Lipton Reviews: The Shaun White Gum

While on a beer run, we noticed the a familiar ginger staring up at us from the candy section in the check out line. Though hesitant to spend actual money on something endorsed by Shaun White, we couldn’t help our selves and picked up a pack to check it out so you may or may not have to! So, will Stride’s Whitemind gum make you snowboard better, faster and in closer proximity to babes? Lipton’s got you covered…

And next up, Shaun White’s entire razor scooter line!

The White Church of Fudge

******None of this is safe for work or young ones. Duh.

This week something very important happened: Shaun White brought a shocking video called “Church of Fudge” to the masses.

You see, as TMZ reported, White is being sued by former bandmate Lena Zawaideh for sexual harassment, but of all the frat-boyish, maybe sometimes immature allegations contained in the 76-page lawsuit, we found her allegation that he forced her to watch “Church of Fudge,” a hardcore porn “involving a priest, a nun and poop, to be most intriguing. Poop is next level shit (pun intended).

A few of the text messages described in a lawsuit against Shaun White.

Admittedly until this week some of us were not privy to the actual contents of “Church of Fudge.” I’d seen the name thrown around the internet, but hell, it could have just been a group of religious types who are really into candy. So we needed to look into it further.

If you think Shaun’s having a crappy (pun intended) week with this stuff hitting the fan, consider this: Shaun’s agent, Lowell Taub also manages Ryan Lochte, one of the Olympic swimmers Brazil is claiming made up allegations of being robbed at gunpoint. Taub has his hands full.

It’s been an interesting week for Shaun and fellow Olympian Ryan Lochte. Here, Shaun is asking Lochte if he’s ever pooped in the pool.

Anyway, back to Church of Fudge. It turns out, it’s a classic shock video that’s been passed around the internet endlessly. You’ve all probably been subjected to Meatspin, or Two girls, One cup… it’s in a similar vain. Something you’d send to your friends, coworkers, or enemies to fuck with them or gross them out. Unfortunately, some people are sensitive. Even drummers.

Encyclopedia Dramatica describes the Church of Fudge: “The Church of Fudge is a classic shock video which contains neither a church nor fudge. Instead, for two minutes the viewer is subjected to hard core coprophagia porn involving a priest and a nun. The bride of christ appears to be begging the priest for some sort of fucked version of holy communion, with the body of Jew wafer replaced by the priests digested bratwurst sandwich from earlier in the day.”

Gross, but still the kind of thing twenty-somethings pass around to shock each other. In fact, YouTube even has a number of “shocked reaction videos” showing people watching the “Church of Fudge.”

If you really must you can watch “Church of Fudge” here. Just don’t sue us. We’ve warned you.

All in all, reading through the lawsuit is fairly entertaining. And while there’s definitely a display of early 20’s, entitled, somewhat immature behavior, it’s also pretty clear that this comes down to money. Most of us text inappropriate things back and forth on occasion for humor or statement. Shaun was brought up in snowboarding and skateboarding, two activities where “being appropriate” has never really been a major priority. But let this be a lesson to you: Scat porn can come back to haunt you. Especially if you have money.

If you can pull yourself away from the above shock videos long enough, you can read through the full lawsuit below.

Shaun White Wins 6th Burton US Open Halfpipe Championship

With the sun shining and the 2016 Burton US Open Snowboarding Championship Halfpipe is incredible shape, the stage was certainly set for near insanity in the pipe – and that’s what the fans got. Shaun White (95.62) delivered massive airs, Ben Ferguson (88.62) and Taku Hiraoka (88.25) brought a combination of impressive style and technical tricks, and the rest of the field kept the scene lit.

Shaun White’s Air + Style Los Angeles

Photos by Mike Kroeger

This weekend, Shaun White’s Air + Style event was held in Los Angeles, California — it was roughly 60 degrees. Shaun White personally erected some scaffolding, 16 stories tall to be exact, and started making snow. The Fat Jewish was there. Tickets were buy one get one free, cause you can’t charge full price for Incubus. 

Here’s a video of Shaun and the Fat Jewish building the course:

A video posted by Shaun White (@shaunwhite) on


airstyleThis is really too easy…


airstyle_0No mountain? Build one. In Los Angeles.

airstyle_1 Incubus’ fans all showed up in force.  

airstyle_2Snow petting zoo? Refer to first photo. 


airstyle_3Dreams do come true.

  airstyle_5The punching bag game in the PBRcade attracted all sorts of macho-types. Several fights occurred on the property throughout the night. 802, that’s all you got, bro?  

airstyle_7Someone did some shifties and another person did a method, that was cool. Marc McMorris broke his femur. Ouch. 

airstyle_8Too many spins in your run.

airstyle_9Too many funnel cakes.


Below is a video of Mark McMorris prior to breaking his leg from Shaun’s instagram. For more coverage, visit his page. You won’t find port-a-john pictures though. We had the exclusive. 

A video posted by Shaun White (@shaunwhite) on

Yuki Kadono Wins Air + Style Los Angeles


After two days filled with exhilarating music and the world’s best Big Air Snowboarders, the second annual Air + Style Los Angeles has come to a successful close. Over the course of the weekend, the music and sport festival welcomed approximately 44,000 guests to its new home at Expo Park at LA Coliseum. This year’s festivalgoers witnessed two days of back-to-back competition. Yuki Kadono (JPN) sealed the win with a massive Frontside Triple Cork 1440 Mute, Kyle Mack (USA) locked in second place standing with a Frontside Double Cork 1440 Tail and Sven Thorgren (SWE) came in third place after nailing a Backside 1440 Stalefish. Closing this year’s worldwide Air + Style, Sven Thorgren was crowned the 2016 tour champion (Beijing, Innsbruck and Los Angeles). During the world tour Thorgren landed in third place at the Beijing competition and sixth place in Innsbruck.

For a full list of scores and rankings visit:


Air + Style guests enjoyed a soundtrack of J. Cole, Incubus, Kaskade, HAIM, Big Grams, All Time Low, Action Bronson, Rudimental, A-Trak, Gramatik, Netsky, A$AP Ferg, Danny Brown, Flatbush Zombies, Travis Barker (Drum & DJ set), The Struts, Migos, Allie X, Kaneholler Bas, Cozz, Omen, Paz, and Kill Them with Colour. The heavy hitting lineup spread across two stages: the Mountain Stage and City Stage in Expo Park. Music lovers and snowboarding fans also enjoyed a plethora of art, fashion, and technology throughout the festival grounds.

Air + Style, staged by Shaun White Enterprises and hosted by White, originated in Innsbruck, Austria in 1993. The event spread, eventually outside of Europe to Beijing, China where it has taken place sine 2010. The Beijing event took place at the iconic Bird’s Nest Stadium on December 5-6, 2015 and the Innsbruck event occurred on February 6, 2016 at the Olympia World Stadium.


Shaun White Introduces New Men’s Line at Macy’s

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.59.49 AM

If you’re bummed that Shaun White’s Target line is for just kids, be bummed no longer. The flying tomato has inked a deal with Macy’s for a line for kinda grown ups.

The collection will be stocked at about 175 of Macy’s 750 stores and is being described as an “‘extreme style’ collection for the trendy and active millennial guy.” Called WHT SPACE, Macy’s M -0.63% says t-shirts will retail for between $24-$29, denim will be priced between $59 to $69, and outerwear will cost as much as $300.

We wonder how much the leather pants are going to go for?

link: Fortune

Shaun White Joins Mammoth Resorts Ownership

2015-04-26_SHAUN WHITE_271

Mammoth Lakes, Calif. – Action sports icon Shaun White is returning to his childhood stomping grounds with the deed in his hand. In a deal announced today, White has joined the Mammoth Resorts’ ownership team as an investor, with an immediate focus on Big Bear Mountain Resorts.

“It’s amazing that I’m now an owner of the mountain where I grew up riding,” said White. “As an owner I’ll be able to make changes and shape the future of the mountain and how people enjoy it–whether they’re beginners or professionals.”

White’s presence will be felt everywhere from the boardroom to the halfpipe. As a brand builder, White has helped usher action sports crossover into the mainstream with Air +Style, blending winter sports, live music, culture and art. For 2016 the international snowboard series will see events in Innsbruck, Beijing, Los Angeles and Mammoth Mountain, with Mammoth Resorts helping produce the event as part of the partnership.

“Shaun’s drive to push the envelope athletically is mirrored by his business savvy as an entrepreneur, demonstrated by the success of his apparel line and Air + Style,” said Erik Forsell, Mammoth Resorts’ Chief Marketing Officer. “Over the last year we acquired two mountains, introduced the Cali4nia Pass, and brought Shaun into the fold. Every one of these moves mean more benefits for our skiers and riders.”

White’s input will also extend to Mammoth Mountain and Big Bear Mountain Resorts’ on-snow experience, which includes the top two terrain parks in the country. In the coming months, Mammoth Resorts and White are expected to announce several updates including  Shaun’s vision for new resort offerings, events and terrain park enhancements.

For more on the announcement visit

Shaun White is Kylo Ren From Star Wars: The Force Awakens


By: Michael McKinney

There has been an awakening, have you felt it?

Shaun White returns to competitive snowboarding just one week before the release of the latest Star Wars film. One can’t help but notice some of the shocking similarities between professional snowboarder Shaun White and Star Wars Antagonist Kylo Ren.


Look at the similarities between the two masks the resemblance is uncanny.


Buying your child private halfpipe lessons or sending your kid to Jedi School with Luke Skywalker, it can only end one way: Bad. Sponsored at age 7, did he even ask for this, maybe it’s not his fault, is there still good in this Jedi?


The Force is Strong in him his wins and accomplishments are impressive most impressive. It’s clear that he has a high midichlorian count. His powers are growing stronger feeding on your hate.


Shaun wears his mask to look more bad ass and honor Darth Vader and Kilo Ren Wears his because he looks like Shaun White.


Jedi seek out and find others with powers like their own. The Sith do the same. Will this young Jedi be pulled to the darkside by the evil Sith Lord White?


He throws Jedi bitch fits when things don’t go his way. One can only imagine how much light saber damage he has done to his own property. His last fit lasted two years.


Many of Shaun’s outfits would land him front row at Jabba’s Palace with a metal bikini on.


He serves the darkside. He tried leaving he really did, it has now all but consumed him.


Kylo Ren has a red light saber, Shaun White has red hair. I know it’s mind blowing.


They both work with JJ. JJ Thomas is Shaun Whites Supreme Leader and mentors him in the half pipe. JJ Abrams directed Star Wars The Force Awakens, and doesn’t care who Shaun White is.


He has a strong affinity for black leather suites; this is typical of most villains in the Star Wars Universe. Sith gravitate towards the darkness.

Shaun White’s Winning Run at the 2015 Dew Tour

Just in case you were wondering, Shaun White still plays snowboards.

Shaun White and Darcy Sharpe Win the Dew

Apparently the Dew Tour is still a thing. Who knew? We’re off galavanting at Dirksen Derby in Bend, OR this weekend, but we’ve got some PR photos fro your viewing pleasure.

Shaun White was back in the pipe taking the win. Darcy Sharpe won the streetstyle event in Downtown Breck. Nial Romanek took the best trick on the streetstyle course. And Anna Gasser won Women’s Slopestyle. Men’s Slopestyle finals go down Sunday and we can’t wait to hear who wins.

Ayumu_Hirano_Men_Snowboard_Pipe_Final_Dew_Tour_Breckenridge_Baldwin-0606 Ayumi Hirano, second place in pipe. 


Shaun White in black.


OMG straight to Instagram #Shaunsgoateeissodreamy


Dylan Alito, second place in “streetstyle.”


Nial Romanek won best trick with a switch nose press to switch backside 180. 


Anna Gasser took the women’s slopestyle win. 

The NewShow: 6/17/15

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Olympic Big Air

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Hateline: 2/18/15

I would like to announce that episode 48, the episode posted above, is my last official episode of “Hateline: The Series”

Don’t worry, your favorite snowboard news anchor is not disappearing! I am just going to restructure a couple things and create a slightly more diversified show that, well, doesn’t contain the word “hate” in the title. Consider it as the start of something new and better! I will be incorporating more people in the roster than just myself and I have already reached out to some of you about collaborating.  Hopefully I’ll be speaking with a few more of you soon.

It has been awesome to explore this series with everyone and I thank all that have watched, participated and shared. I have created a playlist of all of the episodes, in case you wanna re live the magic.


Thanks Everybody. Even if it was just hate-watching.




Movie Poster Image by Phoebe Low

Hateline Breaking News: Shaun White Busts a Nut

I honestly don’t know what Shaun’s team was thinking when they made this video.





Yobeat’s Year in Review: February 2014


As we learned in January, lots of stuff happens every day, all winter long in snowboard world, and February was an especially exciting month because, Olympics! If nothing else, it gave us lots of competely absurd things to post about as the mainstream media picked apart our fair sport. Most importantly, this video went viral!

As for those Olympics… Everyone hated the slopestyle course, but not as much as the halfpipe. It sucked, really bad, and we’re still talking about it. In the end, Shaun White disappointed his country and Jamie Anderson and Sage Kotsenberg became overnight celebs. Conan even came down with a case of Sage fever and ya boi ended up on a Wheaties box.

What else… Tim Eddy’s house is really fucking cool. Ski ballet is amazing. Syncronized Snowboard is defintely poised to be a new Olympic sport.

The legendary Banked Slalom happened and while there was snow on the streets in Portland, there was mostly ice on Mt Baker, so we didn’t make it, but lots of people did. Don’t feel bad for me, I got to go to France.

Michigan became a “place to be” thanks to Hawk Island Snowpark.  Kas Lemmens became our favorite Euro and we decided we like Freddy Perry too. Mark McMorris released a Walmart clothing line.  Big Head Boarding also went viral!

And the most interesting story of all – Inside Edition reported that skiers and snowboarders were getting STONED, on the slopes! This later lead to the explosion of Leo’s Smoke Shack and a pretty epic parody.

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