Shorts and Shades 9

Tre Squad goes back to Bachelor for the ninth gathering of dudes shredding in Shorts and Shades. Featuring: Gus Warbington, Max Warbington, Logan Beaulieu, Jared Elston (MVP), Will (Chett) Dennis, Stratton Matteson, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, JD Dennis, Destry Serna, Parker Gonnet, Conner Turney, Demetri Bales, Tyler Orton, Randal Seaton, Kyle McCollum, Trenton Bilesner, Van Allen, Tanner Annichiarico, Lucas Wachs, Wiley Jones, Nora Beck, Dready Teddy, Justin Sampson, Drew Brownrigg, Juan Baker, and the Minion.

Shorts and Shades 6

Shorts and Shades is an epic Mt Bachelor tradition dating back at least a six years to ride closing day in you guessed it, shorts and shades. The result is a epic time filled with super progressive boarding, or whatever. Watch it, or if you don’t feel like watching all 15 minutes, just skip to the end for the real action.

Featuring the ripping of: Austin Ford, Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Lucas Wachs, Will Dennis, Justin Sampson, Jake Foster, Alex Lopez, Jordan Rymer, Desiree Melancon, Tanner Annichiarico, Dylan Craig, Kenny Strofe, Connor Turney, Demetri Bales, and some legendary dude on a lamar board.

Filmed by Max Warbington & friends. Edited by Max & Gus Warbington

Shorts and Shades: Brighton

It’s the second day of training for the annual Shorts and Shades at Mt. Bachelor. We’re expecting big things on May 27th, but got now, enjoy some more skin from the boys in Utah.

Featuring: sam taxwood, spencer schubert, jesse gouveia, erik nielsen, nils mindnich, justin clark, blake geis and friends.

Shorts and Shades Park City 2012

The season is officially over at Park City. Lick the Cat took closing day as an opportunity to train for the official Shorts and Shades at Mt. Bachelor. Just in case you can’t get enough lily white legs, here ya go!

Riders: Sam Taxwood, Blaze Kotsenburg, Ben Bilodeau, Blake Geis, Jordan Tramp, Corey Kembitzky, Cody Lee, Jeff Richards, and friends.

Shorts and Shades 4!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The real Tre Squad Shorts and Shades from Bachelor closing day. And on a Friday, no less!

Rippers: Lucas Wachs, Spencer Schubert, Gus Warbington, Austin Ford, Blake Geis, Logan Beaulieu, Max Warbington, Jake Selover, Dru Brownrigg, Zach Ferguson, Kyle Fischer and more!

Shirts and Shades Winners!

The Tre Squad deliberated and the winners have been chosen in our Solstice Supply Shirts and Shades giveaway! An impressive number of you have not only snowboarded in everything from giraffe costumes to birthday suits, but even more impressively were willing to share it with the Internet public. All the entries were awesome, but the following incriminating photos have earned their subjects Ashbury gear.

First Place: Two Ashbury T-Shirts and two pairs of Ashbury Shades

Winner — War Child. Clearly he needs some gear.


2nd Place: A pair of Ashbury shades

Winner — Austin Ford. Style and moves? Hell yeah.

3rd Place: An Ashbury T-Shirt

Winner: Robert Toast. Though too bad it’s not a Tall-T. Looks like he needs one, or a belt.

Honorable Mention!

Nick Poplawski- Surfing in Utah? What will they think of next.

Check out the rest of the entries on our Fan Page and don’t miss the 4th annual official Shorts and Shades party at Mt. Bachelor May 29th. Thanks to Solstice Supply for hooking up the gear for this contest!

Shirts and Shades Giveaway!

Shorts and Shades 4, Tre Squad’s annual unofficial Mt. Bachlor end-of-the-season party is scheduled for May 29th. To help get everyone hyped, we teamed up with Solstice Supply and Tre Squad to give away some Ashbury shirts (because they don’t make shorts) and shades. To win, we want you to get in the Shorts and Shades spirit with a photo of you snowboarding in shorts, or some other attire that only comes out in this season of pond skims and sunny park days. The winners will be chosen based on the value of absurdity, humor and pure joy by the Tre Squad themselves.

To Enter:

-Find a photo of yourself snowboarding in inappropriate attire (shorts, bikinis, jester hats, Shaun White’s outerwear line) and post it on our Facebook wall. If you don’t have a photo, we will also accept an illustration, as long as it makes us laugh.
-We will be accepting entries until May 18th, 2011.


1st Place: Two Ashbury T-Shirts and two pairs of Ashbury Shades
2nd Place: A pair of Ashbury shades
3rd Place: An Ashbury T-Shirt

Shorts and Shades 4 is open to all! For more info or to RSVP go here:!/event.php?eid=111935038892597

Post your entry here:!/yobeatdotcom

This giveaway is brought to you by Solstice Supply.