Keir Dillon Makes Peace with his FRENDS on Hump Day

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"Even if you look at FRENDS from day one. Action sports, youth lifestyle and then morphing into a women’s fashion company. You can only control things so much."

Industry and Community - A 2017 Tradeshow Recap

Paul Bourdon attends his first snowboard tradeshow, and takes you inside the newly launched Parts & Labor.

ReTales: A Conversation with Justin Clapick of Solstice Supply

Pretty often people will look at the decline in the snowboard industry and start waving the "shop local" flag to try and turn back the slow inevitable march towards "core" brands being available at WalMart. We've been that person. A couple times.…

So You Lost Your Job in the Snowboard Industry...

The goal is to just keep snowboarding

How To Get OUT of the Snowboard Industry

Plenty has been written about how to get your foot in the door in snowboarding, but everyone knows the true path to industry success is starting a blog, so no need to write another story about that. No, this story is for those people who’ve…