The young sun’s glow warmed the cracked, cold world from an impenetrable slumber. An awakening. The earth rumbled. Trees shook, dropping leaves on the tidy nest below. The ground cocoon belonged to an iguanodon. As the eggs rolled around, their mother Brenda steadied them with a claw.
‘What on earth?’ she wondered.

Slow- Esprit
I’m Coming With You- Blood Ceremony

Ryan Ludwig
Remy Stern
Ethan Campbell
Film and Edit
Ari Lightsey

Paradise Island vol. 5

Video:Cam Weeg

Andy Glasder
Casey Mitchell
Will Bickerstaff
Taylor Rydmen
Jeremy Nylund
Jonny Sischo
Corey Caswell
Frank Day

Afton goes to Keystone

Minnesota kids go to keystone.

Riders : Noah Driscoll, Repolia Robinson, and Austin Sam


Instead of spending spring break in some hot, barbie filled, drunk meat head fest. The PSU snowboard club made loon their paradise. Welcome to Cabo BABY!!


River Richer
Chris DePaula
Travis Cullison
Nick McCarthy
Bryan Watson
Ben Denard
Keith Skyta
Luke Giacopelli
Jed Sky

The Sophisticated Gentleman’s Board Review: Capita Slush Slasher 143

The Sophisticated Gentleman cracks a cold one (or four) and goes for a rip on the Capita/Spring Break Slushslasher 143, a collaboration between Corey Smith and Capita Snowboarding.

Available Sizes: 143, 147, 151
MSRP: $369.95

Yobeat’s 12 Most Chill Board Graphics of 2016

12mostchillby Michael McKinney

It’s officially snowboard season somewhere, and all the cool kids have new boards, except you. Here at Yobeat we care, and want you to have the chillest board for this season. After endless hours of Internet board fapping, we came up with this list of the graphics sure to make up for your lack of ability on a snowboard.


Monument Momento Mori

#HailSatan, Christmas Critters everywhere will love this eco whip.

Outsiders 150

Capita – The Outsiders

Who doesn’t love crappy prison tats and sharpie graphics?


Spring Break Powder Pill 

Corey Smith said minimalist monochromatic stripes were cool.


Dinosaurs Will Die – Wizard Stick

It says the name on the bottom incase you forget the name. Thanks Geno!


Technine Bradshaw Snakebite

Beware of snakes.


Arbor Zygote Twin

I literally had the neighbor cat pick the favorite graphic and he nailed it.

1516-lib-Wittlake-800x800 copy

Lib Tech Wittlake FM

General rule of thumb with snowboards if Scotty Wittlake rides said board, then said board is surely good. This board is green.


Endeavor Early Release Run DMC

Just a group from Hollis,Queens , New York and a snowboard graphic. Is this real life?

1516-gnu-horror-business-detail copy

Gnu Horror Business

If Danny Kass could go back and ride this in Night of the Living Shred he probably would.

rome bridage

Rome Brigade

It’s a pile of wood. It’s artisan.


Nightmare- The Good Times Are Killing Us

Name pretty much says it all.


D-Day Deadlung Pro Model

What do Jesus, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus have in common? They’re all on Deadlung’s board graphic, high af.

Signal Yusaku

singalyusaku copy
Late addition Bonus graphic! Japanese art, inspired by America, and hand drawn by Yusaku’s bro Dayze.

Site Check: CAPiTA

lAfytdf - Imgur

CAPiTA! You know how no matter what, there is someone who hates any given thing? Brands such as Burton, Flow and RuRoc are to varying degrees known as much for how much they’re hated as for what they actually do. But CAPiTA on the other hand, I can’t recall anyone actively hating on them. Indifference sure, maybe even a distaste, but not the same blind opposition it seems that every other brand will generate to some degree. Which begs the question, who are they Defending the Awesome from?

hnjkGdG - Imgur

For a few years now they’ve done this forced perspective thing on their website and in their catalogs, and it really bothers me. If you look at the ends of any of their boards, it looks like they’ve got a wicked asymmetric profile across their entire line. That isn’t it, that trend is already on the way back out, I think what they’re going for is making it look like you’re viewing the board on an angle. But they still print the graphics as if you’re looking face on, so the effect is this weird distorted amoeba board.

6M3uEHu - Imgur

Another year the “Volcom is going to make hardgoods” rumor proves false. Honestly I’m not surprised, the margins on hard goods is crap. Volcom is happy making $90 boardshorts, and I don’t see them changing their business model any time soon. But for some reason there is still demand for a Volcom board, and here it is. And they get to push off the boring/expensive design, research, construction, and warranty work to CAPiTA, so they’re really making out like bandits.

soTgVwC - Imgur

Speaking of boring/expensive, The Mothership has landed. In case you weren’t paying attention, CAPiTA is opening a new factory in Austria to replace the giant one they bought from Elan a few years back. The new spot has an on-site hill for prototype testing, and it’s near a major resort, but the real buzz here is sustainability. Not only is it “greener” thanks to on site power generation, eco-conscious design, and a stack of other Earth-friendly decisions, it’s also economically sustainable. See the old digs was capable of putting out an insane number of boards, but whether snowboarding is shrinking or just staying the same, it isn’t seeing the kind of growth needed to support that capacity. So by “downsizing” CAPiTA is making a move to ensure demand for their product stays high, and that’s smart.

WcAPHU6 - Imgur

I’m sorry to let you down, but the only thing I’ve got to run with on the team is a handful of one-off jokes. Kazu’s kid is cooler than you. Dan Brisse looks like the mugshot of a State Senator who got busted at a DUI checkpoint. And Cale Zima is just one heavily customized motorcycle away from completing his Jesse James starter kit.

But in the end, they’re coming up short in our little competition. Not a bad score, but somehow it feels like this site is less than the sum of it’s parts. It looks cool, CAPiTA always does, and they really are set up to make it easy to poke around and find whatever it is you’re looking for. The Mothership is awesome for industry nerds like me, though at this point I was hoping we could get something more than the same artist’s rendition we’ve been looking at since January. 78 is a respectable score, but I can’t help but think they could have done better.

Check the site for yourself-
The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Airblaster 93
2. Lobster Snowboards 87
3. Bataleon 86
4. CAPiTA 78
4. Endeavor 74
5. Rome SDS 72
6. Arbor Collective 71
7. DC Snowboarding 68
8. Holden 62
9. Gnu Snowboards 57
10. Burton 50
11. Technine 45

#TwuanSquad @borealmtn

Kix Kamp and Austin Vizz, definitely their real names, spent spring break at Boreal. Somehow, we missed this one the first time around, but luckily they got aggressive on facebook and brought to our attention. Enjoy.


The Trilogy- featuring Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Blaze Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Michael Wick, Blake Paul, Sam Taxwood, Alex Lopez, Zak Hale, Tucker Andrews, Jack Dawe, Nick Julius, Grant Giller, Pat Raichur, Mitch McIver, Knut, and friends!!!

Hump Day Gets Deep with Brendan Gerard

Photo: Jared Souney

Brendard Gerard wants you to think he’s a hard-drinking, chain-smoking, tight-pant-wearing son of a bitch who don’t give no fucks. Problem is, he used to wear super normal clothes, compete in a ton of pipe contests and cry when his mommy didn’t give him attention. Back then, you didn’t know him. But, now that he’s a badass, he’s your favorite badass. And thankfully, he’s got something to say about all the normal, skittle, bro, badass bullshit that’s going on these days

So, I hear you are kind of a bad ass, what’s the most bad ass thing you’ve done?

One time I rode the MAXX transit and didn’t buy a ticket.

Did you get caught?

That is pretty bad ass. Tell me about the new meme you are a part of?

It’s a new meme that my friend Maxwell started one morning. I was super hung over and grabbed a carton of milk out of the fridge and the sell by date was that day. I asked him, “Maxwell you think I am good to drink this? It expires today” He laughed at it and started this whole meme of not really so hardcore things to do, that I probably do because I’m really not that hard core.

“Ya girl, just follow @mychyllselfies for all my best faceshots.”

What are some of your favorites?

Brendan Gerard doesn’t eject his hard drive, he just rips that shit right the fuck out.

Is that your plan for Internet domination?

Ummmm, (laughter)

Do you think Internet domination is an important part of having a modern professional snowboard career?

I don’t even know what the kids want these days. I don’t know what people like. I’m just doing what’s fun.

What have you been up to this year snowboard wise?

Sinking like a ship.

Care to expand?

Hard times in the neighborhood. I don’t know. I did go to Europe for a bit so that was rad. I got some good shots there but there’s been a serious lack of snow in Tahoe and a lack of money in the industry so…. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of filming and what I want to be doing.

Gerry wears a speedo off jumps sometimes to prove how manly he is. Photo Kyle Beckmann


Why doesn’t the industry have money? Is the core dying?

Snowboarders keep dancing around in bright colors and acting like jocks while wearing Adidas. What’s cool about that? There is nothing cool about that. I think a lot of people feel they have to conform to something. There is always going to be a balance with it and you will have to make sacrifices and do shit that you don’t really want to. I am just trying to get by and keep snowboarding and keep the dream alive. I mean, other than a few contest jocks who are trying to “take it to the next level,” which ya know, is good for them, everybody else seems to be on the same page.

Is it now uncool to be cool?

Absolutely. I feel like a loser all the time. But no, I don’t know that the jock look is selling boards either. Nobody has money. People aren’t buying snowboards because it’s expensive as fuck. The bottom line is that people just can’t afford to go snowboarding as much. Tough economy, all that. That’s why Spring Break snowboards got started. Cut out a piece of wood and hike up the side of a mountain. Don’t need to pay $100 for a fucking day lift ticket. Just get up in the backyard and shred down on a piece of wood. Simplistic. We are taking it back to its roots. That’s what’s important.

When Brendan was abroad, that face was an ambassador to America’s image. Photo Kyle Beckmann

The battle of keeping people snowboarding as opposed to turning it into a spectator sport?

Right. Unfortunately It seems like the only money to be made in snowboarding a lot of times is getting more involved with things like the Olympics and other stuff that make it more mainstream. Some people have their talents from the start and some people find their niche. Mine just isn’t in riding snowboards competitively. When it comes to contests, I’m probably not going to win (laughter) But everyone tries to match people up like, “oh he’s better than him” or whatever. Like everything in life. People do things differently. I could not compare the way my friends ride to the people training triple corks into foam pits, which is obviously fucking insane but…there are more possibilities. You don’t have to be doing triple corks, you can just slash pow. What you are trying to do is inspire, so if you can get out there on your board and do things that people will look and say to themselves “wow that looks beautiful” or “that inspires me to want to go snowboarding.” That’s the goal. A simple powder slash can do the same thing as watching someone triple cork a hundred foot jump. I mean, that is my opinion. I don’t know that everyone feels that way but I sure do.

Well the fame thing is how you could get rich, but was your goal ever to get rich off snowboarding?

No, no. My goal is pretty similar to everybody’s goal which is to make enough money to keep snowboarding. That’s all I really want to do. There just isn’t a whole lot of good in an industry where most people are making very little money and barely squeaking by. Trying to go on trips and get people to back you and support you as a snowboarder is something I have been doing for my whole life and trying to make a living off it for what seems like forever. For [snowboarding] to be in such a weird place fucking sucks, and if nobody is willing to talk about it than they suck too, because it’s obviously an issue. I’m not saying I deserve a handout either. I’m just sick of sitting around and being free marketing for people. I don’t get anything for what I put my body through. Nothing lasts. What’s the average life of a snowboard brand you know?

I think this is one of those Majestic Pow slashes Brendan was talking about. Photo Kyle Beckmann

How has the internet changed people’s perception of what’s important?

It’s crazy what the Internet does. I Don’t completely understand it. Any one can post anything so it’s really about popularity, likes, followers, and stupid shit that people shouldn’t care about. It’s really hard for me to care about it but you have to make a valid effort to stay relevant.

So are you just going to be Red’s agent some day?

(Laughs) I already told him I get 20% at least.

Would you ever consider taking up a glove sponsor in this hard time?

Actually when I was doing Snake and Hammers at Mammoth, Danny Kass was announcing. When I ate shit really bad in my run he announced “maybe you would have landed that if you had some gloves.” I didn’t really know who it was talking or anything and I kind of just flipped out. “I don’t need any FUCKING gloves!” Then I realized it was Danny and I was like oh fuck, that was probably not so good. But yeah I guess I would take a glove sponsorship if they gave me some money. (Laughs)

There’s-Something-about-Mary AIR, Brendan’s newest trick.

How many brothers do you have?

I am one of seven

Oh no, where you offended by the Keep God Out of Snowboarding shirt we gave you?

What? fuck no.

Well I thought only Catholic people had that many babies, or mormons.

Naw my family isn’t religious they just….

Never heard of Condoms?

Ya, I guess my dad never heard of condoms and my mom really likes babies.

Which brother is your favorite?

um. I think we are gonna go with Malachi. He is just a homie, he is a chill dude, always mellow easy to get along with, fun to hang out with.

What’s the weirdest thing about living with Corey Smith?

He still sleeps on an Air bed. He moved in like 7 months ago and he still refuses to buy a mattress. He’ll probably be pissed at me for telling that.

Hey, I think I see my exit strategy!

What is the deal with “the Trash Pit?”

Well, our house has gone pretty downhill these days so we renamed it the trash pit. You can come over, spike beer cans on the floor, leave your trash, play music all night, bring chicks over and then bail. We forgot to take out the garbage for like three weeks. It’s in all corners of the house.

So you guys are hoarders?
No, we aren’t to hoarders we all want that shit out of there we use keep sleeping through trash day. No friends on a trash day

You mentioned a potential plan to move to Portland?

Maybe…Who fucking knows. I need to find a real job and make some money or something.

What does a real Job for Brendan Gerard entail?

Fucking anything. (laugher) I Don’t know.

You should plug yourself in this interview:
Hi, I’m Brendan Gerard and I drink a lot. I’ll show up late and I have really shitty tattoos, but the customers seem to love me.


Strange Break at Big Bear

Welcome to Big Bear, snowboard spring break capital of the WORLD! Strange Brew was there, as was Ryan Curtin, the Cats of Anarchy and even the Phar North kids. If you missed out, don’t worry, they all had video cameras. Well actually, the Cats recorded the whole thing on snap chat, so that’s gone forever.

Riders in Order of appearance: Ian Daly, Andy Latterner, Brandon Douglas, Pete Hodgins, Danny Kern, Brady Lem, Alex Fuzie, Alex Daoussis “Scoli”, Craig Cameron, Tommy Gesme.
Film & Edit: Danny Kern

On Donuts and Biscuits

Pretty sure those are next year’s boards. These guys are TOTALLY sponsored.

Featuring Ryland West, Roger Post, Peter Whitehead, Tilghman Wendel and Niko Nakamura. Shot by Tilghman and Stacey Alonzo. Edit by Tilghman.

SPRING BREAK! Mt. Bachelor Expedition

Check out the latest video offering by the Spring Break Snowboards crew, featuring COMUNE snowboarders Ben Rice, Eric Messier, and COMUNE art director Corey Smith.

Filmed and edited by COMUNE/Drop City contributor Kevin Castanheira.

Spring Break Snowboards were conceived as a vacation from conventional board design where the looser the shape of the deck and more uncommon the ingredients translates to more flavor being brought to the party. Corey Smith is the mad scientist behind Spring Break and each handmade creation is a study in abstract descent theory. Check out this documentation of the latest Spring Break test expedition from Mt. Bachelor, OR.

Music: “Black Water” by Timbre Timbre Read more

Spring Break THE MOVIE

They might not have been able to beat the Yawgoons, but they sure as hell know how to have a good time. Lick the Cat presents: SPRING BREAK!!!
featuring… ben bilodeau, griffin siebert, sage kotsenburg, max warbington, gus warbington, blake paul, sam taxwood, jordan morse, dylan thompson, pat the man raichur, fraher, jackie taylor, and friends!!!!!

created by jeremy thornburg and tre squad

Make Friends or Die!

Spring Break with Make Friends.