Pat’s Picks #1


Pat Fenelon knows a thing or two about videos. He makes them for a living, ya know. He also obsessively watches them in a way that makes even the Catfish look like a casual enthusiast. So we figured, why not get Pat to pick his favorite videos of the week and then embed them. If you like stuff that’s awesome (other than snowboarding) then hopefully you’ll enjoy the following.

Hitchcock was a genius. “It became what we thought we saw, not what we saw.” Janet Leigh.

Brilliant Lakai commercial with Guy Mariano in Venice. Go vote for Guy’s real street too.

Jay-Z made me a little bit more down for Samsung with this one, and damn Rick Rubin looks cool on that couch.

This part is insane! Thrasher is always delivering the goods.

Miss Utah 2013 killed it!

Creative for Coal: Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens and creativity. Like peanut butter and jelly.