Firing Squad: Dominic Palarchio vs Hunter Gulan

A midwest super photo show down. Make someone's dreams come true and vote!

Firing Squad: Tommy Larragueta vs Brad Torchia

Tweaking grabs and tweaking colors in this week's photography battle!

Firing Squad: March/April Champions Battle

Which photo will be immortalized in the Champions Gallery this month?

Firing Squad: Erik Hostetler vs Riley Snyder

A photo battle of epic proportions!

Firing Squad: January Champions Battle

After a month of inconsequential battles, this one actually matters.

Firing Squad: December Champions Battle

Vote for you who think deserves a Burton Camera pack under the tree this year.

Firing Squad: Jay Cagney vs Rhys Logan

A super spooky slasher battle, just in time for Halloween. Vote!

Behind the Shot: Ben Birk

Congrats on winning, now tell us about this shot!

Firing Squad: Ben Birk vs Patrick Ryan

The super exciting return of the weekly Firing Squad photo battles! VOTE!

Mammoth Mondays: Spring Pipe

Shayne Pospisil and Ben Ferguson take advantage of the slushy, but not too slushy pipe at Mammoth