TBT: Jeff Brushie’s Revenge

Jeff Brushie is arguably one of the all time greats of snowboarding. He rode with a style years ahead of his time, pushed the levels of halfpipe riding to new heights, and one was on the first snowboarders to leave Burton by his own will. Who can blame him, when he was alledgedly offered a three-year, six-figure contract from Ride!

In the mid 90s, if you didn’t ride Terje’s board you rode Brushie’s, and these days a ’93 Burton Brushie 157 (with the trout on it) will fetch you a pretty penny online. With his token dreadlocks and ability to bone out tricks like no other, Jeff secured his place in snowboard history before Yobeat was even an idea. But in 1997, as Brushie’s career was shifting to a more “adult” status, we went to a American Snowboard Tour stop at Sugarbush to do some coverage. The conditions sucked, and no one could ride for shit, and Brushie, despite barely making it over the lip managed to land on the podium. My report included a line to the effect of “Jeff Brushie is still getting sympathy points from the judges because he’s old, fat, and washed up.” This was meant to be totally tounge-in-cheek, but of course when you’re a pro snowboarder in the golden hour of your career, and you just dealt with a 90s halfpipe full of snow where you were excepted to perform, it’s definitely the last thing you’d like to read about yourself. These are things that a 15-year-old with a website doesn’t think about, of course.

It wouldn’t have mattered, but in addition to being into snowboarding, Jeff was an internet early adopter and actually participated in the same AOL chatroom Yobeat got its start. His email was on the list I’d send a note to every time we dropped a new issue of Yobeat and accordingly he read this long-ago-deleted post and took to his keyboard in all caps. The rest, well, is history.

See the full issue of Yobeat this was featured in here. 

Luke Haddock at Sugarbush

Video by Brent Mccarron

Spencer Davis at Sugarbush

Filming: Brent McCarron
Editing: Spencer Davis
Music: “Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas” – Beach Slang

Bush League: Race 1: Lap 3

Nate Haust, Spencer Davis, Luci Imbach, Lily Calabrese, Jackson Krushenick, Connor Gross, and Luke Haddock trimming the Bush.

Green Tambourine

Dale Mortensen, David Cardany and Gabe Mekker at Sugarbush
Film / David Cardany and Cam Willis

Bush League Race 1: Lap 2

Riders: Jonathan Twombly, Dale Mortenson, Gabe Mekker, Christian Sparks, Johnny O’Connor, Joey Leon, Luci Imbach, Luke Haddock, Jackson Krushenick,, Connor Gross.
Film/edit: Brent McCarron

Bush League: Race 1 Lap 1

Luke Haddock, Joey Leon, Maggie Leon, Max Lyons, Spencer Davis, Lily Calabrese, and Yale Cousino at the Bush.

Luke Haddock at Sugarbush

Some lost park footy from last season at Sugarbush.

Bush League Game 2: 4th Inning

Riders: Connor Gross, Tyler Watson, Jake Rose, Max Lyons, Devon Gulick, River Richer, Char Zoeckler, Luke Haddock, Drew Baker, Sean Genovese, Nate Haust, Charlie Mayforth, Marcus Rand

Spring at Bush

Spring riding at Sugarbush and some B-roll and throwaway footage from this past season.
Riders: Gabe Mekker, Spencer Davis, Kaleah Opal
Filmed by: Casey littler, Ryan Finder
Edited by: Gabe Mekker

Bush League: Game 2: 3rd Inning

The grounds crew this season have somehow been able to keep the playing field in pristine condition for the third inning in this game. Leading off, we have Marcus Rand and Noah Guarriello, showcasing their Rhode Island talents to local Vermonters, such as Ralph Kucharek, who kept his lucky bat in the dugout that knowbuddy knew about. Charlie Mayforth, whose always a crowd pleaser, is followed up by head grounds keeper, Tyler Watson, and seasoned vets Drew Baker and Nate Haust, whose batting averages are trading card worthy.

Marcus Rand, Noah Guarriello, Ralph Kucharek, Charlie Mayforth, Tyler Watson, Drew Baker, Nate Haust

Paul Osborne

Kaleah & Gabe at Sugarbush Parks

If Kaleah Opal and Gabe Mekker aren’t the cutest snowboard couple ever they should be.

Filmed and Edited: Casey Littler

Bush League: Game 2 – Inning 1

A new season has begun. Batter up!

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Luke Haddock at Sugarbush Parks 2015

Things got a little fishy last season at the ‘Bush.

Filmed by: Paul Osbourne and Darin Alcolea
Edited by: Andrew Percival