An Eye-opening Quickie with the Mainstream

An honest view of snowboarding from the outside world.

Zac Marben Shoot the Moon Reedit

Volcom brings you Zac's part, reedited.

Dirks and Jed: The Re-Edit

Some footage from Shoot the Moon, remixed.

Will Tuddenham: The Remix

Some of Will's best stuff from the past few years with VG

A Quickie with Will Tuddenham

We humped Will a long time ago, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a Quickie.

A Quickie with Jed Anderson

We play a little catch up with the Shoot the Moon ender-haver

Under Review: VG Presents "Shoot the Moon"

Shoot the Moon is not mother approved.

Academy's Hip Hop and Boardin' Fundraiser

Academy Snowboard Co. is stoked to announce they’re throwing the second annual Fundraiser on September 22nd at Frontside Café in Auburn, CA. The night of festivities includes video premieres of Videograss’s “Shoot the Moon” and…

VG World Tour: The Edit

If you're yet to check out a Videograss premiere in a city near you, here's what you can expect (or if you blew it what you missed) from the Minnesota event. In the words on Justin Meyers, "Feel free to get hyped." VIDEOGRASS WORLD TOUR…

Ammo and Shoot the Moon, So Cal Style

ThirtyTwo is hosting a premiere of AMMO and Shoot the Moon in true So Cal fashion at its campus in Lake Forest on Sept 14. Yes, that means free tacos and beer, and it's open to the public! Now if only you could actually snowboard in So Cal.

Snowboard On the Rocks is Happening Again

Sweet bands, sweet flicks, sweet venue. If you're in Colorado, this might just be the best way you could spend Sept. 16! Check out Shoot the Moon, TB20 and Familia 2 on the big screen. Yeah!

The Videograss World Premiere

Premiere season is about to kick off, which means a lot of stress for me about people not knowing the difference between premiere and premier, but also, friends and epic boarding on the big screen! Videograss is kicking things off right with…

VG's Shoot The Moon Preteaser

Year three is a biggie for the Videograss crew. First off, they've got two videos coming out, second they've got Nick Dirks back from his leg snapping injury and third, they've got Shoot the Moon. This video is going to blow minds, I can… Is Live

Do you like videos of snowboarding? Then you'll probably enjoy the newly launched, cause there's lot of them on there, all gussied up in a better-than-blog format. Don't know about you, but I'm gonna get myself a nice frosty Monster…