Last Resort With Stan – September 2017 – Now With Full Credits in Text Form!

Last Resort with Stan was written, edited, filmed and hosted by Justin/Stanley Leveille.
Last Resort is a project presented by Lobster Snowboards, though the views on this show do not necessarily express those of anyone at the company.

Any angry emails should be directed to

Camera Man: The bookshelf and the tripod has been getting all the credit

Friends skit Idea: lucy

Transworld = Snowboarder
Snowboarder = Transworld
Yobeat = Better than ever.

DELIVERY DAN: not pictured in this show – yet… and probably ever. cus that character sucks

Red White and who: A concept that’s far ahead of it’s time

Special Note:
Holy mother freaking heck nuts batman. I really went all in on this one if I do say so myslef. Episode was 12 minutes long, chopped 2 minutes out and accidentally deleted a hilarious scotty lago skit. I will figure it out.

Last Resort Support staff: Chelsea Bailey, Pan Bailey, The Catfish, Diggles, kristopher, Haldor, Mama Bailey,Ralph, Zach Dayson, Dr. B, Marcus, Eiki, Erik Leon, Uncle Russ, Cale, Eva, Lucy

Wardrobe Consultant: Pam Rand

Special Thanks

Shouts to sanity tokens, shout out vermont comedy, shout out making it to the finals of vermont’s funniest comedian, shout out getting booked for 6 shows in the next two months. shout out to that barrio gift card I gave carl. I hope he findsa job soon. special thanks to Kyle K for that SIAdata – skit coming soon. No thanks to the homie who sold me the worst bag of weed i’ve seen since highschool. that bag of weed almost singlehandedly made this episode unmakeable.
Shout out everyone who has supported me over the last crazy few weeks. Specifically Chelsea for keeping me alive while I’m moving 1,000 miles a minute.

Shouts to Mitsta Mitstitsta, Barrio for keeping me stocked on caffeine and pastries, the new “save” feature on instagram and Facebook, the people that hit me up with good ideas, Cini Aloombini, The lake placid alligator reference in the Joey B skit that no one got FIVE EPISODES AGO, Luce, BEANSTALK, ICKS Yawgoons, Sugarbush, Union Bindings, Mervin, Deelux boots, SPLINTERS, My internet provider who almost busted me on illegally downloading life of pablo, MAH AND PAH, Milo, Poulin for just god damn existing, Erik Leon, Brandon Cocard, Forest Bailey, Nigro, Nigro’s neighbor if you are reading this I ate all the bacon and could use more. Mountain farm for life.= YO LET’S GIT THIS MONEY$$$$$$$$$

And of course, special thanks to Yobeat for giving me my start and teaching me everything I know.

Ok we added that last part ourselves… xoxo- Yobeat.

An Epic Week in Review

Apprently our boy Stan is getting preety big time these days with a guest segment in Epic TV’s Daily Blizzard (now weekly.) If you watch this video you will also learn what not to get various pros for Christmas, whether Guiness makes you sleep through the new Jeremy Jones movie and other random crap about board world, but with a Irish accent.