YoBeat Sweatshirts Now in the STORE!


You didn’t ask for it specifically, but we are so in touch with our readership we clearly know that you have been dying to get your hands on a YoBeat sweatshirt. Good news! We’re making some and YOU can buy them. We now officially have two styles in our store for you to choose from. Each sweatshirt ordered will be hand printed (by machine) by Ink Brigade and then hand delivered to your door by the post office, because we support America!

For those of you who enjoy hoods, we present the zip hoodie:


Notice how warm and comfortable it looks. We made the logo big cause that’s what’s cool in snowboarding. If you want one, you can order it here:

For those who prefer a crew so they can wear it over a collared shirt and look as hip as possible, we are making one of those too:


By popular request, these sweatshirts will be printed on fitted crew sweatshirts, and feature the classic YoBeat logo in classic YoBeat red. Order yours here:

Please note: Sweatshirts are expensive to make and we are probably more poor than you. We’ll be running preorders for a week to raise the funds to get them printed. This means if you want one, you need to order it now. Right now! If you lag, we won’t make your size, and you’ll be shit outta luck. The real things will look way sweeter than these artist renderings.