Lord Have Mertzy on Hump Day

Sean Genovese catches up with the man behind the lens.

Monster Children Catches up with Cole Barash

Where is "the main man in snowboard photography" now.

The Getty Guide to Snowboard Photography

6 Steps to Epic Snowboard Photos

The Firing Squad Will Return!

The weekly Firing Squad photo battles are one of our longest running features, and after years of hard work, we decided it needed a little vacation. But don't worry photography fans! It will return soon with a bit of a facelift and if you…

Andy Wright: Open Shutter Part 2

If you haven't seen a shot by Andy...chances are, you could be blind.

Firing Squad: Summer Shred!

A battle of summer snowboard photography for your voting pleasure!

Firing Squad: May 10, 2011

So, I dig Polish food. Really, it's my favorite. It seems that I also dig Polish snowboard photography because our last few challenge photos have all been from Polish photographers. My guess is that all the North American guys are holding onto…

Firing Squad: May 3, 2011

According to the elite pro snowboarders of Utah there are really only two acceptable directions you can allow your snowboard to touch and stay a rail: 90 or 180 degrees. Fortunately, not all of our readers are cliqued-out chest-waxing Mormon…

Check out

East Coast-based photo guy Mike Azevedo just launched and would like for more than four people to look at it. While that may be asking a lot, we think he is a pretty alright guy, who takes some pretty alright photos, so we…

Behind the Shots: Kiker, Hart and Hostetler

Doing a weekly feature on the Internet is cool and all, since it's regular contents and you people seem to expect daily damn updates, but sometimes, you realize three weeks have gone by instead of one. That is definitely the case with these…