Bobby Van Houten Summer Edit

Rail Slides..... slushy snow..... you get the picture.


Aggressive rock boarding.

#SummerCampBattle2015: MHSSC 2

Meanwhile, at the other camp...

A Whistler Summer Video Mega Post

Three times the action from the Horstman Glacier

Jed Sky's Canadian Summer

So much heat the glacier melted.

Check in: AKamp

Summer boarding, Quebec-style.

Scuballoon at Fonna

Just a bunch of stoked bros on a glacier

HCSC Session Rendered Useless

An enigmatic Mt. Hood edit.

Diggers XV Session 2

The best Hood edit yet!

Hood Report: 2015

The straight dirt on the Palmer Glacier.

OFF THE CUFF - Dachstein Glacier

The Euro Summer season has commenced!

Smokin' At Mt. Hood 2014

If you've got another 7 minutes of your life to dedicate to Mt. Hood, the Smokin boys had a mighty fine time while they were here.

Windells Session 7 2014 Video

It's almost over now, almost over now.

Windells Session Six Recap

Almost there kids... two more sessions to go.