Every Third Thursday's Camp Vibes

There's no better way to split up your day than a brand new episode of Every Third Thursday! Inspired by an all mountain survivalist sort of vibe, this board is built with some kick ass options and a surprise inside. So dig in, hit play…

Signal's ETT: Air If You Dare

It's Every Third Thursday and we're pumped! For those of you new to ETT, we build a new concept board each month to push ourselves in board building for fun and inspiration. So relieve some pressure, hit play and fill up on some good ol'…

Every Third Thursday: Fish Out of Water

Happy New Year and Happy New ETT! This month we find ourselves floating out an entirely new concept as we work with friends to build something totally unique for barrels and backcountry! So cutback on your workload for nine minutes and press…

Every Third Thursday Gets a Sweet Tooth

Mmm. Candy. This Every Third Thursday we find ourselves going way off menu. Oh yeah, it's time to throw out reliable and sturdy ingredients like ABS and Nylon and replace them with every child's favorite food group - Sugar! So before…

Product Testing with Jake OE

This is an ad, not a scientific/journalistic review like the ones Lipton does. But it's also a pretty sweet video of Jake OE riding his Signal Snowboard at June. So whatever.

Every Third Thursday: iShred!

We listened to the Steve Jobs audiobook on our recent drive to San Francisco. Normally a 10-hour drive, it took more like 15 thanks to a shooting that closed down I-5, and we got to listen to almost the entire thing. In those 10-mind melting…

Every Third Thursday Slasher Edition!

Just in time for Halloween, the boys at Signal are getting super spooky. Remember, when it comes to zombies, everyone could use an edge!

Signal's Every Third Thursday: G N' R

You really can't go wrong with Guns N' Roses. Signal builds a sweet ass snowboard for Duff McKagan and yeah, we think they're cooler now.

Every Third Thursday Goes to Holland

This ETT we head to Holland, isn't that vierd? Watch as Jake OE, Yusaku Horii and a few Dutch rippers slip into a tradition that has been part of Holland's history for 700 years. This board is perfect for the indoor domes with its soft flexing…

Signal Plays Board Games

Dave Lee and the crew at Signal pay homage to pre-Internet entertainment in this month's ETT. Let's just say this baby takes your snow dice games to the next level, and teaches you about how old people entertained themselves all at the same…

Signal's E.T.T. with Terry Kidwell

Before the camber and rocker debate, before step ins or baseless bindings, hell, before edges, there was Terry Kidwell. On this Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal Crew set out to replicate Terry's old snowboards with the help of o.g.…

Every Third Thursday goes Off the Wall

This Third Thursday Signal finds inspiration on their feet, and makes stuff out of it. If you like crazy snowboard tech, and Dave Lee's smile, you will find this quite enjoyable.

Signal's Big Idea

Ideas can be hard to come by. If you have a good one, it could score you a free snowboard and maybe even your vision in an upcoming Signal Every third Thursday. Read on: The Big Idea: Get Your Own Themed Snowboard Idea Built on an Every…

Signal's Snowboarding Boom Box

You know that's really annoying? Riding with people who are listening to headphones. Whether of the ilk that just cranks the tunes and shuts off from the rest of the world, or even more annoying, insistent on singing along with whatever…

Toyota Jr. Snow Tour

It's good to see that big auto still cares about snowboarding, even though the Olympics were last year. Plus our apparel department is friends with the dude doing PR for this event (and he used to have a Scion), so if you wanna "Ride. Win Stuff.…