Summit at Snoqualmie's Up Jib Creek 2017 Recap Video

A preseason jib-extravaganza in the wet and wild Northwest.

Summit X Think Thank

Chunder, Bumps & Tubes

Sno Con and Friend at Summit

Hint: it's Jeff Holce the Athlete

The Yobeat Sandbox at Snoqualmie

The coolest contest ever, duh.

On the Road Again with Windells

Windells comes to you.

The Third Shift at Summit at Snoqualmie

It was a big weekend for sugar water marketing!

Spring at Summit

Holy shit, this wasn't filmed at Hood!

Lost Laps: Kevin Hanson

Summit at Snoqualmie laps that may have been lost forever!

Stefan Krumm Elected Mayor of Tube City

The bad news: no Holy Oly this year.

Not TF at Snoqualmie

Just some super chill bros in the super chill park, bro.

Welcome to Tube City: February 4

It was spawned from the loins of the Holy Oly Revival...we watched it grow...and now it stands alone. We welcome you to bask in the glory of our newest event...behold GNU's "TUBE CITY - POPULATION RADNESS"

The Ride Shakedown v. 2012

Seb Toots is stoked, so you should be too! The Ride Shakedown, an international snowboarding slopestyle competition, will be returning to The Summit at Snoqualmie, WA, for its third consecutive year on March 16 and 17, 2012. As for its…

The Northwest Opens this Weekend!

While you may think we've been shredding daily thanks to Timberline and the Palmer Glacier being open year round, truth is, we've been watching the Midwest and Utah openings jealously due to inclement weather. But no more! The Northwest…