Seven Deadly Edits Ep. 4

Featuring Adam Homberg, Chris Allison, Mike Zandron, Alex Budnik, Cam Wilson, Travis Henderson, Kevin Kobasa, Clayton Scott, Vinnie Moro & Kevin Korchok

Filmed by Ian Macy, Tom Dickey & Alex Budnik
Edited by Ian Macy

Seven Deadly Edits Ep. 1 2017

Pennsylvania is in the future. We may be a week shy of 2017, but Seven Springs are already there.

Strangers :(

Winter Break at Seven Springs in Pennsylvania with Trevor Eichelberger and Dave Salinas. Video by Dillan Hodak.

Blast Off – Seven Springs

Pennsylvania is open for shred business. Featuring: Kevin Kobasa, Brian Nero, Jason Anderson, Kevin Hoff, Clayton Scott, Tanner Scott, Cam Wilson and Alex Budnik
Filmed & Edited by Ian Macy
Photo by Mike Zandron


Kevin Kobasa 2016

Seven Springs local tech style / flavor.

Liam Doyle Makes a Video

From the No Names crew, Liam tears up the Seven Springs and Big Boulder parks.

Jason Anderson 2016

From the carpet of Liberty Snowflex to the PA snow of Seven Springs, with some street mixed in.

No Names’ Condensed Coop

A tribute to classes skipped, beers drunk, carpet burn and good times with everyone from Brian Nero and the rest of the No Names.

Edit by Brian Nero
Filming from Brian Nero, Brent McCarron, and Ian Macy.
Photo by Mike Zandron

31-Year-Old Kevin Kobasa’s Season Edit

Hey all aging snowboarders – here’s a little inspiration for you. 31-year-old Kevin Kobasa’s season edit from Seven Springs. If you want to pretend that 31 isn’t old that’s fine, but for those of you who are willing to accept the inevitability of aging, here’s the thing. You’re actually getting better every season. I can hear you now saying, “but I didn’t learn anything new this season?” Learning new tricks is a young man’s game. Self preservation is what you’re all about now.

To get better at snowboarding all I have to do is wait. I know this is the complete opposite from what you’ve been told your entire life, so let me explain.

As a youth growing up almost everyone wants to be able to do all the cool moves and get the recognition of friends, sponsors and babes. To do this you spend hours every day watching edits, memorizing the motions and practicing the moves. Every year you progress a little bit. I eventually came to the realization that I was trying to climb an endlessly growing ladder. I would get better every year but so would the pros.

Then, the break through. Unlike the kid trying everyday to progress and fight the endless battle with time, we (aging snowboarders) just have to let time pass. As we get older all we have to do is maintain our current level of skill and let time do the rest. How many times have you seen an older dude riding through the park and said to yourself, “damn, that old guys still got! He kills!” In reality all he did was front board the down rail or 540 a jump.

And here’s the best part. Every year that passes we get a little bit better, relatively speaking. Not because we have learned anything new, but because we can still do those moves year after year. Those tricks done by a 16 year old? Not impressive. Done by you at 35? Hammers.

I have finally found what I’ve been searching for all my life, the ability to get more out of something by doing absolutely nothing. I can sit back, do nothing and let the years pass by as I “get better” at snowboarding. All I have to do is spend a couple days each year to make sure I can still get that down rail and 540. Think of it as snowboarding paying you royalties for the time you spent as a youth hucking your meat around and enjoy your golden years of snowboard progression.

Dad Cam Files: East to West

Not to be confused with the Dad Bod, the dad cam is a classic cinematic technique in which you use a crappy camera, leave the shit on your lens, and don’t try that hard to hold it steady. Max Raymer and Jake Herald broke out the handy cam for this epic journey starting in New Hampshire and ending in Utah. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

No Names @ The Streets

It has been a minute since we’ve heard from the No Names crew. Come to find out they have been posted up in The Streets. No not like the actual street but the mock one’s at Seven Springs.

Riders: Jason Anderson, Max Lyons, Cooper Thomas, Hannah Scheren, Brian Nero, David Hormby, Daniel Agre, and Alex Budnik

Those Other Boys Ep. 7 – 7 Springs

That’s right the So Gnar team captain, Pat Milbery makes a brief appearance in the latest episode of Those Other Boys. Also how insane is that rail transfer ender, quite the leap.

Riders: Louie Arrigoni, Pat Milbery, Jason Anderson, Mitch Schmidt, Cody Trapp, Repolia Robinson, Logan Fleming, Kyler Duncan, and Tyler Zuydhoek

Side Effect Boardshop’s Shop Vid

All your favorite Bend-ites boarding from last year, edited into one neat little package by Tyler Orton. 

Featuring Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Jd Dennis, Jake Selover, Curtis Ciszek, Max Warbington, Gus Warbington & Friends.

Always Board at 7 Springs

Pennsylvania shop, Always Board, threw together a solid promo of their team riders from this past season at 7 Springs.

Riders: Jason Anderson, Treichelberger, Cooper Thomas, Clint Cooper, and Kevin Kobasa