Industry and Community – A 2017 Tradeshow Recap

Text by Paul Bourdon | Photos by Simon Arendt @thesimanmanmanimg_6027

I’ve never been to a trade show. Let me rephrase that; I had never been to a trade show. This past weekend I got my first look at two different takes on what a trade show looks, and feels like. Last weekend in Denver there were two distinctly different trade shows taking place: Snowsports Industry of America (SIA) and Parts & Labor.

SIA is the long-running tried and tested true show. It’s literally a city block of everything snowsports related from skis and snowboards to industrial capacity tuning equipment, and snow boogey boards. The sea of exhibitors is seemingly endless, continuing on like some sort of maze, or what I’d imagine the labyrinth of alleys and passages in some far flung destination to be like: around every corner something new exists. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from SIA, but I was blown away at the sheer scale of the event. The scene had a very “official” feel to it, and it was readily apparent just how much money funnels through the snowsports industry. It kinda felt like a massive snowsports-only mall, but there was no penny fountain (coming SIA 18?).

Across town, in its first year, is Parts & Labor. The brainchild of Steven Kimura (Owner Operator / United Shapes) and Joe Suta (Nightmare), Parts & Labor is noticeably more intimate. Taking up maybe 10% of the footprint of SIA, P&L is focused solely on snowboarding. No tuning equipment, no GoPro display, no extras. Just snowboarding.

When I rolled into P+L for the setup day on Thursday morning, the space at Cluster Studios in north Denver had a long way go before it would be ready to host the event. The infrastructure for the display walls were still under construction but everyone involved chipped in a hand or tools here and there to make something which the snowboard community should be taking serious notice of. The vibe here is decidedly more casual – and maybe this is my bias talking – more close-knit.

The show opened on Friday as a few exhibitors put the finishing touches on their displays. Visitors came and went in waves on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday thanks to the free shuttle service between SIA and P+L. I tried to talk to as many people wearing badges from SIA as I could to get their impressions on this “other trade show.” Everyone I talked to had nothing but positive things to say and most agreed that the more informal, relaxed atmosphere of Parts & Labor was a refreshing change to the feel of SIA. That’s not to say P+L is perfect. It’s not. A few people mentioned they wished the show were closer to SIA’s location, while some exhibitors were a little disappointed that the turnout of interested shop owners and buyers at P+L was less than they had anticipated, but overall the response from everyone I talked to at the show was really positive and it was a repeated sentiment that if nothing else P+L got the vibe right. For the first year of an event taking on the colossus of the industry, I’d have to agree that Steven and Joe are onto something with Parts & Labor.

Parts & Labor ended on Sunday as it began: with community. All the exhibitors involved with  the show sat with Joe and Steven in a round table discussion where every voice was heard. Concerns about the show overlapping with SIA were voiced. Ideas of how to improve the show for next year were discussed, as was our relationship as snowboarders with the industry in general. The discussion was forward thinking, and positive with an energy that everyone in the room could feel. Salty Peaks shop owner, Dennis Nazari said, “This is the re-birth of snowboarding.” and everyone in attendance agreed. Something special happened at Parts & Labor last weekend. It was the start of something different. It was a catalyst. It was an experiment; more than anything it was the snowboarding community at its best. I can’t wait to see what happens next year. For now, here are some photos by Simon Arendt from the first ever Parts and Labor. 

img_5795The first indication you aren’t at SIA: Weed sponsors (and weed friendly shuttles). It’s Colorado after all.

img_5809Dinosaurs Will Die.

img_5814Soul Motion. Powder shapes. Trending. 

img_5817Stone zone. It was a very “green” tradeshow. It was mostly meetings in there. And maybe some rolling. 

img_5823Common Apparel.

img_5830Powder surfers. Trending. Grassroots.


img_6281-2The Huron Collective. 

img_5840Moss Snowstick.

img_5866Stepchild. And the finest of beers.

img_5867A PG-13 Venue. SEE films

image1-1Stinky Socks, included a Yobeat collab, seen second from the top right.  Photo: Stinky.

img_5871Jones, Yes. and Now showed their support, and their wares.


img_5894Organizing something like this must be a Nightmare

img_5895Sure, there were some Hobos


img_5924Neon lights, harkening back to Vegas times. Public

img_5977An intimate, enviroment, less driven by appointments. 

img_5978Inside Parts and Labor Number 1. 

img_5993Schemes of the Degenerati

img_6004United Shapes, a product of one of the fine event organizers, Steven Kimura. 

img_6013Mark Sullivan appears to have been a victim of second hand cannabis smoke. 

img_6019The Industry roundtable, was in fact, rectangular. 

img_6020When you just can’t get a hold of any dental floss. 

SIA Says Nevermind to December Schedule

SIA Press Release
CONTACT SIA Media Office, 703-556-9020, [email protected], Media Center

SnowSports Industries America to Uphold January Snow Show Dates
SIA President and Board of Directors Address Industry Concerns

NASHVILLE, TN (May 19, 2016) – SnowSports Industries America (SIA) announces today the change of its recently announced plan to shift the SIA Snow Show and On-Snow Demo dates in late 2017. After engaging in comprehensive meetings with stakeholders and listening to members of the SIA community, SIA President Nick Sargent and the Board of Directors came to a unanimous decision that it is in the best interest of the industry to maintain the late January show dates henceforward.

The SIA Snow Show will remain an international event that brings all stakeholders of the snow sports community together.

“The focus of my first four months in the role of president has been to listen to the feedback and opinions of our members and stakeholders. The countless conversations I’ve had made it clear that a reevaluation of the schedule was necessary,” said Nick Sargent, SIA’s president. “SIA’s priority is to do what is best for the future of the snow sports industry and a shift back to the January timeframe was an appropriate decision.”

Today’s decision comes from extensive conversations with entities from all sides of the industry and an in-depth review of all possible scenarios at the SIA board meeting.

According to Bob Gundram, chair of SIA’s Board of Directors, and CEO of C3, “it is our goal to make the Show accessible, accommodating, and financially feasible to everyone involved in the snow sports community. Concerns about the initial date shift, in tandem with an inconsistent snow season, made it necessary for SIA to provide a new solution.”

In his first quarter as president, Sargent has openly prioritized SIA’s mission to further establish itself as a year-round resource for the industry, engaging as an active listener and shaping decisions from conversations had over the past few months. Moving forward, SIA, the Snow Sports industry’s member owned trade association, plans to seek out new opportunities nationally and regionally to further support the industry and its stakeholders in an effort to meet the changing needs of its members.

Dates for the upcoming seasons’ Shows are scheduled as follows:

2017 Snow Show: January 26-29, 2017 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver Colorado
2017 On-Snow Demo: January 30-31, 2017 at Copper Mountain
2018 Snow show: January 25-28, 2018 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado
2018 On-Snow Demo: January 29-30, 2018 at Copper Mountain

SIA Is Moving the Snow Show to December

The industry whined, and whined, and whined and SIA finally listened! January is too late for a trade show to have any value – and so they’re moving the biggest ski and snowboard show to December next year. It’ll still be in Denver though…

WASHINGTON, DC (December 16, 2015) – SnowSports Industries America (SIA) today announces that the SIA Snow Show will be reinvented with an updated format and timeframe. Beginning in 2017, the opening date will be shifted to the first Tuesday of December to better align with the current state of the industry’s buying season. The Show will continue to be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.


“This decision was made with great care and consideration given to the evolving buy/sell cycle, and an eye on the future growth of the industry,” said Nick Sargent, SIA’s incoming president. “The Show’s purpose is to preview product in the best possible way for retailers to make educated and effective buying decisions when they place their orders at the appropriate time. We look forward to the benefits that this shift will provide to the snow sports community, including our retailers, reps, suppliers and the industry as a whole.”

SIA, the snow sports industry’s member-owned trade association, is currently planning on a three day format, with show hours spanning 8am to 8pm, from Tuesday through Thursday.

Bob Gundram, chair of SIA’s Board of Directors, and CEO of C3, explains that “this very important decision was made with extensive input from retailers, reps and suppliers, with the 2017 cycle being selected to offer all organizations involved enough time to adjust to the change.”

According to Mike Adams, VP and Commercial Director of Amer Sports, “this shift is being made to serve the industry better by placing the Show in a timeframe that allows for suppliers to be closer to their customers when buying decisions are being considered. It’s an imperative adjustment, especially in the softgoods and expanding hardgoods markets, and one that keeps the Show relevant to the evolving state of the business’ production, buying and consumer cycles.”

The upcoming Snow Show and On-Snow Demo is scheduled for Jan. 28 to Feb. 2, 2016 with its Industry + Intelligence education day on Jan. 27. The Jan. 2017 Snow Show and On-Snow Demo timing will remain consistent, spanning Jan. 25 to 31. The new scheduling will set in with the Dec. 5 to 7 Snow Show dates in 2017.

Following the 2016 Snow Show, SIA will organize individual product category task forces, comprised of retailers, reps, rep groups, buying groups, and suppliers, to outline the most efficient and effective format for the Show’s preview process, On-Snow Demo and the regional order wrap-up events that follow. The resulting discussions and recommendations will guide the future format of the Show and SIA’s commitment to reinventing the event and ensuring a smooth buy/sell cycle.

Wait, why is the SnowSports Industries of America based in DC?

Rob Kingwill Named North American Ambassador for World Snowboard Day

Here’s an exciting press release from SIA about teaming up with Kinger for the 10 year celebration that is world snowboard day, but it begs the question, are there really any “underprivileged kids” left in Jackson Hole?


“The World Snowboard Day is a great world-wide celebration that SIA is proud to support each year,” said David Ingemie, SIA President. “I’m always impressed by the global scale of this annual event.” 

The 2015 event is especially exciting with the addition of the first-ever WSD North American ambassador, pro snowboarder Rob Kingwill. Kingwill is the owner and founder of accessories company Avalon 7, as well as the founder of the non-profit Futurepositiv, which helps underprivileged youth in the Jackson Hole area get out into the mountains.


“I am absolutely thrilled to be the first North American ambassador for World Snowboard Day!” Kingwill said. “I love the idea of bringing the global community of snowboarders together to celebrate and share our amazing sport through events held across the globe.  The WSD events will be a great way for friends to get together and kick off winter at their local resort, as well as to hopeful inspire others to try snowboarding for the first time.  Snowboarders unite! :)” 

Ambassadors for World Snowboard Day also include Gian Simmen for Europe and Wang Lei for Asia. Simmen is the first-ever Olympic Snowboard Halfpipe gold medalist, and supports the Laureus Foundation Switzerland, helping to shape a better future for youth through sports. Lei is a member of the Protect Our Winters Riders Alliance and serves as the president of the Chinese Snowboard Association.

The general public and professionals can register their events on the new World Snowboard Association website and join the global snowboard celebration. WSD will also offer up free activities for the public to discover snowboarding, share their common passion for snowboarding and enjoy a day on the slopes at resorts around the world.

WSD will again host activities including contests, beginner snowboard lessons, gear tests, demos, professional rider meet and greets, drinks, movie screenings, video contests, barbecues and more. All WSD events are aimed at discovering the joys of sliding on snow, share a common passion for snowboarding and enjoy one outrageously excellent day.

In 2014, World Snowboard Day hosted 114 events in 30 countries around the world. Since the launch of this international event nine years ago, more than 500,000 people have been able to discover the joy of sliding on snow and riding to the rhythm of WSD.  After nine highly successful editions, this event has become a must for everyone who lists snowboarding as their passion.     

To register events for WSD, go to the WSD website, click on the “organizer” button, then click on “register,” and simply follow the instructions. Free downloadable tools are also available to promote events including posters, the media kit and an event presentation.

Yobeat’s Year in Review – January 2014


My, my it’s been a crazy year here at Yobeat, as well as in the rest of Board World! There were sex scandals, exotic travel, foreigners with funny accents, a ton of dudes from the Midwest, and that’s just us! Anyway… because we have a very short collective memory and try to stay on the pulse of what’s happening in the snowboard world, we will of course be using our old posts to jog our memory.


We kicked off the year with a Hump Day with Denis “Bonus” Leyontev, who is cool, for a Russian. Yobeaters fanned their hate/love affair with Summit County when a questionable Bet You Can’t came out of Keystone. We got to go to Big Sky, Montana for the Smash Life banked slalom where Stan beat me. He would also do the same at Alpental, WA for the second stop, and win the media pool! BTW – Smash Life is happening again at Big Sky and Alpental this year and registration is open!

The 2014 Real Snow videos dropped, but someone would later rig the vote, ruining for everyone. Tim Eddy and Taylor Carlton went ultimate split boarding and it was really funny, but not as funny as skier nut shots  or the the lead up to the Olympics. Forest Bailey was crowned Yobeat’s Rider of The Year by you, the reader. Smokin added GBP Snowboards and Nial Romanek to its program. Ashbury tapped the Euro Market with Benny Urban. It was also a big month for snowboot boot brands adding team riders. ThirtyTwo picked up Jeremy Jones (the other one got silently cut from the big B recently, so no need to specify), Vans kept it core with Jake Kuyzk and Celsius grabbed Nick Dirks (ironically, while he was simultaneously getting dropped from K2.)

The talks of snowboarding being doomed really kicked with this article on in Outside. Todd Richards bitched out Bob Costas.  Shaun White dropped his self-filmed documentary.Strange Brew went to Trollhaugen and Yawgoo Valley.   I went to ISPO (European SIA),which I officially deemed better than SIA (but what isn’t better in Europe these days?) Yawgoons finally dropped their first edit of the seasonat the end of the month, and yep, they’re sick.

Seeing as we posted A LOT of shit and I wouldn’t want any one to have to read anything too long, I might as well spread these out a bit. Stay tuned for the rest of the year as I write them all week long! In fact, here’s February.

Don’t miss a damn thing -follow us on our social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat (@Yobeat.)


SIA Trade show: Day 1



After Narrowly avoiding a full cavity search having made fun of the TSA officer’s sweater vest, I found myself in the land of legalized weed: Denver, Colorado. Now, About this whole legal weed thing: There are currently 80 stores that accept “recreational purchases” so you still can’t walk into any old store. Also, you have to ring a doorbell and show your ID so it’s not a 7-eleven scenario. Some shops have ID Checkers bearing assault rifles, but the one I visited just had a girl with green hair. Furthermore, the weed IS HEAVILY TAXED for out of state buyers. I am talking $66 for an eighth of high grade Sativa. If you are medical patient, or have a Colorado ID it’s only 30 for an eighth, but 66? Those are 7th grade, I’m-going to rip you off with a bag of oregano prices.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 7.51.47 PM
Like a kid in a vastly over priced candy store

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 7.47.47 PM
Mandatory Bozung selfie at the Bozwreck Party at Shag lounge.

But on to the trade show, because that’s what I am here for, right? What I learned about SIA last year is that you see everything you care about in the first three hours and then the reality sets in that you are a prisoner to this retail kingdom for the next three days. It’s best to just embrace that fact, and and figure out which booths have secret stashes of beer.

But for those of you who are not here, let me paint a better picture.

Best free food: Tie between Darn Tough Socks and Vans.

Vans had waffles with REAL syrup, but Darn Tough socks had maple ice cream with bacon. Finding free food is a must when you are hungover. The food prices in the convention center are ridiculous.

Repurposed wood booths are all the rage


Matching uniforms are on the rise



Electric looking like some sort of hip baseball team

Lib-tech are in my eyes, the original costumed SIA brand, burt what the hell do I know

Vonzipper loves beer and sweaters.

Celtek winning the worst employee costume award.

Trend Watch: Minimalist back packs




Best piece of snowboard clothing from a non-snowboard brand

Just plop a “hail satan” on there and they would see by the thousands.

Other Important notes:

I saw Bozung smoking a cigarette inside SIA.

(Unlike last year) The music this year doesn’t suck! In fact, there are too many options! Tonight, the Filmore hosts Juicy-J, the expo hosts ASAP Ferg, and the Dead Kennedy’s are playing as well.

Thursdays at the office: Job Hunt

After being charged instead of paid on pay day, Justin goes to SIA to search for a new job. He also signs a contract that no one expects.

The SIA Party Story

For years I have heard tales of the debauchery associated with SIA. After experiencing it first hand, I will say that no story prepared me for the level of partying that ensued this weekend. Heading to Colorado with a list of ten things I had to do, I was one part scared, two parts stoked about my first SIA. I’ll disclaim now that I did not get everything on THIS LIST. But I got most of them, and added my own flare. Equipped with just an iphone and a little over one hundred bucks, i embarked on the journey. Let’s begin, shall we?


12:41 pm: Brooke gives me $100 dollars for the entire trip. I predict it will last me at least 20 minutes.

Nothing says responsible spending like airport beers.

8:07 pm:  Arrive in Denver. We go to Little India. The waitress spills a russian mule on me and apologizes by telling me I will get a kiss from a Russian. I ask her if she is Russian. She tells me no, but says  i’m cute. It doesn’t make up for the fact that she fucked up my manhattan. Brooke makes me pay for my food with the per diem she just gave me.


11:00 pm: As if this was any suprise, I check legal weed off the list first.

I get by with a little help from The Gremlinz.

11:30 pm: Signed a tit! I had to explain that if i didn’t write both names, it wouldn’t count.

Note the proximity to the nipple, Litpon.

12:07 am: “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Officially more stoked than ever on my soulcation tattoo.

It might take a second for you to figure out what is going on here.

12:25 am:  NUT BOMBS AWAY!

Great, now my nuts are tattooed onto the internet.

12:34 am: The guy who I nut-bombed catches wind of the photo and attempts to fight me. The bouncer puts him in a headlock and carries him outside.

2:00 am: Kick it at The Shag until they kick us out.

2:30 am: I think the Irish Snug was closed but they served us anyway.

This is a good example of a bad decision.


SIA: Day 3

By day 3 you realize that you’ve seen everything you need to see at the tradeshow. Fuck it, you’ve seen everything you need to see by noon on day one. By day three it’s really just a stupor as you shuffle between free coffees until you can stomach another beer. Between refreshments, you might even notice:


Spy Optic, had a knack for selling their theme a little bit harder than everyone else. Lib-tech had a theme as well, but i kind of feel that american flag pants and “bitchin!” hats are standard fare up there near canada.


Speaking of Lib -tech, I’m not at all surprised this was at their booth.


This niche board had some of my favorite graphics at the show. I’m pretty sure this is a woman’s board.It’s heady ingredients will cause a spike in the user’s hippie-ness.


Endeavor Archetype graphics. Also legit.


Every time i Think i shouldn’t be at SIA, i see these guys.

*UPDATE: Justin “Stan/Intern” Leveille Gets His Cherry Popped


*UPDATE: Justin will land in Denver tonight. You helped chose his assignment list this week. Check below to see what he’s got to do, and a few bonus challenges from you sweet sons of bitches. P.S. Rumor has it he said he has this in the bag.

Once upon a time SIA was a beacon of all things good in snowboarding. It was in Vegas, even though it was winter. It was debauchery at its best, even though it was all about work. People did things to their bodies, minds and souls that can never be forgiven, taken back or washed away. In a sense, it was a place that brought snowboarding together. Then, everyone became giant pussies and the trade show moved to the impossibly boring town of Denver, Colorado. Now everything sucks, the best party is thrown by the always cautious Burton and it’s cold as hell. But, this year, we’ve got a virgin going, and not just any virgin, but our virgin. Seeing as this is Yobeat, and we actually like to entertain and have a nice time, we’ve decided to throw this virgin to the wolves, in a grand sacrifice to the snowboard gods. BUT WE CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP. So, please vote up to five times below to help determine what 10 pictures Justin “Stan/Intern” Leveille must collect and post to Yobeat upon his return. If he does it, he will be rewarded handsomely, if he doesn’t, there will be public punishment. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The follow ten items won out. Challenge details can be found below.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 2.27.02 PM

1. We must be able to see your nuts in the photo.

2. If you can’t find Jess, only a man weighing over 200 pounds can be substituted.

3. “Real” tattoo means no cop-out, too-small-to-see, crap.

4. Not the top of some boobies. On the boobies.

5. If you can’t find Bozung, Matty Ryan can substitute.

6. The pro can not know.

7. Make it dirty or it doesn’t count. No pecking here, pal.

8. See Bonus Below!

9. Kids from Colorado, snowboarders without sponsors and anyone “broin’ down” at SIA are not real bums.

10. The Rockmada is a good place to start, someone else’s lapdance is a good substitute.






Rerun Week: Some Random Posts We Liked

We’ve slaved away all year in an attempt to entertain you by writing ridiculous things about snowboarding each and every day,. Some days it’s gone better than others, but either way, it’s now almost 2011 and we need a damn break. For that reason, it’s Rerun Week! The week we don’t waste our time creating original content for you to hate on, but rather rehashing some old stuff that at least we found funny. If you haven’t read these posts, then you’ll probably want to change that, and if you have, read them again! Clearly you have nothing better to do if you are sitting on the Internet the week between Christmas and New Years.

Jan 25th – Extreme Commenting!

One of the most fun things about running a website is the constant barrage of ridiculous comments we receive. Along with the help of Patrick Weiland, we set out to typecast them all. Nick Lipton sharpened his pencils and did some hilarious drawings that made it that much better! So, which annoying Internet troll are you?

February 1st — Guerilla Marketing 101

On a trip to the mall I discovered a GE refrigerator that made shaved ice. I decided to try and leverage Yobeat to get one for free. It didn’t work, but if you find the above illustration amusing, you might enjoy the story, and maybe this time, the right person will see it!

[media id=99 width=555 height=320]

February 4th – Todd Richards’s SIA Tour

The entire YoBeat crew headed to the premiere Denver SIA. We drank, we saw new products, and we reported. But the real highlight of the show was walking around with a Todd and a couple of his cardboard cutouts. Watch the video, you’ll see.

April 22 — Olympic Snowboarders Visit the Whitehouse

Apparently March sucked, so sorry about that. But in April, Nick Lipton penned what may have been the finest piece of snowboard journalism known to man. The Olympic Snowboard team really did get to visit the White House. Shockingly, we weren’t really invited to tag along.

July 2nd — Nick Lipton: Day in the Life

For the past few summers, Nick Lipton has been YoBeat’s eyes and ears on the slopes of Mt. Hood. Every year he complains the whole time and tells me I don’t realize how hard it is he is working. So this summer, I decided to head up to Government Camp and see exactly what it is Nick was doing up there. The results were quite amusing.

October 3 — How To Crash the Fall Bash

If you’ve been reading YoBeat for a while, you may remember when I attended Jake Burton’s Fall Bash and wrote a highly offensive story about the lack of lights in the port-a-potties. My story was quite mediocre, but the reaction was highly entertaining. Needless to say, we were not invited back, however, though the magic of the Internet, Jared Souney certainly made it seem like we did.

October 11 — How to Move to Utah and Live the Dream

We were clearly feeling smart in October and offering up all sorts of advice. This tale came to us from Scottie Gallo, a New Yorker who spent one season in Utah and in our humble opinion, did things right. He also has a way with words, so if you want the back story on the above video, you should read it.

November 29 — Party Time Nate’s Post Snowboard Gourmet

Official YoBeat Mascot Party Time Nate is quite the chef. Don’t let the fact that Peter Line beat him twice in culinary competition this year fool you, the dude can cook. We had a lot of fun putting together meals using nothing but fast food as ingredients, and Timbro enjoyed eating it. Just don’t look at the calorie counts of these meals, and this video might even make you hungry.

Well, that’s about it for the randoms. Be sure to check back all week for a walk down the memory lane of some other YoBeat sections.

SIA Preview Post


Yobeat is headed to the first Denver SIA, so check back over the next few days to see what’s new, what’s stupid, who’s there and if Denver can compare to Vegas. Below is our Preview Post, company names and real names have been removed so they aren’t alerted to our mischief.

Being on a media list can be a pain in the ass. Case in point, my inbox was flooded with random requests to meet with companies I had never heard of, and had no interest in, the month before the annual SIA convention. Rather than delete or ignore these messages, Yobeat Publisher Brooke Geery thought I should meet with all of them. So on Saturday, I will be booked from 11 AM until 5 PM, as companies meet with me to show me the latest from green technology socks to high tech race skis. I don’t know if they expect me to buy something, write rave reviews or just keep them company, but the email correspondence sure was fun. Here are some examples.

1. The first company to hit us up was a PR firm, they are hustling socks and plastic coffins for your snow gear. After ignoring them I received this:

Hi Nick,

So what do you think? Any interest in meeting with #$%#$ headwear or $%#[email protected]# travel cases? 🙂

All the best,

Some Girl

I agreed to meet.

Hey Nick,

Freak yeah! Awesome news that you can meet!

How about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday? You do?

#$#$% is in booth @#$#@.

Notice that she said “Freak yeah!” Gotta keep it PC in the PR game.

My response:

“Fuck yes I can meet at 2:30. What are we gunna do?”

She goes on to tell me some stuff, and is kind enough to let me know I might be able to try on a hat or two.

My Respons:

“ First off you can bet your bottom dollar i’m trying on some freaking hats. I love their hats. I even used to own one before if blew off my head in NYC. Anyway, COFFIN COMPANY? Sounds interesting to me. Airlines are always denting and bending my equipment, and I HATE IT! So sign me up! “

She let me know it “majorly sucked” I lost my hat.

2. We were then contacted by “the leader in ski coat technology”. They made the mistake of saying they might have baskets and a coat for those who meet with them.

My Response:

Heck yeah I want to set an appointment. Saturday afternoon is what I’ve got right now, so what time do you want to meet up. Also, about the basket, I’m staying in the Ramada Inn downtown. I wear a Medium size Jacket, and I prefer black. Have the front desk put them in my room. I’m really excited to see what some ski company has come up with this year!


Nick Lipton

SIDENOTE: I will be meeting behind a booth at 2:30 because (not telling) company can only send one rep, and he has the gear in a backpack.

3. I’m honestly excited about this next meeting, they said sexy and hot and what not in their email. The company is a female lounge wear company from what I can tell, and their whole thing is making chicks look like bad versions of Aspen housewives. I left two hints in this one, the first person to comment with the company name will win a prize.


I am always down with Sexy, Flirty, Fun. So let’s make a meeting for Saturday afternoon. Can it be discrete? I don’t want everyone knowing the fun I’m having while they are slaving away with business people. Can’t wait to hear what time we’ll meet up. This meeting should be, with a twist…


Nick Lipton

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SIA Part 2: Sin City Hookers

The Sapphire is the most impressive strip club I’ve never been allowed into. Sitting on the curb, miles from my hotel, I decided to hoof it home at 3:30 in the morning. After further review, it was a bad choice, but it made for a great story.

As I left the parking lot a cab pulled up, “…you’re in a bad part of town, you should get in.”
“No way amigo, I’m broke and I could use the exercise.” Taxi Guy, “No, really kid, it’s dangerous around here, this is where (some famous guy) got jumped, people get hurt out here.”

I walked on anyway, he wouldn’t give me a free ride, and it didn’t look so bad. A block later I realized that guy was right. I was miles from my room and the only lights within a mile were neon signs promising rub downs and special company. I had never seen such a cluster of “gentleman’s spas” in my life, but I had no other option, I was trekking into the worst of what sin city has to offer.

Another block and a big, swift walking, man took me by the arm and lead to into a dark room where two women huddled around a heater. “Hey big fella, would you like an athletic massage? Maybe a sauna treatment?” I wasn’t amused, paying for whatever they were offering would never be worth the herpes, AIDS, or whatever I would have picked up. But I was already in there, and I figured a quick Q&A would be better than going back into the cold.

I cracked a few jokes about the dangers of their occupation. One too many jokes and things started to get ugly. How should I know that calling their athletic massage an “undercover hand-job” would get everyone up in arms? Either way, after insulting the girls a few times the manager/pimp had had enough and I found myself back on the curb.

“Want an athletic massage?”-Employee at the Gentleman’s Spa (art Nick Lipton)

Luckily for me another cabbie drove up, “Hey, you lookin’ for women?” “No man, not really, thanks though.” Cab Guy, “What do you like?” “I dunno, In-n-Out Burger.” Cab Guy, “How about Russian women, you like them?” “I don’t think you get it man, I’m just trying to get home.” He really didn’t get it, and I don’t blame him, here I am sitting on this curb in front of an undercover whorehouse. His next question was a bit of a shocker. “Well man, how about young ones? We got 14 year olds…” No dice, I decided to walk away quickly.

The walk turned cold, if a pimp wasn’t hustling me, I was hiding my wallet from the locals. I needed a break, so I popped into the next strip club I could find. It was a good place to catch my breath, but once again the Gods were against me.

V.I.P. treatment! At 5 a.m. I was the only customer so all eyes were on me. I noticed Vegas strippers are cute, cute but deadly. Within two minutes a girl came to sit with me. Trixie Lollipop or whatever was real pleasant, “Hey good looking. You want a dance?” I hate that. No, I don’t want to pay you to sit in front of me naked, it’s boring, please leave. Can’t I just sit in a strip club for a minute? She was a real business woman though, “Well how about this sugar, for 400 bucks I’ll take you back there and fuck you.” Instead of paying her a king’s ransom to do things in a seedy booth I struck up a conversation. I learned that she had a kid, and that she could make her butt hole “breath.” I told her that with all the money she was bringing in she should set up a college fund for her little one. I explained federally insured savings systems and the benefits of giving a kid options. The stripper really appreciated it. I gave her knuckles and left. I wouldn’t go for the open hand slap, would you?

Back on the street it was time to find the strip. I broke into a half-assed power walk and chain smoked hoping to look tough. I have a feeling that I looked more like a male hooker walking around in a fedora and tight pants at 6 a.m.

Once on the strip I started feeling dandy. Two nice girls even offered me a ride home. I rolled the dice by getting in the car, oops, snake eyes. The girls were nice enough for the first five seconds of the trip, but then they swerved off the road and headed north. The driver looked back to reassure me, “Hey baby we just gun’ pick up a bit o’ gas aight. You’ll help us out wit da money right?” Damn, dooped again. Here I am trying to get home and these two girls are trying to hustle up money that doesn’t exist. The girl not driving gave me the pleasure of sitting in the back seat with her. She made sure to transition from shotgun to the backseat awkwardly, rubbing her ass on the drivers face in the process. Oh the arousal, nothing like a pock marked ass smearing some makeup, I scooted closer to the window.


Honestly more visually appealing than the actual event… (art Nick Lipton)

Looking down, my feet were resting on baby clothes, my heart sunk, but the backseat hooker had my back, “Hey baby I just want to touch ya dick a little bit, dat ok?” “Uh, no, that’s cool, I’m just trying to get home.” Hookers in unison, “What? You don’t like getting ya dick played with.” “Yep, you got me pegged, think we could get back to dropping me off now?” Backseat Hooker, “Baby let’s just go to your room, you’re being rude in here.” “Nope, fuck that, my boss is asleep in there and she’d be so bummed if I brought back two hookers.” Upset Hookers in unison, “WHAT! We ain’t no hookers, and don’t you swear at us.” Are you serious? Don’t swear at us? How about let me out of the car, don’t try to get in my pants, or maybe clean up your baby clothes.

“Uh, you’re for sure hookers, we are driving into a gas station parking lot, and you’re trying to get in my pants before taking me home.” I guess their cover was blown, but like real pros they held onto a good hustle.

Backseat Hooker, “Listen baby why don’t you go inside and get 20 bucks, you gotta get it out of the ATM so I know it’s real dollars, then I’ll get some condoms, and we’ll head back.” I knew I was screwed at this point, but I had to deal with the situation until the car stopped and the doors unlocked. She had one last offer that she thought would really stick as we parked. “I’m just gunna suck ya dick a little bit, come on baby, just go get the money real fast.” “Uh, what do we need condoms for? You’re supposed to just drop me off, this is bullshit, I didn’t sign up for this.” The car stopped and I got out with the backseat baggage. I took two steps towards the store but the hooker had me beat, she was already waving freshly purchased condoms in my face. A stroke of genius came over me, “Psych!” and I ran off towards the bold beautiful lights of the Vegas strip.

An hour later I was back at Excalibur, sitting in the shower. I had to get the baby clothes smell off me after all. A few moments later, I was in bed, under the covers, and falling into a deep and deserved sleep. After three hours of beauty rest I was back on the trade-show floor, shaking hands and drinking Vitamin Water by the bucket load.


McLean, VA (Sept. 3, 2008) — SnowSports Industries America (SIA) is proud to announce the winners of the 2008.09 SIA SnowSports Regional Rep of the Year Award. In its third year, this award recognizes those sales reps in the snow sports industry that have successfully fostered relationships with retail storefronts to help move winter sports products. SIA received nearly 1000 nominations for this accolade from snow sports retailers nationwide. Nine regions were identified for retailers to vote for the snow sports rep they felt most deserving. This year’s SnowSports Regional Rep of the Year winners will be recognized at the SIA Fall Education Seminars held in three locations throughout the U.S. Each winner will receive a commemorative plaque recognizing their commitment to the industry, and they are:

Atlantic (NY/ PA/ NJ/ DE/ MD) — Rob Haggerty
Eastern Lakes (MI/ OH/ IN) — Broc Johnson
Midwest (ND/ MN/ WI/ SD/ IA/ IL/ NE/ MO/ KS/ OK) — Scott Ladwig
Northeast (ME/ VT/ NH/ MA/ RI/ CT) — Brad Sellew
Northern CA — Craig Wingard
Northwest (WA/ OR/ ID/ MT/ AK) — Dustin Anderson
Rockies (WY/ UT/ CO/ NM/ TX) — Rob Howland
South (WV/ VA/ KY/ TN/ NC/ SC/ GA/ AL/ MS/ FL/ AR/ LA) — Mitch Chilton
West (Southern CA/ NV/ AZ/ HI) — Bob Stanislaus

Voting for the regional rep award began in late July with surveys sent out to nearly 10,000 retail storefronts. Nomination criteria focused on five main components including: relationships with retail shops; communication with retailers; proactively helping stores manage inventory; conducting shop clinics; and timely response to retail shops’ calls and emails.

The SIA SnowSports Regional Rep of the Year award is part of the overall awards program that SIA has continued to build over the past several years. Other awards currently included in the program include: the Canadian SnowSports Rep of the Year, US SnowSports Retailer of the Year, Canadian Retailer of the Year and Supplier of the Year awards. All of these awards will be announced during SIA’s Annual Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV (January 27-30, 2009).

For more information about the award and bios on this year’s winners, visit

SnowSports Industries America (SIA) is a not-for-profit trade association whereby competing on-snow product suppliers magnify their power, by working together, for the development of the on-snow sports industry. For more information, check out SnowSports Industries America, 8377-B Greensboro Drive, McLean, VA 22102-3587. Phone: 703.556.9020, Fax: 703.821.8276, E-mail: [email protected]