$250 Can Buy A Grom Lots of Candy

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Neff Shooting Star entries are coming to a close March 5th!!!

Should Luci Imbach win $500?

Neff Shooting Star entries are coming to a close March 1!!!

It's On at Meadows!

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Roxy Shooting Star Week 3 Winner: Alice Gorton

It was another week of fierce competition in the race to be the Roxy Shooting Star, but with proper tricks and smooth style, Alice Gorton of Richmond BC's is this week's Roxy outerwear winner and is in the running for a Roxy snowboard set…

Roxy Shooting Star Week 2 Winner: Stephanie Sue Feld

Still time to get in your entries. Think you've got what it takes?

Roxy Shooting Star Week One Winner: Michelle Zellar

After a heated panel discussion we have our first weekly winner of the Roxy Shooting Star Online video competition. Congratulations and kudos to Michelle Zellar of Frisco, CO, who's snowboard stylings can be seen above. Michelle will receive…

Shoot Your Way to Snowboard Stardom with Roxy

Hey Ladies! Think you've got what it takes to be the next snowboard video superstar? Here's your chance to prove it. Over the next five weeks, Roxy and YoBeat are giving away tons of prizes to girls who send us their best moves on video.…