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Keeping it wild at Timberline

Meadows Mashing with Shane Flood

The new intern's first GoPro Edit

How to Make the Best of a Shitty Day

It would be great if every day you went snowboarding was sunny, bluebird and knee deep. Ski resorts would never have to resort to tricky language, and you'd never have to think about if it's going to be worth the drive. Unfortunately, that…

Shane Flood: Professional Snowboarder?

There is a nasty rumor floating around the mean streets of Portland that Shane Flood will be snowboarding again this season. Rumor is he sold a board some suckers gave him to buy himself a seasons pass and even picked up a few preemptive…

Last Hurrah with Shane Flood

You get more speed when the sun goes away I’ve been bemoaning the end of the season for a few weeks now, mostly because filling a snowboard site with new and interesting posts every day is a lot harder when you’re not actually going…

East Coast Invitational

Wachusett, MA December 17, 2005 unknown rider smoking the c East Coast Invitational: Skillful snowboarders sliding rails, gangsters with long jackets, brisk brewskis, and even haggard strippers; all taking place in Massawachusetts. College…

News You Can't Use

Shane Flood cut his hair. John Cavan is making a movie called Iron Curtain and it will have a bunch of people you've never heard of and Shane Flood and Jaime Macleod in it. He is shooting the entire thing with a death lens, so it may or may…

The Interwebs are Still Better.

Shane Flood has a sponsor who gives him money. They are called Ride Snowboards. This is why he hasn't called me crying in a few weeks. Matty Ryan works at a Mercedes dealership, and Kevin Suseinka is carrying the east coast flag by writing about…

Strippers and Other News.

Right now I am happy to report that Mr. Shane Flood (he requests to be called that) is now well on his way to becoming the new Rico Suave. Seems that while the mercury in his hook up thermometer hadn't risen in years, he took full advantage…

News -- Back With More!

I don't have much, but Luke Wynen, Luke Omand and Brian Regis have all officially been dropped from Sims, along with pretty much everyone else on the team. Curiously enough, these cuts were made just days after the photo at right of Luke Wynen…

Mt. Sunapee Throws Down

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Contest coverage by John Cavan Sunday, March 2nd, came and went with one hell of a contest / session at Mt. Sunapee. We had a halfpipe contest that attracted about 60 competitors and a butt-load of spectators. The sponsored class was a veritable…