Site Check: Academy Snowboards

An educational experience.

Site Check: CAPiTA

Because awesome can't defend itself.

Site Check: Technine

Loyalty and sportsball.

Site Check: Airblaster

Awesome product, shop support, video games and fart jokes!

Site Check: DC Snowboarding

A yearbook full of memories.

Site Check: Rome SDS 15/16

Fuck yeah, snowboarding websites!

Site Check: Lobster Snowboards 15/16

The strange maturation process of the Helgasons.

Site Check: Arbor Snowboards 15/16

"Some kind of wood joke" and made-up team drama on the www.

Site Check: Endeavor Snowboards 15/16

Endeavor. Personally they showed up on my radar because Scott Serfas kept posting about them last year. Which is kind of funny because the first thing on their site isn't a picture but instead it's a link to their "about us" page. Which…

Site Check: Bataleon Snowboards 15/16

Bataleon. Everyone's third or fourth favorite thing about Amsterdam. They make interesting snowboards with interesting camber profiles, but let's see if they can make an interesting website. Right off the bat it's interesting that the default…