hate, but it is undeniable that Vail and the rest of the Vail Resorts are home to some of the best terrain in Colorado. Despite this, there are plenty other resorts out there, most of which will be cheaper, less crowded and less kooky. If you must go to Vail, Keystone, Breckenridge etc., Rule #2 is a must. Also remember to buy your lift tickets in advance to save some extra cash. I won’t suggest any resorts because then you might actually go there.

5. Sleep on the Floor


This is pretty much a necessity for any snowboard trip, but even more so in the #1 ski destination in the United States. Unless you have a friend’s couch to surf on, staying in Summit County is expensive. Get a cheap hotel/condo/cabin and cram as many people as possible into that sucker. From my experience, a one bedroom condo can fit around ten people.

6. Go with heavily tinted lenses


You’re going to want to use a goggle lens that is low on the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) spectrum, meaning a darker tint. This will help for two reasons; first, Summit County gets an average of 245 sunny days a year, and at 10,000+ feet those UV rays are killers. Second, a dark lens will soften the brightly colored outfits of the Summit County Fashion Show. So unless you want to be blinded by neon and fluorescent outerwear everywhere you turn, this is a must.

7. Wear headphones


I personally hate wearing headphones while riding, but if you’re one of those assholes, pay attention: Similar to #6, wearing headphones will help drowned out the aural stimuli on the mountain. Lift operators in Colorado love blasting Bassnectar as loud as possible, so if that’s not your thing you are going to want your Neil Young, Slayer or whatever the fuck close by. This also helps avoid any unwanted chairlift discussions with curious vacationers.

And there you have it, the keys to survival in Summit County. Scummit gets a lot of hate because of the serious “douche vibe,” but if you can avoid the crowds and tolerate the dubstep, you’ll have unrivaled access to some of the best parks and powder this great country has to offer. Now, let the hate commence.

Zoe Mayers Does Colorado

From Roxy Shooting Star to People’s Court, we’ve seen young Zoe grow up before our very eyes. Tear. But enough about that, she took a trip to Colorado with Windells Academy and logged some hams.

The People’s Court: Alex Kass vs. Jack Child


Summit county is a breeding ground for park riding superstars. Which one of these park rats has what it takes to claim the People’s Court victory?

Alex Kass


Jack Child

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to [email protected]