Toeside Terrors Test: 2013 Salomon Powder Snake

Sometimes our powder hound friend Mr. Anonymous likes to hit the park as well, and the Salomon Powder Snake is the perfect stick for the job.

Pros: Very flexible, extremely versatile, easy to maneuver and press.

Cons: We were given a 147 and told it would be fine, but for a 6-foot superhero it was way too small. Riding switch is also an issue.


Rumorator Finds His Spirit Animal

When Greg aka the Rumorator decided he would be joining us at SIA, he had only one appointment set: with Spirit Hoods. When he returned from the meeting, Grizzly Bear hood in hand, gotta say, we were all a little jealous. In fact, I stole it and wore it around for the rest of the show. It was a real conversation starter. But Greg insisted on taking the hood back to Milwaukee and giving it a proper review, which just turned up. We’re still not sure if they’re serious with these things, but we do know a portion of every sale goes to benefit the animal it represents. If you’re inspired to find your own spirit animal, visit