Which Mt Hood Pass Should You Buy? – Mt Hood Meadows vs Fusion Pass

To buy a Fusion pass or a Meadows Pass is a question debated every year by Portland residents new and old alike. And there’s no right answer. With three resorts to choose from, and a list of pass options a mile long, the only thing we can definitively say is you definitely should by a pass. With Portland’s dark and gloomy winter looming, this $500ish dollar investment is guaranteed to make your life in the Rose City better, while incentiveizing you to actually go snowboarding. Just trust us on this one – when the snow flies the mountain gets further away (in time, not distance) and all of a sudden getting drunk every night at Reel Em In, skateboarding, going to art shows, watching netflix, etc – sounds way more fun than doing dawn patrol with every other asshole who has their schedule set so they can skip out of work on powder days.

If you’re trying to get max days without splitting/hiking/snowmobiling, there are two main options and we’re tossing a third, more complicated, but comparably priced option, because we’re nice like that.

In bounds at Meadows, lift accessible and every bit as amazing as it looks. 

Meadows Unlimited Pass $549

Summary: For the powder hound who’s concerned with logging vertical and getting wicked extreme, Meadows is preferable. There’s more trees, more steeps, and a network of lifts that move people around fairly quickly, even on the most crowded days.

-Steeper steeps and deeper deeps – and with several high speed quads that take you off in every direction, it’s possible to find something worth riding any day of the week, any time of the day.
-Sweet pros, young and old. Wanna see the best freeriding go down infront of your eyes? Post up at the bottom of Rock Gardens on Shooting Star on a deep pow day and watch guys like Colin Langlois, Johnnie Paxson, Ahmon Stamps, Nick Dirks and more send it off features that are at least worthy of a web edit clip!
-Sick trees – Meadows has the monopoly on wide open old growth forests that are easily accessible from the chairlifts with almost no insider knowledge.
-Exchange deals: Get five day tickets at Mt. Baker, three at Steamboat and 25% off at Big White FULL DETAILS
-Legit night riding – There’s a ton of terrain that you can access under the lights (or next to them.)

An average pow day at Meadows. 


-Cool guys/Pow Hounds. Don’t be surprised if you get elbowed in the lines or yelled at for scraping the snow off the landing. The Meadows crowd tends to be a bit more aggro when it comes to “getting some.”
It’s further from Portland. Depending on if the state of Oregon can figure out how to fix the recently burned out gorge to prevent the inevitable mudslides in time, there’s a good chance I-84 will be closed for some of the winter. If this happens, the traffic on route 26 will increase and with no other way around, you’re stuck sitting in it for longer to get to Meadows than Timberline. However, if you live in Hood River/East of Mt. Hood, this isn’t an issue and you should disregard this statement.

The view from Ski Bowl is the stuff Mastercard ads are made of. 

Fusion Pass

This pass will get you full access to Timberline and Ski Bowl and for the casual enthusiast living in Portland (or anywhere west of Mt. Hood) this means shorter drive times and the potential for double pow days by hitting Timberline in the morning, Charlie’s Mountain View in the afternoon, and Ski Bowl at night.

This view when you come around the last corner on the Timberline road never gets old – and it’s WAY more impressive IRL. 

Pros: Way mellower. Rumor has it, on a busy day Timberline sells 1/4 of the tickets of Mt. Hood Meadows because of an agreement with the US Forest Service. Even if the parking lot is full, the trails won’t be.
Amazing parks. The Timberline Parks stuff does a great job keeping multiple parks in solid riding shape – a serious feat given the amount of snow that falls through the season on Mt. Hood.
Access to the best terrain not actually on Mt. Hood. Ski bowl lies in the foothills and the lower elevation.
Fewer ag-bros. Yeah, there’s a bit of the park kid vibe if you’re trying to lap the mega booters in the Timberline park, but for the most part, Timberline and Ski Bowl attract more casuals, and the people who ride there are mostly concerned about having fun, not showing off their sick gear. In fact, if you’ve got a boner for vintage gear you’ll probably run into some real gems in the lines at either of these two resorts that people are riding them totally non-ironically.
-Ski Bowl has a rope tow park. Many a mitten has been destroyed and many a movie has been filmed on this short stretch of terrain.
-Awesome mid-mountain bars. Timberline has a hut serving tacos and tall boys and Ski Bowl has a midmountain lodge that’s steeped in history. Or if you’d rather, the Beer stube at the base serves a minty booze hot chocolate that’ll knock you on your ass and the nachos that were the inspiration for Airblaster’s Nacho Mountain.
-Part of the Powder Alliance. This means your Fusion pass not only enables you to not only ride all of its amazing terrain, but also gets four days at places like Mt. Baker, Bogus Basin and more. See the full list here.

Forget to wax or lift up your nose when it dumps at Timberline – this could be you.

-Timberline is “flat.” The topograpy of the resort means you will be traversing from lift to lift. When there’s more than 4 inches of snow, you’ll spend as much time digging out as riding. And while there are steep sections if you know where you’re going – your chances of happening across them by pure dumb luck are much slimmer.
-Just because it’s snowing at Timberline, doesn’t mean it is at Ski Bowl. It might be rain, rain and more rain. Hell, there have been years Ski Bowl has barely opened at all. But NOAA and all the other predictors are saying the 2017/18 season is gonna be a good one, so cross those fingers, fools!

Joey Carnera, on a rare sunny day on the Magic Mile. 

THE WILD CARD – A Ski Bowl Night Pass (TBA ~ $149) + a Meadows 5 ($299) or 10-time Pass ($409) + Timberline Spring pass (TBA ~ $99-119)

If you’re an “average boarder” with a 9-5 job, this is the combo that will guarantee you the most riding and the best combo of all of the above. It’s totally doable to work a full day, go home, get your gear and hit Ski Bowl post rush hour for three solid hours of riding. Adding the Meadows 10x pass gives you the option to ditch work any time there’s a day worth ditching for – which let’s be real, if you do more than 10 times, you’re probably gonna get fired anyway. And finally the spring pass gives ya access to Timberline parks when they’re the best. And the best part – you get the spread out the cost throughout the entire season.



Anyway you go, you’re going to be glad you bought a pass – maybe not when your alarm goes off at 5 am on a pow day, but definitely when you’re exploring the nooks and crannies of Mt. Hood with epic pow hitting you in the face with every other turn. And you have until November 5th to decide. Whatever you go for, don’t forget to buy your annual snow park permit – it’s required to park in either lot and the $25 one-time investment will pay for itself the first time you don’t get a citation from the man.

Board Over Brains: Paradise Island S2E4

Boarders take to Mt. Hood’s Ski Bowl in search of rope tow action. Featuring: Tanner Seymore, Andy Glader, Casey Mitchell, Ty, Taylor Rydman, Griffin Frigaard, Conor Carroll, Colton Carroll

Artist: Lover Boy Song: Turn Me Loose

Video: Cameron Weeg

Cory Caswell – Maniac

5 Things I learned From Jeff Holce the Athlete Today

See that little baby patch of snow? We boarded on that.

While other resorts in the Northwest such as Stevens and Bachelor get dumped on, Mount Hood continues to get shit on. Somehow missing every major storm from that has entered the Northwest, the slow start to the season has given me a chance to pay respect to the little things in this snowboard life near Mount Hood. While taking laps at Ski Bowl’s 8 feature rope toe park, I was able to appreciate a good day of snowboarding despite the shitty conditions thanks to one man’s wisdom.

1. The furnace room is the best room to live in on a cost/utility basis.

Why get your own room in a house when you can save on rent and maximize your potential for free heat? If you’ve got to live in a walk in closet, do what you must, but nothing compares to the privacy and heat benefits of the room/closet with the furnace. Disadvantages include living in a room with a furnace.

photo 1-1
Behold the glory. This is where the Athlete trains.

2. The best way to break in your snowboard boots is to swim in them

And once you are done swimming, walk around in them for a little while. According to Jeff, if you do not have a pool or a Lake, than a shower will work. When I posed the question “but won’t you get water all over the house?” He gave me a look that spoke the words for him “ya, so what. Fucking clean it up after.” True that, Jeff. True that.

photo 2-1
Indy Gap over the un- bow rail. I shot Early. THIS IS NOT BOOT GRAB.

3. The VHS/LoRes video style that has become popular lately was likely inspired by a skate video called Worship Friend Ship.

Jeff Holce really likes this movie and I absolutely understand why. The skating is amazing, the visuals are triply, and the music is trappy. I also understand why so many people have been influenced by it. As Jeff put it “No one really stole the idea because everyone started doing VHS/lo-res in snowboarding at the same time.” I think he wanted to say snowboarders stole it, but he never actually said it.

I believe this was Jeff’s favorite part.

4. You gotta face the action.

When I asked Jeff Holce why he rode switch every time on the tow rope, he said. “you gotta face the action.” He of course did not mean observing progressive tricks, if anything the lack there of. You know, The Dude in the T-shirt boosting a tindy off of the un-bow box. It was perfect.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.59.58 PM
Holce, Mountain.

5. Never ask a Ski Bowl Worker for a Zip Lock Bag.

What seemed like an ordinary request was met with the utmost hostility. “A bag?” she looked back incredulously “what do you need that for?” Jeff was just looking for a cover for his smart phone, his portable portal into the world we love so dearly. Did she think we were drug dealers? Did she have a poor association with the petroleum based baggie’s? The world may never know.

Other exciting moments include Jeff Holce filming a Joey with his GoPro and the Joey lecturing Jeff Holce about how to film. If only the joey knew who he was talking to…

Ilusive’s 80s Night Shred Jam Video

This event was at Skibowl and it was awesome. If you want to know more, read this!

80s Night at Ski Bowl

Glen Plake let down his mohawk for the night and just got loose!

The 1980s were marred by such tragedies as a severe global economic recession, famine in Ethiopia, the Eruption of Mt. St Helens, the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, the discovery of global warming, the Aids epidemic, violence and civil discontent in the Middle East, and worst of all, the granting of independence to Canada from the United Kingdom. But among all this turmoil, a brave group of radicals wore neon, spiked their hair, and gave no fucks as they shushed down the mountain in Lycra.

In the 80s skiers ruled! The moguls were perfect and snowboarders were not yet allowed to scrape all the snow off the trails at most mountains. It was a time of indulgence, spandex, fake fur, and oh man, was it incredible!

On February 15th, Ski Bowl celebrated this glorious time with 80s Night and Illusive Snow wear was there to put on a rail jam. Of course, since no one really hit rails in the 80s, and the locals were taking this very seriously, the real show was on the booter at the end of the park. There one could witness daffys, spread eagles and helicopters of all sorts. For one night on Mt. Hood, it was like the 90s never happened, and we were reminded of a simpler time, when it wasn’t about being good, it was about being AWESOME.

In the 80’s Gay Rights were entering the global consciousness, which make this mid air attempt at dick sucking totally OK!

The glowing crotch was one of the hottest fashion accessories, made popular by Michael Jackson, we assume.

With AIDS on the public’s minds, the ability to satisfy your needs without a partner became especially relevant.

Here’s one of those punk snowboarders! It’s amazing he can do anything with all those guns and drugs stuffed in his one piece.

Eventually, Max Warbington showed even the most aggro skiers that snowboarders can spread eagle too!

Someone else is making a video, so we’ll add that here when/if it turns up.

Ilusive’s 80s Night Shred Jam at Skibowl


Airblaster’s Singlecork Part 4: Ski Bowl & The Double Jump

n part 4 of Singlecork, the Airblaster family enjoys quality time up on Mt. Hood– even our extended family from Europe decided to join the festivities. Mathias Nesheim and Gerald Fuchs made the trip to the Northwest to meet up with Ben Lynch, Brandon Cocard, Erik Leon, Max Warbington, Tucker Andrews, Jesse Gouveia, Jackson Fowler and others for some fun times on the hill.

For your free copy of Singlecork, head over to Also, when you purchase a men’s jacket, you will receive a FREE CALE HOODIE!

Nick Lipton’s First Day Snowboarding (in a year and a half)

You may not know, but Nick Lipton has a big boy job in the big city of Chicago. Sadly, long hours and no car or shred buddies have prevented him from actually snowboarding since moving there in fall 2010. But this week, Lipton is back in Oregon for a shred odyssey, and we kicked things off right, at Ski Bowl. Here’s how it all went down.

4:38 am Calls me drunk to tell me he doesn’t have boots or bindings.

5:22 Texts to say he is officially missing 3/4 of the required gear to snowboard.

9 sound asleep

10 sound asleep

10:36 sound asleep

Finally wakes up on the floor of his parent’s living room in a Ninja Suit. Juno dvd menu still playing. Decides on night riding.

10:50 Starts getting ready to come over.

11:30 Tests out the Ninja Suit poop flap. Decides it pinches a little.

12:09 Finds boots.

1:20 Shows up at my house, dressed in snowboard gear, Austin Will in tow.

1:56 Austin accuses Nick of pulling a major Jarad Hadi. Nick disagrees.

2:01 Announces in genuine disgust, “you know what makes me wanna drive, hamsters driving,” in regards to the Kia commercial on TV.

2:09 New board finally set up.

2:16 On the road.

2:21 Stops for gas. Go inside to see if “any of his work is in the convenience store.”

Realizes he is afraid of trees.

3:05 Joe’s Donut stop.

3:13 Buys Sno Park permit. Has immediate buyer regret for getting the day pass, not the annual one for $25.

4:03 Debates turning around to go home. Starts dreading putting on boots.

4:13 Arrives at Ski Bowl.

4:19 Has been complaining about putting on boots for six minutes. Determines snowboarding is gay.

4:30 Buys a ticket. Has trouble affixing it.

4:32 Preps for stunting. Wonders why people need edges.

4:40 Maybe on the lift.

4:41 Realizes he forgot his gloves in the rental stop.

4:42 Sees bunny. Decides it’s all worth it.

4:53 First run complete.

5:28 Successfully negotiates his first rail.

5:40 Makes thug gesture and announces, “still got it,”

Filmed exclusively with my iPhone

5:55 Decides he and Austin are probably the best people on the mountain.

6:10 Realizes it’s only 6:10.

6:12 I tell him the high back of his Rome lady bindings is broken. He decides that’s why he’s probably not riding as well as he should be.

6:23 Claims back 3.

6:40 Proclaims this is the longest he’s gone without a drink since 2008.

7:55 Realizes he doesn’t have pants.

8:17 Wants wants to keep boarding. Is out voted.

8:26 Is really upset no one else wants to go hit the black diamond, but settles for margaritas instead.

8:30 Claims “only invert of the day” for his rag doll over a boulder.

9:13 Hits the breaks in front of Full Moon bar and grill (a strip club.) Suggests it may also have food.

9:19 Stops at McDonalds for a tide me over.

10:15 Asks “why would any one get the taco when you can get the super taco?”

10:22 Laments the small size of the water glasses at La Carreta

10:42 Discusses his own knuckles for awhile. We lose interest.

WORLD PREMIERE SkiBowl: the Movie

Mt Hood SkiBowl is the best worst kept secret in Oregon. Let’s just say it’s awesome. Connor Brown and friends set out to tell Ski bowl’s story at the end of this season, and SkiBowl: The Movie is the result. There’s been a lot of hype (in Yobeat comment sections) about this film. Now it’s here, so you decide:

Alcoholics and Assholes at Ski Bowl

“AA” stands for “Alcoholics Anonymous,” but I guess that could mean just about anything. Alcoholics and Assholes? On April 1st Atmopshere and SKIBOWL held a rail jam of that name on its world famous rope tow. After it rained every day in March in Oregon, the sun somehow made its way out on this perfect Friday, and all the Alcoholic Assholes showed up for it. “April Fools!”

No seriously, the event was a great success. And how could it not be? The rope tow is world famous and SKIBOWL set up some good lookin’ features with down bars and well, you’ll see in the edit. They even played pretty decent music all day. Awards were given out for huck your meat, best trick, and riders choice. All the sponsors hooked it up with real sweet gear. So kick back, grab your self a brew and watch this sweet edit with really good music and the best cuts you’ve ever seen in your life. Keep the fires outta Govy and get ready for April…. fools!! –Chef Ryan Falk

Thanks to all the event sponsors: Atmosphere, SKIBOWL, Thirsty Convoy, Rome, Yobeat, Hobo, Illusive, Rollic, Windells, DSImagery, Shred NW Magazine, POW, and the US Forest Service

Photo gallery courtesy of DS Imagery.

[nggallery id=122]

Atmosphere’s AA Meeting at Ski Bowl

Calling all drunks and soon-to-be drunks. April Fools day at Ski Bowl, it’s time to start your recovery. Here’s the official word on the set up for the AA Meeting from the crew at Atmosphere. “We will have a the down flat down from Windells that will run through the middle of a 12-stair step. (This feature is called our 12 step program. On the other side of the stairs will be a stepdown wallride thing. We will also have a box line for the kids.” In other words, this will be way more fun than a real AA meeting.


DecemBEARD at Ski Bowl

NBC’s cameras may have been pointed at Breckenridge, but the real snowboard action was definitely at Ski Bowl on December 18. You know you’re at a super serious snowboard event when the presenting sponsor shows up about an hour late. In their defense, the guys from Atmosphere had a lot to take care of, and some car trouble, on the day of DecemBEARD, and eventually they made it! In the meantime, the people made due with no announcing or banners, and a course including a couple boxes and log jam that looked like it was pulled out of the woods right before the event (because it probably was.) Beers were cracked, shit was talked, and people tried to stay warm in the uncharacteristically cold night in Oregon.

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl is like the red headed stepchild of Timberline and Meadows. It is completely accessed with old two-person chairs and on a bad snow year, it might not even open because it’s not high enough. But on a good year (like the one we’re about to have) it has some of the best terrain in the Mt. Hood area, and is fully lit for night riding. It was the perfect host for the event — mellow, small and apparently not super uptight about open containers.

Once the course had been adequately shredded, there was a requisite product toss and awards for such impressive feats as “best fall,” “best beard” and “best tindy,” and then the party moved to Charlie’s (or home for the under-agers!) and the night was capped with all the debauchery one would expect from a bunch of people who take snowboarding very seriously. Thanks to Atmosphere/Thirsty Convoy for putting on the event and Ski Bowl for letting them.

Now enjoy some photos from Drew Smalley/DSimagery

[nggallery id=108]

DecemBEARD At Skibowl

Skibowl. Friday December 17. Good ol’ Northwest fun. Afterparty at Chuck’s. Bands. Be there or be somewhere else. for more info.

Hump Day with Johnnie Paxson, yo


Portland’s coming up in a big way, so is Paxson.                                           p: Darcy Bacha

Sometimes introductions are really special. You can say, “Oh man Olympic blah blah blah redhead,” or with any luck you can say, “This guy has been in the game since your mom popped you out,” but occasionally there’s no point. In Johnnie Paxson’s case, he’s a good kid, he’s fearless, and with MFM as his mentor, this kid can only be headed in the right direction. Even Comune Art Director Corey Smith had good things to say about him, “For a Gresham snow-gangster, he’s a pretty good boarder.”

Yobeat: When did you start riding?

Paxson: Like sixth-grade or so.

Yobeat: Where did you start riding?

Paxson: Ski bowl (Mt. Hood, Oregon).

Yobeat: You wear a lot of jersey’s, what is your favorite basketball team?

Paxson: Blazers.

Yobeat: Who is your favorite player?

Paxson: (Brandon) Roy.

Yobeat: What basketball team do you hate?

Paxson: Lakers.

Yobeat: Where have you been this winter?

Paxson: Mostly in Utah and Oregon.


Late nights, big tricks, what do you do in July?                                              p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: How did you start riding with Mark Frank Montoya?

Paxson: Well, I met him at a party at Scotty Conerly’s house in Welches. Then Scotty told him I knew how to snowboard and stuff and showed him some footy. I guess he liked it cuz’ he was like, “Yo son you should ride for Sound son, nah mean son!” So I was like, “For sure” cuz you cant really say no to MFM, you know? He might shank you or something. So I got on Sound outerwear this summer and he flew me out to Mammoth the first week they opened to shred and kick it while he DJ’ed some party’s and stuff, it was sick. We’ve been riding and filmin’ for his movie since then.

Yobeat: What are you doing with that dude?

Paxson: We’re workin’ on the MFM and friends movie Hard To Earn and doin’ some web videos for and some other viral stuff. Oh, and I’m teachin’ him to play pong, thats a big project, fool sucks at pong.

Yobeat: How is your part coming?

Paxson: It’s coming along good, but you’ll have to check out Hard To Earn when it drops to see for yourself.

Yobeat: What is the gnarliest shit Marco has made you do?

Paxson: A tindy grab, blind folded.

Yobeat: What is the most uncomfortable situation Marco has put you in off hill?

Paxson: Sometimes he wears really small belly shirts with pictures of himself on em’ and poses around the house, it’s weird.

Yobeat: Your good friend, Technine kid Matt Guess, said you are always recklessly spinning and flipping off shit. Do you ever worry about snapping your neck?

Paxson: Not really I’ve been mindlessly hucking myself off stuff from a young age. Things haven’t changed too much except now there’s a board on my feet and there’s a little more awareness and thought behind it. I try to focus on landing on my feet and keeping the negative stuff out of mind.

Yobeat: Why are you so into backflips? Double Backflips?

Paxson: I don’t know I guess I like gettin’ upside down.


Yep…                                                                                                                     p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: What made you backflip bombdrop a three story house?

Paxson: I had never seen a backflip bombdrop before so I thought I’d try it.

Yobeat: Do you feel like it’s hard coming up these days without being on Burton or wearing tight pants?

Paxson: (Laughing) I think its hard coming up in snowboarding. I mean you gotta work hard to get on Burton, I think, and you gotta work hard to get into those tight pants. It’s hard no matter what kind of pants or board you’re rockin’. Unless you’re super bros with a couple of the right people.

Yobeat: What is your opinion on the importance of image these days?

Paxson: To me it’s not important, people should look or be however they want. It is important to the industry which is kind of wack, but to be expected, and if you want to make money in this industry you gotta please the industry. So that means wear tight pants, just kiddin’, maybe not.

Yobeat: How did you get on Comune? It seems like an odd fit for you.

Paxson: Scotty Conerly showed Corey Smith some footage, Corey put me on.

Yobeat: How do you like being a part of the Comune program?

Paxson: Its sick, Corey is a super cool guy and the team is really sick.


Poke hard or don’t poke at all.                                                                      p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: Last year Rome gave you a seat on the Magic Bus Tour, how was that adventure ?

Paxson: It was crazy one of the best times of my life for sure. We just shredded all over the place, from Snoqualmie, Washington to Superpark in Mammoth, skated a bunch, ate lots of sushi, I spent way too much time in that bus. Then I ended up driving it from Mammoth back to Hood by myself, it was sketchy.

Yobeat: What was the worst experience you had while traveling?

Paxson: Wow hard to choose but its between these two: Jocks that we kicked out of a party at Dirty Joel’s coming back in the middle of the night with baseball bats and braking fools ribs, arms, and smashing Corey Cronk’s teeth in while he was asleep on the couch and him not knowing till’ he woke up the next morning. Or when dirty joel, John Foy, and myself went out for a night of good times and some how I lost them. I got a ride back to the condo from the Redbull girls. They get back to the condo at like three in the morn’ covered in blood screaming and yelling help us. turns out they kept bar hoppin’ then got a ride back with some guy that was “sober”. He flipped the car like 7 times a mile from the condos in Mammoth. The guy took off and Joel and Foy walked a mile back to the condo all mangled and shit. They had to get all fixed up at the hospital but they’re OK now.

Yobeat: Where were you when the guys where beating your friends with baseball bats?

Paxson: At Dirty Joel’s in Tahoe. I think it was Kings Beach.


Award Winner… p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: What is the best fight you’ve ever been a part of?

Paxson: It was in Portland and we went to this really gay club for this girl’s birthday. These guys were talkin’ mad shit about one of my buddies and the girls we were with. So my buddies like come on were gonna fight these foos outside. I was like “OK” so I walk out to the corner to these two guys and they start talkin’ all sorts of shit and this goes on for a really long time. Then my buddy who was gonna fight never stepped up and it was getting ridiculous. Then they rip there shirts off in the middle of winter and start yelling,  “Were fucking Marines.” Everyone starts to leave but I couldn’t do anything but stand there and look at the main jock. I had never seen such douschness in my life. He sees me lookin’ at him then comes at me talkin’ more shit than ever. He swings on me and with Chuck Norris reflexes I block it and hit him with like seven or eight rights and he goes down, at this point the bouncer grabs me and the whole corner block was full of people, traffic was all stopped up and I could here police on the way. The bouncer knew I was in the right so he let me go and I ran out of there. It was cool.


Well rounded talent is hard to come by these days.                               p: Darcy Bacha

Yobeat: What is the worst you’ve ever seen someone get beaten?

Paxson: Lindsey Jacobellis at the Olympics.

Yobeat: When you aren’t snowboarding, what are your passions?

Paxson: Surfing, Skating, anything else that causes adrenaline, sketchy unsafe things

Yobeat: When does size matter?

Paxson: When you want it to?

Yobeat: What makes you nervous?

Paxson: These questions

Yobeat: If the world ended in 2012 like the Mayan calendar predicts how do you want to die?

Paxson: Eating Rocky-road ice cream in a cup, with milk, smashed together with a spoon.

Yobeat: Who supports you?

Paxson: Rome, Dragon, Sound, Comune, Dakine, Northern Alliance, Gleukos, Timberline.