Leftovers for Launch

Fill yourself up on this latest edit from STUMPED.

film: eli
edit: cole

The Wolf of Waterville

Normally by the end of April we’re scratching our heads about what the hell to post, but this year, the hammers just won’t stop dropping.

Starring Bar Dadon

Stumped and Friends at Loon

You know an edit is hot when THE Dr. B of Yawgogons fame texts you and tells you about it. Sorry for the delay, internets.


Wheether you say it rooot or rut, here’s a full flick from the backroads of New England to start off your week.

Starring Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, & Parker Szumowski

Also featuring Andrew Aldridge, Brendon Rego, Dennis Filteau, Eugene Stancato, Matt Genovese, Noah Guarriello, & Robert Connors

Video by Eli Olson

STUMPED’s Root 9 Teaser

People talk funny on the east coast, so while you may read this title with an oooh sound, like Route 9 (which may also be because of the street sign graphic) there’s a good chance it’s actually pronounced “rut” 9. Then again, these guys are from Mass, so who knows.

Riders: Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, Parker Szumowski and friends.

Video by Eli Olson

Stumped at Waterville 5

The boys from STUMPED come through with a late season heater. There’s even some air time at the end.

Featuring Bar Dadon, Brent McCarron, Cole Navin, Dennis Filteau, Eugene Stancato, Matt Genovese, Nate Carroll, Rob Connors, and Zack Normndin

Video by Eli Olson

STUMPED at Waterville Episode 4

Oh you know, just some boarding at Waterville. Parks, pow, this one’s got a little something for everyone.

Featuring Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, Matt Genovese, Nate Carroll, Rob Connors, Tim McLaughlin, and Zack Normndin

Video by Eli Olson

Stumped at Waterville

On out recent East Coast tour, we skipped out on a day at Waterville in favor of nursing our hangovers like jerks. The good news is, the STUMPED kids are young and spry and are holding it down for the rest of us lazy people.

STUMPED at Waterville #2

The latest from the land of Quadzilla. We may be biased but the boys are looking mighty nice in those Yobeat Hoodies.

Edit: Eli Olson

STUMPED: Waterville Valley

A lap park, quadzilla, and Luke Mathison. Waterville Valley is the spot, and STUMPED knows it.

Featuring Bar Dadon, Payson Tracy, Cole Navin, Robert Connors, and Parker Szumowski

Video by Eli Olson

The Killington EP

EP stands for “extended play” which is lamens terms is a CD that contains more than one single, but less then 8 tracks, and are too short to qualify as albums.” Do people still use CD’s?

Ben Poechman 2012

There was something clever written here but we accidentally deleted it. Just watch Benjamang board. You won’t be mad.

Rails 2 Riches 2012 Video

Fuck yeah East Coast! Here’s the moves from Rails to Riches at Killington, VT December 8th, 2012.



1st — Riley Nickerson
2nd — Luke Haddock
3rd — Yale Cousino


1st — Lily Calabrese
2nd — Mary Rand
3rd — Emma Graham

Video by Eli Olson

Corrugated 4 Lyfe

A few days ago, we received a submission from former Stumped dude Justin Foley, who left the STUMPED crew to do his own thing. With the release of Stumped’s first edit of the season, what better way to herald in his new crew than with a collab post. Here’s the latest from Stumped, who’ve apparently replaced Justin with Brendan Rego:

And here’s Justin’s new project “-Shadows- with its preseason effort:

Waterville x Loon with Stumped

Considering there wasn’t much of a season to begin with this year, it’s impressive the Stumped Crew managed to eek out some post-season action in NH. If nothing else, watch it ’til 1:36 when someone loses their anal virginity (we assume) to a donkey dick.