Last Resort With Stan – September 2017 – Now With Full Credits in Text Form!

Last Resort with Stan was written, edited, filmed and hosted by Justin/Stanley Leveille.
Last Resort is a project presented by Lobster Snowboards, though the views on this show do not necessarily express those of anyone at the company.

Any angry emails should be directed to

Camera Man: The bookshelf and the tripod has been getting all the credit

Friends skit Idea: lucy

Transworld = Snowboarder
Snowboarder = Transworld
Yobeat = Better than ever.

DELIVERY DAN: not pictured in this show – yet… and probably ever. cus that character sucks

Red White and who: A concept that’s far ahead of it’s time

Special Note:
Holy mother freaking heck nuts batman. I really went all in on this one if I do say so myslef. Episode was 12 minutes long, chopped 2 minutes out and accidentally deleted a hilarious scotty lago skit. I will figure it out.

Last Resort Support staff: Chelsea Bailey, Pan Bailey, The Catfish, Diggles, kristopher, Haldor, Mama Bailey,Ralph, Zach Dayson, Dr. B, Marcus, Eiki, Erik Leon, Uncle Russ, Cale, Eva, Lucy

Wardrobe Consultant: Pam Rand

Special Thanks

Shouts to sanity tokens, shout out vermont comedy, shout out making it to the finals of vermont’s funniest comedian, shout out getting booked for 6 shows in the next two months. shout out to that barrio gift card I gave carl. I hope he findsa job soon. special thanks to Kyle K for that SIAdata – skit coming soon. No thanks to the homie who sold me the worst bag of weed i’ve seen since highschool. that bag of weed almost singlehandedly made this episode unmakeable.
Shout out everyone who has supported me over the last crazy few weeks. Specifically Chelsea for keeping me alive while I’m moving 1,000 miles a minute.

Shouts to Mitsta Mitstitsta, Barrio for keeping me stocked on caffeine and pastries, the new “save” feature on instagram and Facebook, the people that hit me up with good ideas, Cini Aloombini, The lake placid alligator reference in the Joey B skit that no one got FIVE EPISODES AGO, Luce, BEANSTALK, ICKS Yawgoons, Sugarbush, Union Bindings, Mervin, Deelux boots, SPLINTERS, My internet provider who almost busted me on illegally downloading life of pablo, MAH AND PAH, Milo, Poulin for just god damn existing, Erik Leon, Brandon Cocard, Forest Bailey, Nigro, Nigro’s neighbor if you are reading this I ate all the bacon and could use more. Mountain farm for life.= YO LET’S GIT THIS MONEY$$$$$$$$$

And of course, special thanks to Yobeat for giving me my start and teaching me everything I know.

Ok we added that last part ourselves… xoxo- Yobeat.

Spring Time at Timberline

Superpark or not, Timberline is popping off.

VG’s Picnic Table Party

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but what can ya do? The Minnesota locals set up a little gathering for all the crews in town, and damn, it looks like more fun than getting kicked out of spots.

Under Review: VG’s The Darkside

Finally Justin Meyer and crew have embraced The Darkside. From black rats and swinging dicks to broken shit and shit eating grins The Darkside delivers on all expectations, except one. Do not expect to see a lot of snow in any video this year. Blame it on the Republicans.

Anyway, a Meyer project is always a must buy in my book. Expect plenty of weirdness, backside 270s onto scary shit, sketchy choices and another year of dudes trying to kill themselves in the streets.

The Rundown:

Jake OE tried this winter and it shows. His shitty haircut will make you laugh.

Kooley and Mendenhal share a part. I know shocker right? There’s even some mountain riding.

Harrison Gordon finally falls on his face, but then goes back to being the technical wizard that makes his mom lose sleep at night. (Watch for the funniest 180 ever.)

Ben Bilocq is quickly becoming one of the most well rounded snowboarders of the era. If you need a reason to buy a video, this might be it. You’ll learn a lot.

There’s a huge friends section. The good news is these friends happen to be real good.

Gus Engle is the closest thing to skateboarding we’ve got. Like him or love him, you have to respect how little of a fuck he gives for being so damn good.

Danimals. Do I have to say anything or can you just get excited already? His banger is sure to confuse all of you.

Laurent Nicolas Paquin is still a dirty, hairy, French Candian who guzzels beer, has pirate tattoos, a beard and a whole lot of raw talent.

Darrel Mathes is becoming the old pro who doesn’t have to try and still comes out on top. This is one of his best parts in years.

Holy shit Nick Dirks filmed a part and guess what, it’s gnarly, fast and more like an 80s punk video than a snowboard part. Can’t wait to see kids bite this editing style.

Chris Grenier can do anything on a snowboard and does. Plus, he’s not a d-bag and has weird, Full R behavior throughout his part. What’s not to love?

Finally, Joe Sexton is back from the dead, and guess what, this part makes up for the last few years of bullshit behavior. An ender truly deserved. Bravo Joe.

By the way, if you are the watch-on-repeat-for-days kind of guy, the banger section in the back will be all you need this winter.

SHOULD YOU BUY IT? Yes, 4/5 stars.

Credo and Friends 6

These videos prove that snowboarding really is more fun when you have friends. Who else is gonna let you jump over them?

Credo: Zack Wilmot, Henry Padden
Friends: Levi Gunzburg, Dan Schott, Sully

Edit: Dylan Demers

Scott Stevens x Bone Zone

Scott Stevens made himself a little Bone Zone edit for Change that Tape, a few months late, but still most excellent.

CO starring Ted Lavoie and Chris Beresford.

Cameos from Granger, Grenier, Carson, Brisse, Carr, Zima, Lucy, Vedo, Kerwin, Mike Mo and Timmy Ronan.

Boreal Boardin’ 2

Looks like our old pal Paul Heran tricked someone into hiring him, and this is the second of what will likely be an entire season of Boreal Boardin’! So if you like good times with the homies, you should get psyched.

Under Review: Givin Presents “One”

Givin Presents “One”, but so what? Maybe the so what is KidsKnow backs it, because it’s got a whole lot of BozWreck bubbling from it, because Forest Baily’s part is on par with the most creative I’ve ever seen and because the whole damn thing was Keegan Valaika’s idea. So yeah, between a great soundtrack, impressive roster and Forest’s amazingness, Givin’s rookie shot is something to talk about.

Overall Grade: B-

Notes: This video is a bit longer than it should be, and some of the footage, especially Keegan’s, is in plenty of other videos this year. That being said, the DVD box cover is fucking brilliant, the soundtrack is one of the best I’ve ever heard and plenty of the footage is 100% mind blowing. Also, there’s a good balance between streets and snow. So yeah, you should like it.

Buy or Burn: Ask yourself something, do you like nice looking things? Do you like the underground? Do you like supporting the up-and-comers? Then this video is for you. If not, you’ll hate the lack of Mack Dawg style shit.

Forest Bailey: I love this part. It reminds me of Jed Anderson and Keegan Valaika’s best work, it’s fucking amazing. The whole video is better thanks to Forest’s opening part. It’ll probably even make you a better snowboarder.

Shayne Pospisil: No idea where this guy snowboards, or why he is so illusive each year, but I can say that Shayne Pospisil is the definition of soul boarder, you know, the really good, can double cork and all that crap, soul shredder.

Brendan Keenan: Rides powder better than you. But it won’t inspire you the way Shayne will.

Robbie Walker: So good to see footage from this guy again. So good to see someone spin flat, with that much style, again. The speed, style and tricks Robbie brings into the backcountry is awesome. Now, how many shrimps do you think he ate during his downtime?

Jonas Michilot: See this movie or miss the best intro shot of the year. Really, it’ll shock you. Oh, and like all of those Minnesota bad boys are in this part. Basically, it’ll give you rail kids a total boner.

Doran Laybourn: Damn, Doran is back in a big way. The song is perfect. The name brings me back. And, the whole damn part reminds you of one thing, snowboarding is fun, and you should be having fun during ever turn, tweak and press. Long live Laybourn.

Cody Rosenthal: Break your back one year, break off a wicked method the next. The fact Cody put a part together should be all the inspiration you need to stop bitching about how cold your hands are and just go ride.

Mason Aguirre: The former Olympian can fucking jump.

Benny Urban: “Is a G” -Forest Bailey

Timmy Ronan: Best use of a car in a snowboard video 2011.

Alex Stathis: This kid is hilarious. Rides like a bat trying to escape the depths of hell. Sorta junkshow, do what you gotta to land, type style, but it pays off with fucking heavy shit left and right and a rock drop for the ages. Alex is a badass, enjoy the show.

Nick Russell: Probably the best song in the video. Probably the fastest, scariest backcountry riding I’ve seen in a while. He just flys around, so much fun to watch, and the tree collision, you’re going to love that.

Jake Koia: From one of the years best web edits to dropping double corks, 1080s and all that other hard stuff in a full length video part.

Keegan Valaika: See Keegan hit rails. See Keegan hit jumps. See Keegan hit powder. See Keegan come up short on an unforgiving gap. You can see a lot of these shots elsewhere, but not all and either way, it’s still fucking amazing.

Wyatt Stasinos: What a fucking intro. I think it’s like two minutes long. As a whole, this part rips, it’s got almost everything; hospitals, surgery, avalanches, jumps, hats, pow, giant mountains, scary terrain, pillow lines, hard tricks and lots of balls. The locations are amazing, the riding is amazing and there isn’t a drop of steel or concrete to be seen. Enjoy.

Check out more news, vids and whatever from Givin HERE.

Buy “One” Presented by Givin RIGHT HERE!

Tranny Finders: A Short FULL MOVIE

TF has been on a roll. Can they keep it going? We’ll reserve judgement and just let you have at it. This is the full flick from last season.

Featuring Garrett Read, Jesse Gouveia, Connor Brown, Dylan Trewin, Bo Valencia, Chris Cloud, Ben Maki, and Friends

Gators in Washington

Friends. Snowboarding. Pow. Yeah, we’re ready for this season to start.

Riders: Bart Patitucci, Greg Phillips, Matt Penny, Kraemer Rickman, Tyson Rickman, Trevor Schy, Robert Bench, Travis Claughton, Kevin Hanson, Sam Trippe, Josh Jarvis and other homies.

Bachelor Boarding

Over yonder is a place called Mt. Bachelor. Some say it’s flat, most say it’s really fun. If we’re judging by this little video, I’m going with the latter.

Riders: Ryan Gossett, Kyle Staggs, Colin Clarke, Danny Mcwilliams, Lou Macias
Filming: Troy Costa and Adrian Higham
Editing: Troy Costa

The Story of the Blue Lodge

As the unofficial media whore of the Blue Lodge, it’s only natural that Yo Beat would make the trip to the biggest Blue Lodge event since, well, the Blue Lodge existed. Okay, so I only lived in Plymouth for the first year of the Lodge, when it was actually a dry house and missed out on the theme parties, kegs and Kia destruction, but still, I wasn’t going to miss the latest Bendini Production.

On November 24, 2004, at the Andover Town Hall, the shit went down. Mike Parziale and Ben Fee spent the week or so prior to that fateful date holed up in a cabin in the backwoods of New Hampshire, laughing hysterically and editing down 120 hours of footage to a one hour epic of their two years at the Blue Lodge. Yes, even though Ben made this movie, it was only an hour. And a memory filled hour at that.

But the real highlight of this movie was the high school reunion-esque event that was the premiere. Everyone who was anyone in Plymouth was there, including the majority of the lodge residents, Plymouth townies and PSC Alum, Lodge parents and White Mountain snowboard camp campers, not to mention a few High Cascade homies who the crew picked up over the years.

Everyone mingled as Mike and Ben put the finishing touches on the film at around 8:05 (hey, this was a Bendini Production), during which time I took it upon myself to make a few astute observations about the crowd.

-Somehow, the Lodge attracted two friends who are nicknamed Larry. The girl Larry and the boy Larry, or Jason (who lived there) and Laura (who didn’t.)

-Out of the whole group, only two have reproduced, so far. Eric Larochelle (whose pregnant wife was not actually in attendance) and Andy Pax.

-Noticeably missing was Chad Snyder. And not one story was told about kayaking the entire night.

-Neither the Marks nor the Kevins made it, although McGarry was there in photo form.

Okay, being astute hurts my head plus it’s not nearly as funny as I had envisioned it to be when I thought about doing it. I took a bunch of pictures and they’re worth a thousand words, right? So look at them and be bummed because you missed out.

At the parking lot after party, everyone enjoyed a little Harrison’s. (l to r) Mike Parziale, Brian Barb, Ben Fee and Andy Benhardt

Baugley and Matty Johnson made the trip from the greater Massachusetts area. Well, I think Matty lives in Mass still, yeah, he totally does.

Chris Ryan came all the way from Colorado, Jamey Grieco from Oregon and Luke Mathison, well I think he still lives in New Hampshire but it was good to see him anyway.

White Mountain Snowboard Camp camper and Andover loke, Hondo isn’t really a bag person, he just dressed that way to get all the cheap bastards to chip in for expenses incurred to make the movie and have such a wonderful party.

Boy “Larry” Jason Contarino and how could I ever have forgotten Dan Bickerstaffe, who’s shirt is actually an optical illusion.

Plymouth homegrowns Ben Fee and Steve Crampton.

Pax and Mini Pax.

A couple hot broads, oh wait that’s just Nugget and Sarah Morrison.

Paul Miller and that girl Larry.

Dan “Tan Balls” Potter. I remember that guy.

Old Man Mulcahy and THE Eric Larochelle.

Paul Miller, the Preston and Pete Lee, and I really should know who that is in the background, but I don’t.

Belknap cronie James, back from a surf odyssey just for the premiere.

Barb and Louie spend some quality time with Old Man McGarry.

Wayne Stokes, Pete Jacobs and Will Roth. Yeah, they were all there.

Jamey Grieco and the man who made it all possible for us to be his friend, Pops Grieco.


Judging by the credits of the Resistance and this year’s GMC catalog, as well as about 30 years of records, it’s cool to give props to those that have helped over the years. Amazingly enough, Yo Beat is still rocking, thanks to a lot of people out there, and no thanks to some others, the following are the ones that we can think of (somewhat) funny things to say about:

Brooke thanks:

Original Sin for giving me snowboards even though I am a bum, and letting me tell people I have a pro model.

My parents for making it so I don’t have to take Yo Beat as a loss.

Lee Crane for telling me I was cool from one of his many misty e-mail addresses, and not fighting me when I turned the USASA against TWsnow.

Every contributor who’s ever actually contributed anything.

Rossignol for at least responding to my grubbing for money.

Vince Lavechia from Burton for scaring me by telling me that he saw a picture of me making out with a boy I’ve never made out with.

Gas Buckner from Oakley for making me cool and letting me wear the best goggles and glasses in the world.

Brian Patch for letting me stay at his house one time.

Dave Rorabaugh for pissing off Jeff Brushie.

Jeff Brushie for actually taking Yo Beat seriously enough to get mad at it.

Peter Line for doing an interview in issue four, and adding legitimacy to the site.

Kevin Suseinka for checking the site everyday and inflating my hit counter.

Out of Bounds snowboard shop and Dave Dutton for linking to Yo Beat.

Mike Arzt for putting up with me all summer.

Anyone who’s ever threatened to sue.

Geoff Gibson for redesigning the site.

Dave Sypnewski for being such an inspiration.

Pat Bridges for never using any of the stories I write for Snowboarder, leaving me with good content for Yo Beat.

Jeff Jewett for making me part of the Ju Tang clan and for all the free glasses (and hopefully free shoes).

Eddie Lee and George Kleckner for making me cool by association to the TM5.

Shanti Sosienski for getting me the chance to spend Bluetorch’s money on beer at Mt. Hood.

Kyle Clancy for giving Mark Sullivan some good ammunition against me.

Catherine Nieves for keeping me up on all the latest gossip.

Brian Derosia for buying me 40’s.

Rachel Cotton for thinking that Yo Beat was a funny idea too, and for coming up with the name.

For now, I’m the only one with any one to thank, but if I can get some more lists they’ll go up here. word.