Every Third Thursday : Pour It On : Urethane Snowboard

Pour yourself a cold one and hit play while we pour ourselves a new ETT! Watch as we get into the flow and find new ways and new materials to build this very different and very awesome Urethane Snowboard. A colorful episode indeed, and without a traditional core in this snowboard this one really sticks out. Boom.

Every Third Thursday: Shape Shifter Custom Built Snowboard

Today we drop the first episode for Season 6 of Every Third Thursday (ETT)!
Join us as Signal’s new Brand Director Billy Anderson gets his hands dirty and his eyes opened to the possibilities as we design a new board from scratch.

This season, we’re inspired by the state of our industry and the culture of our sport.  We want a bright and innovative future for snowboarding and snowboard manufacturing. It’s time to dig in!

11 Super Consumer Weekend Deals for Snowboarders


Another celebration of consumerist culture is upon us and since we’re so conflicted between our desire to #optoutside and #shoplocal, we’ve decided to do neither and just score some sweet ass deals on the Internet.* Because the only thing better than spending money is saving it! To aid in your mission to lighten your wallet efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of some places you can save some cash on all your very necessary snowboarding accoutrements this weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.45.57 PM

  1. Stinky Socks is giving 30% off all crew collab socks with the promo code YOBEATFRIDAY. Suport Stinky’s commitment to crews such as Yawgoons, Gremlinz, Trash League, Ninja Squad and Strange Brew while getting a deal. Now what’s better than that?

2. While you may have missed your chance at a discounted season pass (consult with your local resort to make sure) but there are lift ticket deals a-plenty this weekend, such as 3 for 1 tickets to Timberline lodge starting Sunday night at Midnight for 24 hours.


3. Meanwhile, on you can score a free Mr. Fun with any snowboard purchase on Friday. As if snowboarding wasn’t fun enough already, this revolutionary device has fun in the name, and everything is even more fun when it’s free.

4. Want to bring Homeschool Outerwear into your home? Well, you can get it there with free shipping on everything to any home in the US!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.38.43 PM

5. If you thought Banshee Bungee was out of business it’s because they were, but the brand is back with new lengths to fill all your friend-flinging need. Right now you can save $50 on 15, 20 and 25 ft packages on their site.

6. Dinosaurs Will Die is posting a deal of the day on their Facebook all weekend long featuring shops that have deep discounts going on DWD snowboards, so hit them with a follow and don’t miss out.


7. Arbor is launching the Iguchi Pro Model, which isn’t actually on sale but for sale, and is really an investment in yourself. You can pick one up online or at select retailers.

8. This super consumer weekend is also your chance to Get 20% off any Yobeat Apparel  through Monday with the promo code BLACK15, including limited Too Hard hats, DVDS and brand new hip packs.

9. And it’s Whack Friday at get 10% off everything on the site now through Tuesday, December 1st at Midnight.


10. Who doesn’t love ugly sweaters? You’ll need one of these for all your holiday engagements, and you can score 20% off with the promo code CONSUME at

11. And finally there are deals-a-plenty at  Get 40% off total order on Black Friday (Code: Black Friday) , 25% Off Total Order on Sat and Sun (Code: Save 25), and 45% off Total Order for Cyber Monday (Code: Cyber 45).

*Don’t spend all your money online, because many deals can only be found at your local shop! And shops matter! And while you’re there, make an insta edit for your chance to win a board from the Interior Plain Project. 

Aiden Hryciw 2k15: The Edit

With a last name like Hryciw and a solid set of snowboard skills, Aiden is bound for something. Who is he though? Fill us in A-man.

I’m from Saskatoon SK. I filmed this street part from Nov. – end of Jan. all in Saskatoon. I moved to Nelson BC in Feb. in search of snow for free riding clips but no luck as last season was a bust in Western Canada. I did some riding with the SRD crew when they were on their tour across Canada and showed them around Sask a little. I mainly ride with Nasty Slugz in Kelowna BC but also rode with Dave Rouleau from GnarCore.

Now that that’s out of the way, watch his part silly.

The Yobeat Roundtable: What is Relevance?


Welcome to the Yobeat Roundtable, a new feature where we pose pressing questions to the greatest minds and bodies in snowboarding in order to get some damn answers – or at least real opinions on the current state of Board World. For our first meeting, we’re discussing what it means to matter, or more specifically, stay a relevant snowboarder in this day and age of media overload. We asked:

The term relevance is thrown around more than ever in the Internet age, as just about anything can gain notoriety with enough social posts. As we approach the 2015/16 season, what does being relevant in snowboarding mean to you?

And they answered:

Ethan Morgan, Half German/half American Playboy/Bataleon pro: Being relevant is important to me as a snowboard pro.  Things have changed in Snowboarding, not good or bad, just different.  And if you wanna be a part of it, you just have to go with the flow.  Nowadays, you just wanna get your name out there so the world wide web can see you.  You could be the shit, have the best steez and heavy tricks, but if you’re not in that Social media mayhem program or not going to contests, you’ll get as close to just getting a shop sponsor.  Internet has it all connected, and has constant updates on what is happening in snowboarding and its different scenes.  So many snowboarding edits out there, it’s unreal.  It’s hard being relevant because there is so much Internet traffic.  So what * try to do is just be consistent with updates, bring out content and just try to get my name out there.

Danyale Patterson, Gnu Girl/Purist: Being relevant in snowboarding means you’ve filmed a memorable part.

Sean Black, Muscular Man/Arbor Marketing MANager: What is defined as relevant depends on who you ask. Relevance is relative and with so many channels of communication available to so many people on both the publishing and consuming end of the media landscape, relevance is harder than ever to achieve or quantify. I think what I’m trying to say is that Erik Leon is super fucking relevant, and everyone else to rides an Arbor Snowboard for that matter. Yeah…all of them are the most relevant. Oh, Stan seems to be super relevant too. I heard, “OMG thats Stan from Yobeat” just as often as “OMG that’s Sage Kotsenburg” last week while on Mt Hood. Both dudes are super fucking awesome so that was nice to see.

Sean Genovese, Snowboard Visionary/Dinosaurs Will Die Co-founder: Hustle.  Has and always will be the most relevant.  If you’re making an effort and participating… people will notice.  If you’re half assing it… people won’t notice… therefore they won’t care… hence irrelevance.

Chris Larson: Alaskan Hardcore/DWD Pro.

Isn’t trying to be relevant consist of trying to be unique and as irrelevant as possible?  That’s my take on how people are trying to shift their direction towards being what’s currently relevant.

Jake Olson-Elm: Minnesota Hero/Signal Pro: I think Lucas Magoon is the most relevant snowboarder out there, then it just trickles down from there!!!

Matt Heneghan: DWD babysitter/Newfie.
I think the key to staying relevant is being in the know of what is currently trending in snowboarding but not totally catering your trick selection and riding style to that norm. Incorporating some new flavour is good but it is really obvious when someone is just straight up biting something. Do your own thing but evolve in a way that makes sense to your boarding.
Fredrik Perry: Fragile human/DWD Pro.
Being relevant for me I guess is if you’re out there doing stuff. I mean, if you’re in edits and doing interviews and put out videoparts, people know what you’re doing. You can’t really force it either, which is good, but I don’t think being relevant is a thing people really think about. Is it? At least for me, just film for a videopart I’m hyped for myself and that my friends will like and also maybe, just maybe once not get injured during a season. Yeah right. I guess it depends on what kind of snowboarding you do also. If you want to win big contests you’ll have to do some pretty crazy tricks and do those every other weekend during the winter to stay relevant, for other people it’s enough to drop one part a year, maybe even every other year. For some, just make silly edits for silly boys and girls. I like those.

Jeff Keenan, Whistler OG/DWD Co-founder: For myself and DWD, it’s all about submersing in to the culture no matter where you are at. From travels to resorts and spots in Japan and Europe, to roaming through the local scenes in North America; riding and bridging the the gaps allows you to keep check with similarities in all Snowboard culture plus you’re able to meet more people and expand your reach.

Jonathan Macdonald: Bear Local/Arbor Am.  Being relevant in snowboarding to me  is knowing what’s going on in the snowboarding community, but you don’t have to follow the footsteps that everyone else takes. Snowboarding was/is made to be fun and that’s the main rule u should always have, weather your doing a quad cork or the newest euro carve. You be the judge on what you think is cool and not, don’t just say it’s cool because your homies said it is or because it’s the heavy popular thing. SERIOUSLY BE YOUR OWN PERSON!!!

Brendon Hupp: Indie Filmmaker/Professional Pessimist
Filming a video part, photos (in print), maybe an interview (in print) and not over saturating the social scene with your shitty park edits and even worse product photos.

Madison Blackley: Jib Gurl/Bataleon Pro. YOU THINK I’M RELEVANT?!?! Shocking since I’m not that cool on Instagram.  Being relevant is giving the people what they want, even if they don’t know what they want. I don’t know what is relevant anymore, being relevant is being popular.

Kaitlyn Farrington: Olympic Halfpipe Snowboarding Gold Medalist. Funny that the question is about being relevant because right now that what I’m trying to figure out…how to stay relevant and let’s say not be the forgotten Olympian :/ I feel the internet has just made things a pain in the ass because I can’t just be me to the full extent without getting comments like “should you be doing that because your neck” or the call/text “you might wanna rethink your last post parents might not like that”  my response is “yes I am drinking out of a red cup I’m 25…”

Signal Wants to Send You Free Stuff

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.33.02 AM

You know what’s better than getting free shit in the mail? Nothing. There is absolutely nothing more exciting than coming home to a box with your name on it, ripping it open in anticipation and finding something that you want inside. We get giddy just thinking about it. Which is why Signal’s Signal 6 program sounds pretty damn tight to us.

Here’s the deal:

Order your new Signal Deck. You’ll want to do this ASAP, but we will get to that in a minute.

You can choose with choose a model from the 15.16 line, or design your own. And you can feel warm inside knowing that your boards are handmade in America by dudes who give a shit about snowboarding and are doing their best to keep it thriving and interesting.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 4.17.29 PM
Want Jake OE’s graphic on John J’s board? You can get it with Mixed Signals.

Sit back and wait.

IMG_7700 (1)-335x317

The first box, pictured here, will be delivered to your doorstep shortly, and then once a month for the next five months, you’ll receive another box filled with all sorts of stuff. On the sixth month, your brand new snowboard will show up, just in time for it to actually snow!

If you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on a snowboard, why wouldn’t you want to get five boxes of cool, curated products on your doorstep first?

Follow @signalsnowboard and hashtag #signal_life. Seems like a no brainer to us.

ETT: How to Make Your Own Snowboard for Under $100

With DIY being all the rage in snowboarding, it’s only appropriate that the crafty folks at Signal Snowboards are on it! This month, they’re showing you how to make your own board from scratch, for under $100. Now, if only we were still allowed to use powertools at Yobeat!


SEGCOS hits the road with John Jackson’s team mates, Pete Cimmino and Tucker Brown to California for some slush, sun, and Summit night laps.

Follow @cell_aesthetic on instagram for super exclusive visuals and daily delights.

John Jackson Joins Signal Snowboards

It’s sponsorship season!

Signal’s Inexplicably-10-Foot-Long Snowboard

Mammoth opening weekend was a whose’s who of boarders (I know cause I skimmed a really long list of names on the Enthusaist Nework) and it was also the set of the latest installement of Signal’s Every Third Thursday. It takes awhile to get there, but promise you’ll crack a smile once Ian Thorley starts trying to slide around on this thing. Also, bonus points for the Drink Beer hoodie during the making of.

Gone Fishing with Jake OE


Words: Signal Snowboards. Photo: @jakeoe

Snowboarders love a trend, so when a group of influential snowboarders get into something in the off season, it spreads like wildfire. Think about it. In the mid-90’s it was all about Motocross and Golf in the summer. Every snowboarder I knew had a 125cc or 250cc and a premier set of Golf clubs they got hooked up with from a friend at Oakley, Quik or Salomon/Bonfire. It makes sense! Why wouldn’t any self-respecting snowboarder making a minimum wage off the shredding fill their spare time with other sports to mix it up? It’s a good way to stay in shape and sharpen the mind. But as budgets have shrunk and free golf clubs become scarce, fishing has become the shredders’ summer sport of the new millennium.

Jake and the boys in Minnesota didn’t get into fishing because it was cool or group of others were doing it. Fishing in Minnesota is a fucking birth right! So it makes sense when you see them out on one of the 10,000 lakes trolling and catching fish. Now it’s not uncommon to see Instagram photos from around the world and different snow athletes posting their fish of the day. It’s awesome and it should be a good reminder to all of us to get off the computer, put down the TPS reports and get out there and fish you bastard! Signal Snowboards asked Jake Olson Elm for a few tips on the art of the catch.


What’s your favorite fishing set up? Complete kit for a day on the water.

Medium heavy fast action St Croix mojo bass, best rod ever! The reel I use is a Bass Pro Johnny Morris signature series bait caster. I also have a spin reel set up with another St Croix Mojo bass but it’s a Medium fast action. I keep that in the boat for situations where a bait caster isn’t good or fishing weightless or crank baits! I’m a big supporter of St Croix Rods they are from Wisconsin and make really good stuff.

More importantly, I need an extra large Super America coffee, a galloon of water, three little ham sandwiches from the G station and  beef jerky!!! A must  for those early mornings!

What bait do you use?

I love trying to get better at bass fishing, so 9 times of 10 I’m throwing a bait that I’m new to. For the most part I fish Texas rig with some sort of new plastic! I’ve gotten really into throwing the biggest worms I can get my hands on.  They’re really fun to fish because you can feel it slither through the weeds and then it gets absolute smoked by an aggressive bite! If I’m fishing a spot where the bass are schooled up and feeding I’ll switch to a go to like a Gary Yamamoto Senko or some kind of craw! I’ve never really been into buzzbaits, but that’s my new venture.


When is the best time of day to fish?

On a standard day, it’s sunrise and sunset. But if it’s cloudy, stormy or real windy it could be good all day! By far my favorite time is 1 hour before a storm, but hold on – you’re gonna get wet!! Last summer my friend Joe and I were absolutely murdering beer belly bass just before a storm. We were catching fish constantly for an hour when all of a sudden Joe turned around and said, “oh god.” There were headline winds crashing three-foot waves across the lake heading straight for us! We held on as we saw them come closer. The waves ended up pushing us 30 feet deep into a marsh. We had to abandon ship to take cover making sure no trees fell on us on the run to the local DQ! We had a 30-minute window between waves of the storm to get the boat off the water. It was raining so hard I had to use a cup to throw water out of the boat so it didn’t sink! We also caught a few more fish before landing the boat 🙂 That storm ended up being the biggest storm that year to hit Minnesota! When I got home that night the electricity was out in Uptown and tons of trees were down everywhere.  Best bass fishing day ever!

How do you tie a fishing knot?
Explaining how to tie a fishing knot is confusing in writing! I like to tie a Palomar Knot. Its easier if you youtube it!

Do you have any fishing superstitions?

Hahaha absolutely!! if I don’t catch a fish aka “get skunked” I’ll jump in the water and wash off the bad fish juju! You need to start the next day fresh with good fish juju!


Let’s hear about the one that got away.

I can’t narrow it down to just one! I miss the “biggest fish of my life” every time I go out. Whenever I get a bite and I either set the hook to early or too late I swear that that was “the fish of a life!” Thankfully I’ve never had a fish on where I was able to see how big it actually was before losing it. If I saw I had a fish on that was the size of a milk jug and lost it, it would be followed by a lot of restless nights. But, that’s what makes fishing so fun! You never know if you’re gonna get it in the boat so its always a big rush. I like to yell a big “boyah” after landing a big bass to seize the moment!

Do you have any fishing pros you look up to?

Mike Thienes!!! I’m not really into competition bass fishing. Fishing to me is about being on the water hog hunting with your friends! Actual “pros” are stress cases, fishing to beat people. I like fishing as a group, talking about what’s working good and helping each other out to catch big bass. Thienes has taught me all the foundations of bass fishing and I’m thankful for that. He’s done the same thing with Bald E-gal videos, teaching young kids how to film video parts and giving them that opportunity!!He’s a true inspiration!

What’s your favorite recipe for your catch?

Catch and release only!!! 🙂


Every Third Thursday: Harley Snowboarding Adventure

The newest ETT is here and in this episode the rubber hits the road! It’s time to switch gears as the Unknown Crew drive us to build custom Harley snowboard racks and custom snowboards. Once complete we hit the open road for a spring ride and shred session up at Bear Mountain. Watch Kade, Nick and Buddy mile after mile show that true shredding comes in many forms. So hit the break and push play! This one’s wheelie good !!

ETT: The Ultimate Night Ride

Snowboarding at night is nothing new. Resorts have had lights set up for years. But night riding in the backcountry is something entirely different. On the new Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew figure out how to keep riding British Columbia powder long after the sun sets thanks to custom snowboards with headlights.

Lee and his team mounted a variety of LED Lenser flashlights and lamps onto the boards at the Signal factory. Then Lee and pro rider Jake Olson-Elm took the snowboards to Baldface Lodge to test them out in epic deep powder conditions, all while everyone else at the backcountry destination was sleeping.

Every Third Thursday: A Snowboard Turntable

Every third Thursday I think to myself, I wonder what the guys at Signal will come up with this time. And they never disappoint.

Dave Lee attaches a Vestax turntable and mixer to a Signal snowboard. After the team gets the wiring and sound all set on the build, it’s off to renowned artist MADSTEEZ for custom graphics.

The result is a one-of-a-kind DJ snowboard that turns heads when Dave brings it to the grand opening of the Vestax Store in Los Angeles. Mix Master Mike scratches on the board and confirms that it sounds dope. Then it’s time to test it on the slopes. So Dave and Matthew “Mizl” Yabarra head up to Bear Mountain in California, where they ride along to a new track from Mix Master Mike.

Every Third Thursday: The Speed Stick

Did you know when you snowboard, your speed actually comes from a thin layer of water that your board melts into the snow? Apparently it does. So what if you heated up a snowboard?  Would it be the fastest thing ever? Watch and find out, but we should warn you, all we have his Alex Cato’s word on this one…