Venture’s Ode to Silverton

Take a trip to Southern Colorado to learn why Venture has chosen Silverton as its home base. Hint: It’s really rad there.

Venture Snowboards Promo

Although Morther Nature recently tried to wash Colorado off the map entirely, she failed. And if you like powder boarding and handmade snowboards that stand up to a few rock shots, you should be glad. Check out a quick promo for Venture Snowboards, handmade in Silverton.

P.S. 6: Horsin’ Around in Silverton

This sort of reminds me of my trip to Silverton. Sure, I didn’t have horses or much epic pow, but I did have an A-Man voiceover! Anyway, Hana Beaman and Gabi Viteri are skilled equestrians and just wanna have fun.

Dragon’s Frame Of Mind – B-Sides Of Life

Creating a collection of short films starring it’s snow team riders, Dragon has released the first installment of a revealing four-part webisode series, titled Frame of Mind. Featuring Gigi Ruf, Luke Mitrani, Danny Davis and Chris Benchetler, Frame of Mind candidly captures the seldom seen moments that inspire the athletes antics and interests both on and off the mountain.
In its premiere episode, follow Gigi, Luke, and snow icon Wolle Nyvelt as they venture to the Advanced Projects X Cabin in Silverton, Colorado, for springtime shredding and goggle testing with Dragon’s product development team. Sitting at 12,000 feet above sea level, this off-the-grid facility is where Dragon athletes find untracked lines all winter long while pushing the limits to help create technologically advanced goggles, including the APX and NFX frames. Brought to you by Dragon Alliance.

Respect Your Elders: The Lost Footage

For those of you who complained last year that Respect Your Elders was too short, apparently Airblaster has been holding out on us. Kyle Schwartz hooked up all the leftover footage and here is the stuff from Kendall Mountain Resort in Silverton, CO. Featuring Travis Parker, Josh Dirksen, Ben Lynch, and Brandon Cocard.

State of Shred: Colorado

Population: 5,024,748
State since: August 1,1876
Total Resorts: 22

Colorado is home to some of the top resorts in the nation. Even people from that Europe place come over here to stimulate our economy with their vacations and luckily they bring their hot daughters. Colorado has actual mountains: that get a lot of snow, that are steep, and that allow you to ride until late June some years. Colorado has it all, from a somewhat “big city,” to the quaint little meth towns out east, to schools for you to become learned at, and some sub par sports teams, oh and Coors. In my opinion Colorado is the best place to ride, and has the best variety of terrain anywhere. Does my opinion really matter? No. Did I write this little piece? Yes. So this is my opinion on the fine state of Colorado I realize that some people will disagree with what I wrote, and that is fine I don’t give two shits what you think.

Best of Colorado

Best Park: Breckenridge for jumps Keystone for Jibs
Best place to ride pow: Crested Butte/Silverton
Hottest Ladies: Breckenridge in the springtime
Best Drive: Winter Park miss some of that Summit Traffic
Worst Drive: Red Mountain Pass
Gnarliest chair: Storm Peak Express has a tendency to roll back a little bit
Best Vibes: Winter Park
Worst Vibes: Vail/Aspen
Best Bar: Crooked Creek Saloon or Cecilias
Best place to ride the actual mountain: Winter Park
Best Contest: Sol Vista’s rail jams
Best Shop: Satellite Boardshop

**There are too many mountains to list all of the ones in Colorado, these are just SOME of the best.**

Summit/Eagle County


The most crowded place in Colorado and one of the finest places to see rich Europeans dress in dead animals but who knows maybe you will get lucky and get to bang their hot daughter Anka in the poop chute. It is a great place to go if you are learning to Double Cork Ballerina move, or love standing in balls to butt lines all day. Breck is home to one of the stops on the Dew Tour, nothing brings out the true spirit of snowboarding like some Double Cork throw your body maneuvers. Going here on the weekends is a worse idea than yelling bomb in an airport. Conditions wise Breck can get some snow, however be warned that it can be windier than Hurricane Katrina some days, making everything icy and all around quite miserable. However this is one of the better mountains to ride it has a little bit of everything and their jumps are always on point.


Chances are you are not hip/ghetto enough to ride here. From several experiences here, this mountain houses some of the tightest pants know to mankind and the most thugging of thugs ever to step out of Cherry Creek. If you snowboard you are probably riding Keystone for their park, which is a good decision because most of the other terrain is nothing special. Oh and their jumps are built for skiers, definitely a jibbers paradise.


Like a more expensive Breckenridge. If you love traversing ride here, this mountain was built for skiers and it sure seems like they want to keep it that way. If you can get past the fact that you have to traverse every other run just to get to ride able terrain then Vail has a little bit of everything to offer. Oh and while you are there make sure to get an autograph and your photo taken with Internet celebrity Jerm!



Like a more expensive Breckenridge and Vail combined, with even more smugness! Many celebrities decide to vacation this little spot snorting coke off of porn stars and all sorts of fun shenanigans. Aspen is also the home to the Winter X Games, every die hard bro from all around flocks to this area once a year to watch some of the industries finest throw there bodies around for our amusement.


Winter Park

Video courtesy

Is one of the most fun mountains to ride in Colorado. Winter Park has the best all around terrain to ride in the state. They have a decent park, good snow, and some of the best side hits, as well as rhythm sections in the trees. (See Respect Your Elders.) It is also one of the only mountains about 2 hours outside of Denver that still has that small mountain town feel. As well as one of the best places to avoid crowds on most weekends, and one of the best places to go if you just want to snowboard and not be caught up in a fashion contest. If you are ever in Colorado Winter Park is one of the mountains that you should ride but you probably won’t.


Is known for its champagne powder, and excellent trees. It is three hours away from Denver, which means its crowds, are never quite as balls to butt as some of the other mountains. Steamboat is the location of one of the Colorado Mountain Colleges, which means there is almost always a good group of kids riding everyday just ripping up the mountain.



Some of the best terrain in the state of Colorado, as well as some of the highest snow falls. Silverton only sells about 100 tickets per day so it is never that crowded, and might be one of the best places in the state to ride powder. To see Silverton watch “Respect Your Elders” that pretty much sums up what Silverton is like.

The rest of Southern Colorado

Gets shit on with snow. Literally just look at some of their annual snowfalls. They don’t have long lines, and once again they get tons of snow. If you are looking to ride powder this area is probably your best bet.